Solving the Algebra Equation by Ice Dragon

Every feeling that you get is created by you. Every emotion and every thought you have ever had is a product of your own imagination. No external force can get inside your head unless you let it. Would you ever allow anyone to dump their garbage in your garden? Of course not. So why let anyone pour garbage into your mind? If you’re feeling ecstatic, sad, lonely, angry, miserable, depressed – it’s all down to you. Face it, if everything you see is yellow, you need to get your eyes checked out for jaundice. Two different guys can see totally…

Sasha’s Semi-Ultimate Day Game Opening Guide

Hey kids! Opening is a strong point of mine, so I though I’d write an article breaking down some of my thoughts and strategies. So welcome to: “Sasha’s Semi-Ultimate Day Game Opening Guide!” Everyone is always asking, “What’s the best opener?” I know it’s been said before, but I’ll say it again – it doesn’t really matter. If you have a good vibe and you’re smiling, anything works. It’s really my overall attitude and fun energy that is getting girls interested in talking to me. That being said, a good opener always helps! Oh – keep in mind that I…

Cocky And Funny Only Works With Funny

David DeAngelo discusses the difference between being cocky-and-funny and just being a jerk.   Vlatko: I found some material that can help anyone to reframe their mind and use visualization  www.hamr.com/download/ Spanther: I’m interested in Psychic Sexual Command 29. Please respond or of any books of psychic command or remote influence. Sisonpyh: I’ve been getting a lot of ‘second level’ feedback from guys I know on this list who have been getting feedback from other guys on the list and then saying things to me like “Some people think that you came across as being a real asshole, not a…

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