This is truly a hilarious movie and it speaks so much about our culture as well.

Rion Williams:

Jim (a ‘nice guy’) in ‘American Pie’ has a double ‘oops’ just by touching Nadia the foreign exchange student. He is the one who is being ‘unnatural’ by letting the forced reality of our society and perceptions influence his behavior.

Basically he is putting too much importance and edification on just the thought of sex itself (due to our social programming and edification of sex and women that bombastically connects with our inner desire for it). If he didn’t have any of that cultural programming in the first place he would be a natural to go ahead and ‘git’rdun’ (but also the movie wouldn’t have been so damn funny).

Do notice how he was effective with the band chick because he didn’t care as much?..this IS more natural behavior because the man has ultimately had the power and choice through most of time (and because it’s flipped, everyone’s so damn confused).

Everyone wants a ‘piece of the pie’ more than ever because we are so conscious of it in America due to our social advocation, glorification of and the importance placed on it. Unfortunately this comes off right away when a man approaches a woman and she can sense it – it even looks like he has a hidden agenda because he is incongruent with his body language. This is ‘creepy’ to women.

This throws many men off because they want instant gratification to all of the blue balls effect (or ‘pricktease’) of the media (in which they never get the gratification but instead get oozing sex appeal and beauty). Unfortunately this scares off most women when they see that ‘something’ is getting in the way of the process of natural attraction.

Little do these men know that if they were just natural and indifferent to the outcome (instead of placing all of their blue balls desire upfront on any hot woman they see), they could EASILY speed along the process to sex (especially because the woman is so repressed and happy to finally have found a guy who ‘gets it’). The relationship dynamics have changed.

Why is it called ‘getting lucky’? Where do you think the power lies there? Didn’t men use to have the power and choice with women? How do you EASILY even come close to putting aside their beauty which has such a strong connection to our current identity? Well, you have to go through something much deeper in understanding to really ‘get it’.

True naturals are called ‘naturals’ for a reason. Aren’t we all ‘naturals’ by the sheer continuance of our civilization? Don’t all animals instinctively know how to procreate? Do they let something stupid or perceptual get in the way? Isn’t the 40 year old virgin a violation of who we are as men?! You have to see everything for what it is, which is virtually impossible in our society.

You have to understand things from a universal perspective in order to explain the behavior patterns and why you aren’t being successful with women when now you can be the MOST successful with women just through aligning yourself with these understandings.

You do not have to be a jerk or intensely study ‘seduction’ or ‘pick up’ in order to get a piece of the American pie. You do have to cut through all of your perceptions of her beauty and her idea of reality by coming from a foundation which is so strong, that she may quiver in your mere presence.

Have all the pie you want. Women today are desperate for a man to act like I can teach you instead of being the ignorant jerk she keeps attracting, or someone she ‘knows’ is ‘trying’ to pick her up.

How important is ‘getting some pie’ to you? Women want you to be ‘real’ and they can debate whether to brag about you to their friends or not because they finally ‘got a man’ (even if it’s just sex) who so magnetically attracts her to you and somehow ‘she can’t explain it’. And if you really ARE a great catch she’ll want to keep you but the whole world of opportunity opens up to you when you understand natural success with women.

No matter how hot she is, attraction and sex is a natural process and there is no reason for you to let anything get in the way of creating a mutually fulfilling experience that you’ll both remember (yeah, Stifler).

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