Cliff has asked me to become a regular contributor to this newsletter, and I have accepted with pleasure. This newsletter has always been the reference to stay updated on what is happening in the seduction community, and it has been the only one I subscribed to.

I just arrived in Bucharest, after a train ride that took me all across Europe. From Oslo, to Copenhagen, to Brussels, to Prague, to Budapest, and now Bucharest.I love sitting on trains, thinking, mesmerized by the passing sights, writing, meeting people. Like in a computer game, a journey on a train serves me like a check point, tying up loose ends and regaining full strength for the next endeavor.

I sit and think about last weekend with K., a good friend, and one of the best seducers I know. K. is 51 and spent the larger part of that time seducing women… with unsurpassed success. This man has been with thousands of women, and is currently with a blonde bombshell half his age who loves him to bits.

And while his lifestyle may not be for everybody, it sure holds valuable lessons for anyone who wants to become better with women. When I see K. at work, I am reminded of the importance of the structural and logistics pieces of the seduction puzzle.

I have often referred to seduction as a 3-piece puzzle:

1. The structural piece: How often do you encounter women? Where do you live? How often do you go out? …

2. The interaction piece: How do you interact with the women? What do you say? What do you do? How do you say it? …

3. The logistics piece: How smooth is the pathway between encountering a woman and exploring intimacy with her? How far away is your place? Do you have privacy? …

Most men, when thinking about seduction, focus solely on the interaction. They seek to improve their seductive skills and qualities, assuming that the difference between success and failure in seduction lies in what we say and do when we meet her.

K. does not focus on piece 2; he only focuses on pieces 1 and 3. He spent over 30 years in the land of women optimizing being around beautiful women and removing obstacles between meeting them and exploring intimacy with them.

He drives a bus to meet women. He goes to the gym to be fit and to meet more women. He goes out several times a week, and became known as the night mayor of his city, organizing parties in his house with appropriate music, soft lighting, and lots of private rooms. He has a very extensive network, and after all these years has his reputation working for him, with women lining up to become one of the K-girls! All he has to do when interacting with those women is not mess it up.

Surely, I am not advocating to be like K., but I am not blind to the lesson presented either.

Why, for example, do we focus so much on the interaction when we have not even taken care of the structural and the logistical pieces?

Why do we focus so much on the hardest part of the puzzle, when we could drastically improve the other two pieces, right now?

So, ask yourself the questions of 1 and 3. How often do you meet women? How smooth is the pathway between meeting them and exploring intimacy? Is it good enough? Then ask yourself, what can you do to improve those pieces of the seduction puzzle.

Let me know what you are changing right now!

Hans Comyn
Hans Comyn

Hans is the head of the Amorati network and leads the Ars Amorata programs. He joined forces with Zan Perrion in 2008. Before that time, Hans Comyn taught philosophy at several Universities and worked five years with French sociologist Bruno Latour on how to reassemble the social, bring people together and make things public.

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