Big crazy events like the 4th of July can be a ton of fun if you’re the popular guy surrounded with good friends and beautiful women.

They can also be intimidating and depressing if you’re the guy who is sitting on the sidelines, watching the football captain walk away with your dream girl. Don’t be guy number two! Here are 5 ways to hook up with your dream girl this 4th of July.

1) How to Hook up With Your Dream Girl at A House Party

Meeting beautiful women at house parties is one of my favourite things! There’s simply nothing more fun than walking into a basement or someone’s backyard barbeque, chilling out with friends and talking to an adorable girl you just met. It’s so exciting to meet new people. You know that feeling you get when you just met someone new and you had fun laughing together, the chemistry was in the air, she handed you her number and you just cant wait to call her? It’s probably my favourite feeling in the world.

Let’s say you got invited to this party, but you don’t really know anyone there – even better! You are now the hot new topic at this party. You are in charge of the first impression you give people, so stand up straight, lean your shoulders back, breathe in from your belly and relax. Then, smile, walk up to people and introduce yourself. The secret to house parties is that you don’t really need a reason to talk to someone – you’re all in this together. So just walk up and work the room a little bit. What I like to do is go around ‘cheersing’ people with my glass. After you’re nice and warmed up and you spot a cutie, don’t think, just walk. Walk right up to her, smile, extend your hand and ask “who are you?”. It’s pretty standard stuff really.

Now here’s where most people will falter; how do I keep her engaged? After a minute or two of talking and you feel the chemistry, put your hand on her hip and say “Let’s sit on the couch” and start guiding her there. Don’t ask, invite. Or if you’re feeling really hardcore, tell her you’re going to get some air, “come keep me company”. Women usually know what this means, and if she likes you, she’ll come no problem. If she doesn’t, don’t sweat it, just change the subject, have a bit more fun together and then invite again.

2) How to Hook up With Your Dream Girl at a Fair

Town fairs are always packed with people, and can sometimes be quite intimidating. However, unlike other large social gatherings, people’s guard is usually very low at these types of events, for the simple reason that they are all here because they want to have fun!

I want you to keep this in mind; everyone is there to have fun – especially on the 4th of July. How do you use this to your advantage? Be creative and learn to act with moxie.

Okay, so you spot a beautiful girl shooting water guns into a hole in an attempt to win a giant bear. She doesn’t make it (obviously). Walk up like you normally would at a house party, just introduce yourself. Remember, everyone is quite friendly at these things. Talk a little bit and have some fun together just laughing and getting to know each other. Here’s the thing about fairs that make it a unique experience; whereas you can ask for her number and hope to see her again, you know that she’s staying here for a few more hours, so why not just go on a date right then and there?

Ahh the good ol’ insta-date. I’ve met many a wonderful women just like that. “I saw the most insane, terrifying ride just over there, and the best part is there’s no lineup. Let’s go!” Take her hand and start walking… To the teacups. She will obviously laugh at you for that in which case you can show her just how terrifying the teacups are. It goes without saying that a selfie of the two of you living life on the edge is required for your respective Facebook’s. After that, go for a walk and challenge her to get a lick off some stranger’s ice cream cone, or to steal that bear she wanted, or to beat you at the basketball throwing game. Point is, a fair is literally a collection of random fun activities condensed into a small area – be creative and bring her on that adventure with you. There is no way she will ever forget it.

3) How to Hook up With Your Dream Girl at the Lake

So a bunch of your friends are going down to the lake to watch the 4th of July fireworks. ‘murica! You know that the lake always has tons of pretty girls hanging around, and what can be more romantic than meeting a charming man such as yourself by a nice calm body of water with nothing but the moonlight and the occasional colorful explosion to guide your way?

Here’s a protip for you: Always bring something extra. Don’t just bring a blanket – bring popcorn. Don’t just bring beer, bring a bottle of wine as well.

