Dating is one thing in life which shouldn’t have rules to play by.

I mean it would be nice if there was a simple formula that you could follow tomorrow that would turn you into Hugh Hefner; but after years of working as a Dating Coach I know that the only result you’ll get from learning a long list of Do’s / Don’ts is a whole lot of indecision about how to act.

And if you’re busy debating about what’s the 100% perfect way to say ‘hi’ to her, chances are you’ll miss the opportunity all together.

So to make things more straightforward here’s 3 dating rules you can forget right now:

1. Your eyes need to meet before you do. Think you need to get a sexy look from her across the bar before you approach? Rubbish. Women will rarely be like ‘wow who’s that guy’ just from looking at you, unless you happen to be Ryan Gosling. Your best opportunity to make an impact is to walk right over to her.

2. You need to wait before you call. This rule was made up in the era of the landline, now with smart phones, instant messaging and social media you’re a dinosaur if you hold off on getting in touch for days on end.

3. Friendship first, lovers second. Forget. This. Now. The way to a woman’s heart is not via a long standing friendship. If you’re into her then communicate that to her tomorrow- or prepare to be disappointed when she tells you about the hot guy she’s just met.

Hayley Quin
Hayley Quin

Hayley Quinn is a seduction, dating and personal relationship coach from Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom. Her specialization is on conversational skills, text/email flirtation, and how to be sexual and romantic with women.

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