She Feels Good Because That Is Her State Of Mind

Anonymous: Why did I have to miss out? I missed out on what everyone else experienced. I am still missing out on what everyone else is experiencing!

It all seems to come down to the inner game, and your overall mindset or mentality.

I once heard the story of a contest winner who won a trip on a cruise ship, and yet sat in their cabin alone and hungry because they didn’t understand that the activities and meals were included in the cruise package.

We often miss out because we feel that we aren’t attractive enough. We don’t deserve it. A woman is out of our league. She’ll probably say no. And we have already defeated ourselves before getting out of the starting gate.

In the AFC mindset, some guys are like sexual anorexics. What do I mean by that? Let’s look at the traditional anorexic:

1. The anorexic woman feels that food is her enemy.

2. However, she needs food to survive.

3. She will force herself to the point of starvation, only to eat as a survival mechanism.

4. Afterward, her mental guilt will make her vomit out the food.

How does this translate to some AFCs?

1. The sexually anorexic male feels that women (or sex with women) are his enemy. This may be on a strictly subconscious level.

2. However, he has a sex drive and a heterosexual orientation.

3. He may feel anything from melancholy about his perceived inability to attract a woman to a seething hatred towards women. I heard one guy say that he felt women were made of “unobtanium,” and the woman he said this to mercilessly tore him to shreds (verbally). His mental state starves him socially, yet he blames it on women and keeps trying for his social/sexual survival. Unfortunately, his attempts are the equivalent of binging: no true appreciation of or savor for what is before him.

4. If he does find a willing partner, he (consciously or subconsciously) does something to kill the opportunity, turn the woman off, or otherwise shoot himself in the foot.

I have had such a mental dichotomy in the past. However, once I learned to get past that, women being naked and willing with me became my reality. When I slip into old patterns because of stress or other mental roadblocks, I have the presence of mind to recognize it and work on recalibrating.

It is not necessarily about using the “magic” patterns, weasel words or methods. Not to nay-say those things: they do indeed work, and quite effectively so. But they will not work if your mind is fighting against your own desires.

What the original post does not mention is what the guy is doing when he attempts to meet women, have a relationship or whatever.

It is like he is pressing his face against the window of a restaurant and wondering why he can’t eat. Other people are eating. So, why not him?

If you are at that proverbial restaurant, ask yourself:

1. Do I lack finances?

2. Do I not have a reservation?

Resolve those issues
get what you need to go inside and feast. However, you can have pockets overflowing with hundreds and plenty of available tables
you still need the determination to go into the restaurant and place your order.

If you are afraid that they are out of what you want, don’t get stuck on it. I’ve experienced that
and with the right level of finesse, I get a free dessert or some other lagniappe from my server in exchange for ordering what is available.

If you approach a set or a single woman
and if all does not go as you may have it mapped out in your head
just be flexible and see where it might lead.

I often say that I never have expectations. That way, I am never disappointed, and always pleasantly surprised.


Anonymous: She gets to feel good around the opposite sex without effort! She gets to have social fun without any effort! I have to work hard! I have to think about this stuff and it still doesn’t work!

She feels good because that is her state of mind. She doesn’t apply effort because she doesn’t see it that way. Granted, it is an effort for her to do her hair, makeup, and wardrobe. But does she sit around crying about how hard she works to look good and no men notice her? Nope!


I was at a club where this hot chick was carrying on because the guy she wanted was with another girl. My buddies and I thought about approaching her, but she started fighting the other chick and got physically carried outside and ejected by the bouncers. She stomped to her car crying. At that point nobody wanted her. She may have been hot, but she was a psycho!

Most women go out expecting to capture the attention of the men. Whether or not she is interested in them, it is an ego boost to get a lot of attention. She also wants to stand out above her competition (other women). Still, I have seen women in overalls with no makeup or nice hairdo who attracted every guy in the room. It was because they exuded a mindset that made them shine above all of the “supermodels” in the room.

So, again
it comes down to mentality more than anything. Free your mind, all else will follow.

I remember years ago, I was talking about a successful series of closes on one of the seduction boards. One guy asked if I looked like Brad Pitt. I told him I looked like Bad Shitt. But with the right mentality, you can walk into an establishment alongside Brad, Leo, and Jake and (social proof of being with those guys notwithstanding) rule the roost. But only if your inner game and mental state are right.

The Unspoken Secret to Motivation

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So far, you’ve been learning how to feel good and happy from the inside. You feel jacked up and ready to go – but where to? How do you start this journey?

“The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

All life is duality. That is one thing you must know. With every great love comes great loss. With every great victory comes great defeat. With great joy comes great pain. Life always has a way of teaching you the right lessons you need in the very moment you need them – even if you cannot yet see it.

So understand that when you become able to generate happiness from within, know that it is not permanent and that you will also feel pain. There is, however, a way to keep on your path, in spite of the ups and downs.

The Great Secret to Motivation

I know you’re worried. You’ve felt bitter pain, embarrassment, heartbreak and unparalleled loneliness. You learned how to feel great and now you know that you cannot always feel that way. Do not be afraid. There is a way to maintain peace – even within the chaos. That way is focus. Allow me to explain
I’ve been tested. I tasted depression, I’ve wallowed in self-hatred, I’ve hated my inaction, I’ve regretted my actions.

I’ve been rejected by hundreds of gorgeous women, embarrassed publicly more times than I could count. I’ve had my reputation ruined, rebuilt, ruined and ruined some more. I’ve lost friends. I’ve been betrayed. I’ve been in love and have had my heart broken
And if you asked me if I would do it all again, I would answer unflinchingly: Yes. Let me ask you something very personal, and I want you to truly sit and reflect on this:

How much are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want in life?