Why? Because anyone there will invariably be in a group. So if you spot a beautiful girl there, she will invariably be with a friend or two or more. You will have a good excuse to invite them over. I usually just wave at them until they smile, and motion for them to come closer, at which I’ll say “we have wayyyy too much popcorn, why don’t you join us?” Voila! Let your friends talk to her friends, while you and her snuggle up next to each other on your blanket and watch the fireworks together.

4) How to Hook up With Your Dream Girl who is with her family

Now we’re getting to some advanced stuff. It’s usually quite intimidating to spot an absolutely beautiful girl who is with her big threatening father, her mother, her brothers or whoever else. This 4th of July, there will undoubtedly be families out and about enjoying the summer heat and celebrating.

If you’re determined however, there are many ways you can go about this.

One way, which requires a lot of balls, is to walk right up and state your intentions. “Hi, I saw your daughter from over there and she looks absolutely incredible. I would be very disappointed if I didn’t at least try to speak to her. Is it alright if I take her aside for a few minutes to get to know each other?” Usually you can tell by the look on the daughter’s face how interested she might be, but if she wasn’t before, that incredibly ballsy manoeuvre is sure to make her go crazy with excitement.

If you’re not feeling particularly confident today, there is another way. Strike up a conversation with the entire family. I personally don’t like doing this, but just make a comment about something they are wearing, or about the event itself, or even ask something random. You want to get them talking. In Cuba a few years ago, I sat with a big biker-looking handlebar mustache-sporting father, two brothers, and a beautiful blonde girl. I asked how they liked the country so far, if they traveled to other places, what their experiences where etc. The father dominated the conversation and I let him feel like the man for a while. Finally, I politely said “I hate to cut this conversation short but I would love to invite your daughter over to the bar for a drink”. He looked at me, looked to his daughter who was smiling, and said the most surprising thing I’ve ever heard a father say; “Go have some fun Hannah”.

5) How to Hook up With Your Dream Girl who is with a bunch of guys

This is probably the single most intimidating thing for any man. Talking to a beautiful woman surrounded by her girl friends is scary because we don’t want our image of ourselves shattered – we have a reputation to uphold. But to speak to a beautiful woman surrounded by guys is even more terrifying, because it brings about the risk of actual violence. And with that big a crowd on the 4th of July, you better expect to see a beautiful woman with a bunch of guys every here and there.

First, I need to mention something; the threat of violence is a mental one. Very few people will actually get into a fight over something as ridiculous as you talking to a girl. Furthermore, if you are socially intelligent, diffusing an awkward situation is fairly easy – just be humble, apologize when you’re wrong and walk away.

Second, just because she’s with guys, doesn’t mean she’s with her boyfriend.

As always, walk right up and state your intention; “You look incredible and I wanted to meet you. I guess I want to see if there’s more to you than meets the eye”. Now, normally I pay no attention to guys. I will literally just take her hand and walk away with her, but if you’re new and just pushing your comfort zone, then this might seem impossible. In that case, politely turn to the guys and ask if it’s ok with them that you talk to her for a few minutes. Introduce yourself to them and be genuine. Most guys will respect you for walking up to a girl like that in the first place, let alone in front of a bunch of guys. If one of them is her boyfriend, just apologize but don’t apologize. What? Basically, back down, but like a gentlemen: “She’s a lovely girl, you’re a lucky man mate. Enjoy your evening” Shake his hand and walk off. How can he be mad at you, by complimenting his girlfriend you’re complimenting him!

If none of them are her boyfriend however, just take her aside for a few minutes and talk. She won’t open up with her friends staring at her and judging her. If the guys are a bit on the fence about letting you leave with her, just tell them you’ll bring her back in 2 minutes – who can object to just 2 minutes? It’s no time!

That’s all folks! This 4th of July, celebrate with a beautiful girl… Or don’t do anything mentioned above and spend it alone, watching from the sidelines as others are surrounded with beautiful women, laughing and having fun.

Patrick Ananda
Patrick Ananda

Patrick is a scoundrel, rogue, vagabond and founder of the Centered Man Project. He teaches men how to overcome their social anxiety and fear of rejection, by unleashing their unshakable self-confidence.

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