Why like a Rockstar?

Substitute rockstar for CEO, football player, celebrity. The point is that a ‘rockstar’ typifies abundance when it comes to women. Rockstars are just men like you but they never hide their sexuality. I will show you how to create the mindset, attitude and lifestyle these guys have got.

You deserve to get laid as much as you want with whoever you want without waiting for leftover crumbs. Women will seek you out and chase you, because you are what they are looking for. Consider this quote by Rumi “What you seek is seeking you.” As far as the objection “but those guys have money” goes, trust me when I say it’s not the money but the attitude and behaviour which money creates. There’s no rush, more will be explained in greater depth in the coming weeks and months. If you really do want more money, then work on yourself and increase the value you give to others. I recommend reading anything by Earl Nightingale or Wallace Wattles, old school North American guys who tell it like it is. In these difficult economic times, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get creative.

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts” – Harry Truman

Why should you listen to me? Because I’ve been there. A little about me, I’m what you call a ‘natural,’ and I was in this pickup ‘game’ before the whole thing became mainstream. I have chilled out with Neil Strauss (author of ‘The Game’), taught at live training events for what was then known as ‘Mystery Method,’ hung out with RSD instructors, worked with the best in the business, spoke at international pickup conferences, ran my own successful pickup company, given free talks to local ‘lair groups’ around the world and written a bestselling book. Although I had the time of my life, I decided to retire from it all, concentrate on my corporate career and work on my music. However, I was still constantly getting emails from guys looking for advice. Having been out of the loop for years, I had a look and saw what else was out there. Firstly, I noticed that nothing much had evolved. The same techniques and strategies from years ago were being discussed on forums, but the world has changed. Girls are wiser to pickup techniques and no wonder guys were falling flat on their faces. On top of that, a zillion new pickup companies had formed which were carbon copies of each other. Have they built the equivalent of a Ford car manufacturing plant for pickup coaches?! The same opening introduction “Hi, my name is such and such, I was a virgin until I was 35, then I discovered the awesome secrets, now I will teach you if you pay me $999.” Is there a standard script for this snake oil nonsense? It actually made me physically sick. This is what convinced me to come back onto the scene. I want discontinuity with the past and a non-reliance on any past credibility. I want my new work to speak for itself. It will stand or fall on its own merits. I contacted Cliff and he was happy to publish my stuff without any questions asked. That’s integrity. Loyalty and integrity is what makes a real man, and this will translate into success in all areas of your life, including women.

In the 60’s and 70’s, pickup lines were in fashion but they were soon replaced by hypnotism, Neuro Linguistic Programming, etc. Then pickup lines and even hypnotism were mocked. Then techniques, methods and strategies became the Gospel. Then the whole pickup community was divided between technicians and ‘natural game’ proponents. I believe there is a way you can transcend all techniques, methods, strategies and even so called ‘natural game’. This article will give you a bird’s eye overview of different aspects of my approach to pickup, then subsequently delve deeper into various topics in future articles. We’ll scratch the scratch of the surface today and take it from there.

A little known function of the brain

Let’s set the base before we move forward, as you’ll get a better grasp of what I’m saying once you get this part and you’ll understand why lady luck treats everyone unequally. The following has been documented throughout history by the educated class, ie ancient Egyptian scribes and ancient Greek philosophers. However, it is not mainstream knowledge as it has always been hidden from the masses by the elite class. Inside our skulls, we have a walnut shaped organ called the ‘brain’ and a field of energy outside it called the ‘mind.’ This walnut shaped organ is extremely complex and scientists admit that we still do not know much about how it works and why it is has more neurons than there are stars in the Milky Way. True, the brain regulates our body and controls the parasympathetic nervous system, etc, but if that was its only function, it would be like using a $1.7 billion space shuttle just to go to your local Costco.

According to Napoleon Hill, in his book “The Law of Success in 16 Lessons,” the brain is both a ‘broadcasting and receiving station.’ At its most basic, the brain transmits and picks up thought wave energy to and from other brains. However, it can also affect matter. For example, the composition of gold has been changed by human thought. Dr Masaru Emoto observed that sending thoughts of gratitude or hate onto water changes the shape of water crystals from beautiful to grotesque. Human beings broadcast and receive emotions, energy and feeling. There are people we just feel very uncomfortable around but we don’t know why. They seem to attract all the bad luck in the world, and you want to get away from them as soon as possible. While there are others who pop into your mind and make you smile even if they are far from you. This is the energy they broadcast and it synchronizes with other brains who are tuned in to receive this particular signal, exactly the same as a radio antenna picks up. When a woman you are seeking is ‘seeking you,’ she is ‘tuned in’ and, believe me, she will find you! The energy waves which us beings broadcast permeate all matter and can travel infinite distances instantaneously.

