Here are some of the categories I have discovered, I thought it would be fun to share with everyone.

I’d love you to share in the comments below any other categories you think I might not have listed.

The Worrier

You all know who she is. This is the girl that literally begs you to let her know you made it home okay. If you happened to tell her that you are sick, she might start sending links to natural remedies, healthy recipes.

Ms. Chubby Fingers

This is the girl that can’t send a single text without adding random letters into words where they don’t belong. It seems like there is always a few of these girls that I have to seriously try to decipher every message that is sent to me, unless I’m drunk – then I literally don’t care.

The Control Freak

As a man, we tend to attempt to set most of the plans, especially when it comes to dates. Often I will give a woman two options I like and let her choose from there. The control freak always seems to dominate all decisions.

“Tomorrow my friend is having a birthday bash at their house, there will be a band, food, and alcohol. I’d like you to come. Be there at 6 30. You will have to leave your house 20 minutes earlier than normal because I will need you to stop by the store and pick up a loaf of bread (a round loaf) for a dip I am making. Oh, you should also get some alcohol just in case…but only get a 6 pack because you are going to have to drive later – they don’t have guest bedrooms.”

Before you even have a chance to respond your caught asking yourself, “What just happened?” I didn’t even say I wanted to go yet and now I’m grocery shopping.

The LOL Freak

This is the girl that will literally write LOL, LMFAO, Hahahaha, or any other similar comment as part of every text message.

My favorite is when they laugh as they are talking about how angry they are.

“I’m so mad right now I could cry! Hahaha lol!”

Like, what?

The Ex

Ever have your ex blow your phone up asking you all kinds of question about your personal life as if it’s still her business?

“Who’s this Mary girl on your Facebook? I already looked at her pictures, her family and friend’s fb pages, found her Instagram, etc, etc, etc.”

The Author

This would be the girl that literally feels compelled to write a novel every time she texts you. Most of the time a lot of what she writes is about nothing. She’s the type of girl that you have to remember to ask her as few questions as possible, because the answer will likely be long and annoying.

The User

Probably the most frustrating of them all, this is the girl that seems to only message you when it’s in her best interest. Perhaps she doesn’t have a car and needs a ride somewhere, perhaps you have a boat she wants to take out on the lake with her friends.

The Insecurity Poster Child

Getting Flooded with texts from a girl that just won’t relax? You might see things like, “What’s wrong?” “Did I make you mad?” “Do you think I’m pretty” “What are you doing? Why aren’t you answering me.”

The list goes on and on.

With this girl, chances are you check your phone to find about 15 texts from her…in the past hour.

The Absent One

This is the girl that gives you her phone number, but never uses her phone. She might on occasion send a text, and when she does it’s very clear she’s still interested. The problem is those texts are very few and far between.


Ashley is the Modern Gentleman. He never takes advantage of a woman, instead shows her the path of love and enlightenment.  He is constantly growing spiritually, mentally, and physically.  He is open to learning lessons the universe provides around him, i.e. a 4 year old boys amazement of a snow storm or a beautiful flower, or the wisdom of an 80 year old man. Ashley protects others status socially by handling awkward social situations with confidence and class.  He is punctual, and takes care of his appearance.

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