Here’s the rub

Ross Jeffries vs. a hot girl who do you relate to? I will be in Toronto March 4th through 8th attending the Tad James Seminar on the 6th & 7th (probably will also be taking the optional “Huna” day on the 8th as well). I am planning on going out most nights I am there so don’t hesitate to contact me if you are in Toronto and would like to meet. Hardwood: I currently have a challenge. After the Atlanta seminar in August, I practice ss on anything wearing a skirt like I was told. Here’s the rub: I met this widow 35, a 5…

Swinggcat’s Guide To Using Speed Seduction In Bars

I am writing this because many guys still seem to be in the stone ages when it comes to using SS in bars. If you find that you already know and can practice in the real world what I am about to say, good for you. However, I know there are a lot of guys out there that are stuck when it comes to arguing /PUAing in bars. So if this post only helps one newbie get his feet wet or one guy that is at a sticking point, I will still be glad that I posted this. I am by no…

Crazy Because It Always Works

Sometimes breaking down resistance is just a matter of keeping at it. So I initially met this girl at a dinner organized by a variety of law firms. She’s really cute. Typical blonde, blue-eyed, petite, nice ass, nice titties. That evening, I was just socializing with people and she knew one of the people I was talking to, so she came to join them. We were all holding a glass of wine so I introduced myself to her. I remember feeling particularly horny that night, and I was looking deep into her eyes, holding eye contact (side note: after I…

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