Quick story. A mother rabbit in continental America had her baby taken away from her and placed into a submarine which went deep into the Atlantic Ocean bed. The baby rabbit was then killed. At the exact same time the baby rabbit was killed, the mother rabbit’s brain waves went haywire. This is the energy connection between everything, human, animal, inorganic matter. This experiment was repeated on several occasions with the same result (using a different mother rabbit I hope, poor bunny!).

Essentially, other people pick up on the signals you transmit, and likewise, you receive signals from other people. This energy travels all across the planet instantaneously, so if you are in a nightclub for example, and are emitting a certain type of energy and a particular woman is tuned into that energy, she will find you and approach you. So, the way to circumvent and forget about all techniques and strategies is to work on the energy you transmit! If you can do this, any technique will work for you. If you transmit the wrong energy, nothing will work. Are you beginning to see how simple this is? Once your energy is right, you will feel supremely confident that anything you do will work.

The more you try the less you get

One of the most profound quotes I’ve ever come across was from the book ‘Tao Te Ching’ by Lao Tzu. The quote is “nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Wow. I take a daily walk in the woodlands not far from my home and I just look at everything, so silent, so contented, yet everything gets done. There is no sense of stress or rushing to get anywhere. Squirrels always get their nuts and rabbits always get laid. Why do we make it so complicated? Whenever you stress over a woman, you place yourself in a vulnerable position not only with that woman but all other potential partners. You are giving them the power to determine your mood and state of mind. Relax, let go of the state of tension and you’ll see things you haven’t noticed before, but were always there, just patiently waiting for you. A word, girls in the western world are generally haughtier than they are in third world countries and than women were a hundred years ago. This is due to media manipulated unrealistic expectations on their part. Keep this in mind and take the pressure off yourself, it’s not a ‘lack of game’ as some unscrupulous pickup coaches will have you believe, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Stay relaxed, stay focused, and transcend logic.

Become what you want to have

Don’t book the gender reassignment just yet. Also, don’t change yourself to become what you think other people want you to be, but become your best self. I read Arnold Schwarzneggar’s biography and observed something very interesting. He was a nobody when he arrived in America, probably had less that what you have now. But, and this is a big but, I have never seen a photo of him where he doesn’t have a stupid big grin on his face, like the cat which got the cream. He mentioned in his book that he was at the Cannes Film Festival, sitting next to Charles Bronson. Arnie observed Charles sit there with a serious face and tell his European publicist that “I don’t do small talk.” From then on, Arnie resolved to treat everyone as if they were the most important person in the world, no matter how famous he became. Arnie was always of a fantastic disposition anyway, but this incident solidified his intentions. The guy worked out 6 hours a day. Why? To win the best bodybuilding championships, yes, but also to charge up the energetic frequency he broadcasted to the planet. The better he felt, the different quality frequency of energy he broadcast. The quality of the energy he broadcast was picked up by brains which were tuned up and ready to receive. Yes, he worked his ass off, but it is because he wanted to! The better he felt, the more he did, the more he did the better he felt, and he discovered that what he was seeking, was seeking him.

You have to magnetize and enthuse your mind. When I feel down, I go running, go to the gym, go to a tai chi or a yoga class. The body is connected to the mind. When the body feels good, the mind feels good. When the mind feels good, the body feels good. We are not ‘body’ and ‘mind,’ we are ‘bodymind.’ Suddenly when I look down at my phone, I get these messages and missed calls from girls. You won’t get to this stage immediately, but with time you’ll feel the sweet spot, and boy is it sweet.

When no-one gets back to you

I have those days when no-one gets back to me. Potential clients, prospects, girls. No response to my SMS messages, no answer to my calls. I think ‘what the fuck,’ this is so beautifully sublime! This is a sign to start focusing on me. I know what’s coming, there will be a flood soon. Life is cyclical, it goes up, then it goes down before coming up again. The less ‘down’ you condition yourself to feel when you’re down, the more ‘up’ you’ll feel when you’re up. I know that life is building up to offer me the best opportunities of my life. It’s like a bow and arrow, the arrow has to be pulled back so it can be fired at its strongest. I sit back, get the iPod on, hit the gym, meditate, swim, grab some coffee with my friend. That weekend, having just wrapped up a juicy business contract, I’m having the time of my life with a tattooed dirty blonde model in a club, then back to my hotel room for some naughty fun. It happens like that the majority of the time. I expect great things from life and I get great things from life.

