Clifford runs with a dangerous crowd. The seduction techniques of a sexual maniac. Never pay for clothes again.

Probably the first “natural” seducer I met was “Claude.” Claude lived (probably still lives) a life out of a porno movie. While my experience with him ultimately turned bad, I think more good for me came out of it overall than anything else. I credit Claude with waking me up, making me lose my naivete at a crucial time in my life. I met him at a hamburger joint where cars park all around the big circular structure and either go and stand in line waiting to be served or waitresses on roller blades (this is way before in-line skating) would come to your car and serve you. Claude was dynamic, original, funny, etc. Being with him and just watching television was like being at a party. He was always joking around, prodding you to do things and coming up with stuff to do. But he is a psychopath. He is one of the only two people I have met in my life who literally live from minute to minute. Both of these people don’t keep food in their fridges; Claude would go to a supermarket pretty much for every meal (or a restaurant or whatever; but there was no long term planning in his life). He lived off what he could make scamming or off women (he had at least one woman I knew of — the separated wife of a guy he knew socially — who he would go over to her house — actually the guy’s house that he would lose in the divorce — and do the wife; while there wasn’t a direct charge for his services, she would ask him if he needed money and he would always get $60, $100, etc. from her — actually the guy’s money too. This was a lot of money 20 years ago). One of the things that (I felt) appealed to women was that when he approached them he was more interested in what he could get out of them materially rather than sexually, and I was sure that they picked up on this fact and that made him different from other guys. Not that they picked up on his wanting to get something from them, but that he was not primarily motivated by sex. He was a sexual maniac; once he picked up this super hot babe, took her to his place, and in the space of two hours came 12 times with her. He says he was starting number 13 when I rang the doorbell. While I found this hard to believe, I did become friendly with his most serious girlfriend at the time and she told me he was amazing, how he never got tired.

Claude’s sense of humour was one of his biggest assets in getting women. He was totally confident of his abilities also. I once asked him if he felt that he could always go home with someone when he went to a bar and he told me that he just knew that he could. I have seen him do and get away with things that I never would have believed if someone would tell me. He got a big charge out of getting away with things; he couldn’t believe that people would let him do the things he would do. And did he get women. They warmed up to him very quickly and he took full advantage. I didn’t know how he did some of the things he did even though I was there when they happened. For example, we were driving down the street and there’s this very, very hot blond walking to her apartment building holding two bags of groceries. I can still hear him leaning out of the passenger side of my car, calling her “Miiiiiiiiiiiisss, oh Miiiiiiiiisssss!!” and pretending to ask for directions. Within the space of about 45 seconds she invited him to come up and visit her! I used to think that he was probably so much better looking than I was but I now think that it was his personality.

He was a Jekyll and Hyde, though. He could be absolutely ruthless. We met these two young ladies one day, picked them up in my car. Claude, myself, the two women and another friend of Claude’s (male) (so we are three guys and two women) and we drove them out to this disco about 45 minutes from where they lived. Well, Claude tried to see if they wanted to have sex (they were interested in him but weren’t going to be that easy), if they wanted to go to get something to eat, if they wanted to go get something to drink, etc. Essentially the answer to everything was no. So Claude gets myself and the other guy to lose them in the club and gets us out of the disco (and I am not proud of this to this day) and we leave them there. He said to me, “Hey, they didn’t want to have sex, they didn’t want to eat or drink, so they were completely useless” and he couldn’t care less. Another time we are walking downtown behind three women. While they weren’t really fat, they could have lost 15-20 pounds each but they were attractive. So we are walking behind them and he starts singing “Three Little Pigs”! What was absolutely amazing was they turned around and started to try to tell him off, but it was clear that they were so turned on that they could barely tell him anything! I used to watch these episodes in amazement. Another time we went to a gym. He stands, arms folded, legs crossed and leaning against the wall near the exit to the ladies changing room. This really cute girl comes out and he stares right at her crotch as she walks out. Instead of getting upset, she’s beaming!

We went to California together. We hook up with Johnny, a really sleazy friend of his from Montreal who is living with this very good looking young lady who apparently was supporting him. She in turn was being supported by three “boyfriends”, older guys who gave her cars, money, jewelry, etc. for her attentions and affections. She lived in this gorgeous apartment in Redondo Beach with a picture window overlooking the ocean. A few nights after we arrived, we are out with Johnny and her and Johnny and her get into a fight. Well, I still don’t know why she said this, but she goes, “Well, I’m leaving!”, turns to Claude and says “what about you?” He turns to Johnny and says, “Sorry, man, I’m going with her!” Here she hasn’t talked to him probably yet for ten minutes and she threw out the guy she was living with for him. As I was staying in L.A. I stayed in the apartment with Claude and her a couple of times, so this is a first hand account.

He had a unique style that just appealed to women’s imagination. I remember he called up this really gorgeous girl that we had met probably a year earlier. He hadn’t called her in all that time. He gets her on the phone and starts telling her that he has this new car and wouldn’t she like to be driving in it with him, with everyone looking at them because they would both be so good looking together. She eats it up and is ready and willing to see him.

He had interesting techniques in bars. He was always nonchalant in bars, as if nothing was planned. I have seen him squeeze between a guy and a girl who were talking at the bar in a crowded place apparently to order a drink from the bartender. But then he would turn to face the girl, cutting off the guy and start talking to her! He used to like doing magic tricks in bars and met tons of women doing card tricks and small coin stunts. I have seen him take home two women at once more than once, and he once told me that he usually is able to hook up with two women once every month or two (these being new recruits, not repeats).

He could not hold a job for long, although he did do stints in shoe stores, clothing stores, etc. When asked what he did, one reply was that he had his own business. “What is that?” he’d be asked. “None of yours!” was his answer. Or he would tell them that he was retired.

He would change his wardrobe each season; usually by going into a clothing store, seducing the woman who worked there and she would tell him when to come back when she was alone watching the store. She would give him an empty bag, he would take what he liked into the changing room and leave with a full bag.

I used to hear or see some of this stuff (I made it clear to him that I didn’t like that, that he was smarter than that and that I wanted nothing to do with this type of behaviour so usually he didn’t do this in front of me) and think he wouldn’t do it to me. Famous last words, as he ended up stealing from me and that’s how we stopped being friends.

When he pulled that stunt on me, I pretty much fell into a depression for about a year but came out of it stronger and much wiser for the experience. I saw after that he had a pattern of latching onto guys who were not as socially adept as he was who had things he wanted or could use and he just kept doing what he was doing.

Last I heard he was in Boca Raton, married to some woman and desperately waiting for the two year waiting period to be over so he could get his Green Card.

I know that there is a lot that I had seen and learned from him, and if I can remember more that is worth mentioning I will write about.

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