If I were to tell you, for a fact, that you can have anything you want – absolutely anything, how high a price would you pay? Would you take the pain? Would you endure criticism, embarrassment, laughter, abandonment, hurt and much, much more?

“The master has failed more times than the student has even tried.”

It’s all about focus. Everything in your life – who you are, who you want to be, the things you say, your successes, your failures, everything – is a result of where you choose to place your attention.

The one trait all great men of history have shared was their remarkable ability to place their attention where they want it to be, instead of on the things they do not want.

What that means is this: after eliminating clutter, there are only 2 things that exist; where you are standing now, and what you want.

I want you to remember for a second the last time you spoke to a woman. Try to remember what happened. You saw her, that’s where your attention went. Then, you wondered if she was single, that’s another place your attention went. You thought about what was the right time to go up there, that’s another place your attention went. Then you thought about the best thing to say, another place your attention went.

As you walked over, you worried about what her friends might think and if it would be better to befriend them first, another place your attention went. When speaking to her, you were worried about what she thought of you, another place your attention went. What’s the score?

That’s 6 places in which your attention is divided.

For the great seducers, there is only one place their attention can be found: on the object of their desire.

The great seducers have no interest in the opinions of others, it’s a waste of energy. They have no interest in men who hover around women, they are flies to be swatted away – a minor annoyance.

No, for these men, God himself would have to come down and stand between them and their desire.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

In order to join the ranks of the great seducers, you must learn to direct your focus towards who you are, who you want to be, what you want to achieve, and what you’re willing to do to make that happen. Everything else is a waste of energy. Your fears, your doubts, your insecurities, opinions of others, tactics, lines, tricks – all of it, is just a waste of focus. It truly is the key to character, the key to charisma. When your focus becomes unshakable, nothing will be out of your reach. No feat will be too incredible.

Focus is what builds strength, it is what will keep you afloat when times are tough and things are not going where you want them to. Through a concerted effort and daily repetition, you can turn your focus away from what isn’t going right, and towards what you want. Through daily repetition, you train yourself to focus like a monk, and you will build yourself into an unstoppable titan. Success then becomes a simple matter of reaching out and taking what is already yours.

Presence – the Magic Pill to Finally Get Out of Your Head

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Do not give up because to do so would be to resign yourself to mediocrity, to a fate worse than death.

“Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.”

I want to jump right into presence, because once you unlock what it means, you will feel like Neo when he begins to see the Matrix – all of a sudden the universe just makes sense and women become as clear as day to you. Don’t take my word for it, try it out!

Presence is a deeply spiritual concept, but also a very practical one. Once you start developing your focus through one-pointed attention, the next step will be to understand presence as the next logical step in the evolution of your inner game.

I don’t want to confuse you with a multitude of concepts and explanations. No, the key to understanding presence is to first create the space to accommodate it. Your mind must be emptied – not filled, because presence is a state beyond thought. This might seem scary but it’s the opposite; when present, you act on your instincts, not your mind. When present, you live courageously, because fear cannot exist. Life becomes an incredible adventure.

Presence can be understood as such: it is like a playing a song. You don’t play it to eagerly get to the end
you play because it is the playing of the song that is fulfilling in and of itself.

That is essentially what presence is. When you learn to focus your attention only on what you want, the next step is to trust your instinct – to fall into a state of presence and enjoy doing what you are doing for the simple reason that it is more enjoyable than not.

That’s the secret of the great seducers; they speak to women because it is a hell of a lot more enjoyable than not speaking to them. That’s where it gets to be quite personal.

Most men do not love women

Wait – what?

Yes, it’s true. How many times have you witnessed your friends quiet down when the beautiful waitress walks over? How many times have you been caught looking at a woman who delights you and quickly look away in shame? No. Most men do not truly love women. If they did, it would show on their face.

Being present is not logical, it is a feeling. That is where your focus should be. There is no desire to conquer, nor a desire to retreat, only a sense of peace and comfort, like if the place your feet were planted in was home. All that talk of feeling one with the universe – it’s just another way to describe presence.

Speaking of feet, it’s an excellent place to start.

Whenever you see a beautiful woman, a flurry of emotion and energy is released, usually from the pit of your belly, just above your genitals, and shoots through your body.

But then, something terrible happens.

Within about 3 seconds, that emotion that was consuming your entire body gets overwhelmed by your thoughts, that come in and begin projecting in the future; “She’s busy!”, “Everyone will laugh at you!” “there’s no way she would be into someone like you”. And just like that, now you are afraid.

Your thoughts begin to get stronger, and you start to remember all the times you’ve been hurt in the past, all the times you’ve been ashamed and embarrassed and felt alone. Maybe it’s best not to put yourself on the line like that anymore. And just like that, now you are anxious.

So where does this relate to presence? Well, fear exists in the future, and anxiety has it’s roots in the past, none of which exist in the present. So what can you do to force yourself into presence? Focus on your feet.

That’s it! That’s all you really need to do. When you begin to feel that flurry of emotions released in your body, don’t think! Don’t categorize it as fear or anxiety. Don’t give your mind time to analyze and talk you out of it. Instead, just turn your attention to your feet and begin to walk. Don’t think of what you need to say or do – you are one of the great seducers of the world, all of that will come to you in due time. Just focus on your feet; one step, next step, next step
And before you know it, you are deep in conversation with an incredibly stunning woman, soaking up her divine feminine energy and just basking in the refreshing feeling of being surrounded with beauty.

When you learn to become present, confidence is an afterthought. There is nothing to fear, and everything to gain. Through presence, you learn to trust yourself.

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