The deeper your voice, the wetter she will be

Most guys don’t talk with their natural voice, it is always higher than it should be. The ones who are ridiculously successful with relationships, career and lifestyle always talk from the base of their vocal apparatus – unless they are Alan Carr or Gok Wan. In which case, talk as high as you want. Higher voices signify submissiveness and femininity, even childishness. Eric Berne, in his book ‘Games People Play’, talks about ‘Transactional Analysis’, and he has coined the ‘Parent Adult Child’ (PAC) model. He found that people always flip to a certain frame of mind when socially interacting. For instance, when talking to a boss they often flip to a ‘child’ mindset, and when they are the boss, they flip to a ‘parent’ mindset. Now this is interesting, the pitch of the voice changes! The healthiest mindset is the ‘adult’ mindset, which is operating from the here and now, and the voice becomes more naturally resonant.

Deliberately practice talking from lower down, enlist the services of a voice coach or singing teacher if possible, the voice says a lot about you. A voice professional will take you through different exercises and teach you techniques like voice projection, vocal fry and also how to put more colour into your voice. Even stags emit a low, deep sound from their larynxes when attracting a mate! Think about Christian Bale’s voice in Batman and more recently, as Moses in Exodus. You can’t have a superhero or the Savior of Israel talking way up there in a whiny submissive voice! Watch and try to get to those depths, then really start talking from that place of power to everyone you meet.

Sex on tap – Build a long term base of women who are ready to sleep with you

You don’t have to do cold approaches ever again. Yes, never again. Get a phone book full of women who are just waiting for you to call them. In order to do this, you have to take every opportunity to invest in and develop contacts with beautiful women in everyday situations. Consider this, is it easier to attract and fuck a stunning woman from a cold street or nightclub approach or is it easier to build trust with the same woman from a social situation? I was at a business meeting and I got introduced to a 40 something divorcee. Working within the norms of social lubrication, I pleasantly engaged her, then made a mental note of her full name. Two days later, I added her onto LinkedIn. Exchanged some messages. I found out she had a business issue which was causing her some stress. I offered to give some advice over the phone, so she called me and we talked for around 40 minutes. I used the chance to really let her listen to my deep, growly voice. I could hear cooing and sensed her perspiring and getting so wet that I could smell her. She profusely thanked me. I text her asking her out for dinner that Friday. We end up back at mine. I can now call her whenever I want and she wants what I want. Build up your own harem.

Maintain your mental equilibrium

Quick question. How do you react when things get a bit out of hand in heavy traffic? James Bond doesn’t drive his woman around in his car punching on the horn and cursing at other drivers. Stay in control of your own emotions and behaviour and just project a calm persona at all times. In the context of a conversation with a loud and brash person, don’t allow him to dictate to your mind. Many people have a tendency to talk over others, cut people off and cancel out what they are saying with their own opinions. Stay composed, talk slowly and deeply whilst looking the person in the eye. Don’t get bossed around, and any women you are with will notice and this is how you become top dog. Imagine the Godfather sitting and talking. He takes his time and talks slowly when he is ready, in a low pitch while keeping a steady gaze. Whilst his minions are all running around and talking fast, going wherever the wind takes them. Be like Don Corleone and set the pace for all conversations and you can only do this by first taking control and maintaining your own mental equilibrium.

Eat by candlelight

A young woman goes to her doctor and asks him to remove the remains from a green wax candle, lodged in her navel. “What happened?” asked the bemused physician. The woman blushed and replied shyly “My boyfriend likes to eat by candlelight.”

Hope you enjoyed this article and stay focused on the creating the lifestyle you want!

Adam Rock
Adam Rock

Adam Rock is an old school player who has been there. He lost his virginity in a nightclub toilet with an older woman when he was 17, and from then on he had an abundance mentality which became the background noise in all his subsequent interactions with women. Adam was involved in the pickup community in the early days, and after a long hiatus, in which he got married and divorced, Now Adam is back. He has lived, learned and is now ready to teach his new esoteric approach.

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