Today I have comments for you from Richard La Ruina, CEO of the world famous PUA Training, who makes comments about dating younger women.  This is a subject that only becomes more and more interesting to guysas time goes on…  Certainly I think about it a lot more than I ever did now.  Last night I was out with a woman friend who is in her late thirties and she was ruling out guys because they were looking too young for her.  She’s just not interested in guys her own age or younger.  The interesting side note here is that the filter was “older,” not looks or money (which a lot of you have written me saying that you think it’s all about those qualities over everything else).  
Let’s take a look at what Richard has to say:

Richard La Ruina PUA Training : Think you’re too old to get with a younger woman? Nope, you’re not. It’s far easier than you think. Here are some basic guidelines for attracting women who are at least 10 years younger than you. For most men in their early 30’s, even early 40’s that aren’t filthy rich… this is for you.

Be a gentleman – You must take on the same qualities and characteristics that an older gentleman would have. Someone who’s respectful, courteous, self confident and is successful in their career. Younger women are used to guys that live at home with their parents, have no money and think in childish ways.

Don’t react when she asks your age – a good rule of thumb is to not over react when she eventually asks how oldyou are, don’t tell her. Keep her thinking so she can’t “pigeon whole” you as old. Respond with something like… “How old are you… maybe you’re too young for me?”

Never follow her lead – If she’s attracted to you, then it’s for a reason. One of those reasons is that you’re taking the lead, setting the rules and being dominant. This doesn’t really apply to any age for a man, but you’d expect an older guy to be the leader in the relationship with a younger woman.

Do not chase her – Younger women are used to being chased by younger guys and being perved at by olderguys, especially if they’re attractive. Always give her enough reason to want more… she contacts you, asks you questions, etc. The moment she feels like she’s being controlled or chased, it’s like having a 3rd parent… attraction killer!

Clifford: One of the things I often say when asked how old I am is “Old enough to know better than to answer questions like that!”

One of our readers, Kevin, had some comments on Bishop’s post:

Sure there are women like that – if the guy is tall.

I have some female friends that describe these men as “Big Teddy Bears”….again it’s about the guy being “Big” …you should do an email about how women love height and dominance and how a smaller guy can overcome that – I believe Bishop is a pretty tall guy.

Height is very important – I do not know why the community never disposes this

Clifford:  I have seen short, heavy guys do very well, so while I agree that if you are heavy being tall will make a difference, it’s not the only factor.  I think the most shocking thing to me has been seeing guys of all shapes and sizes and looks who were crazy successful with women.  I say that about the ones that I have seen who do well – I’ve definitely seen lots more not do well.  But it’s always surprised me to see some guys who I thought looked like they would be lame be superstars.

Yes, height is important. A lot of women will say they won’t go out with a guy unless he’s at least X feet tall.  But I’ve seen a lot of exceptions to that, and I’ve seen this type of thing be another example of the first thing men learn about women – don’t listen to what they say, pay attention to what they do.  They may say no short guys, but then the next thing you see is them out with a short guy.  Typical.

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