Firstly, there are a lot of coaches out there today teaching a number of different systems. I know that a lot of guys reading this are looking at the mass of information and the overwhelming number of options and wondering what will work for them. I’d like to hear from you to let us know what has worked for you – who has really helped you and made a difference in your achieving success with women? Whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, we all want to improve and I am hoping this request will result in some good insights for those reading this. I will definitely post the best responses in this newsletter (and, keep in mind, we want your information not your name or location – if you want to remain anonymous, it’s no problem). So let me hear from you

On another note, there have been a good deal of negative comments and opinions in recent times about all things PUA / Pick Up Artist and we have seen the emergence of a new direction towards men’s rights, masculinity, being a gentleman and more about a rounded, holistic approach to how to be a better person. Personally, I don’t care what you call it, in my view there will always be guys interested in learning how to be more successful with women. And they will want to learn from people who will give them insights into ideas, strategies, approaches, concepts and understandings that are more intelligent and powerful than someone just pushing them in the swimming pool and then telling them to swim.

The term “Pick Up Artist” does not mean more than those words themselves, regardless of what connotations some people may be currently applying to those words. To me, it’s simple. A “pick up artist” is an “artist” at pick up or meeting women. That simply means someone is skilled – an “artist” is a positive description, one that says the person knows what they are doing and they do it well. To me, by definition, any guy who is accused of being manipulative or creepy in their pursuit of women does not meet this description.

That does not mean that there aren’t people out there who are teaching or espousing negative directions. There are coaches who will encourage you to lie (usually in situations where they haven’t found a truthful way to get a desired result from a woman), to manipulate, to cheat, etc. all of which I don’t encourage or support. Having said that, I do believe that guys who are able to step outside of societal norms are likely to try things that the rest of us wouldn’t and there are probably things to learn as long as you keep everything in perspective. Let’s face it – the very subject of “picking up women” and “seduction” is something that you will associate with men who live on the dark side of life: rogues, criminals, spies, etc. These people often do not experience fear the same way others do and will, as I said, try things most of us wouldn’t. They are in many ways a laboratory for the rest of us.

I believe you can learn from everyone, but you need to use your common sense and intelligence to select the information that you feel is appropriate for you. Just because a major criminal attracts women doesn’t mean that following his behavior is what you should do. You may or may not learn something useful from the way he behaves, but realize there are a great number of options out there today about who you can model yourself after and hopefully you recognize that you want to go in a more healthy, positive direction.

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I have been fortunate enough to have been able to present a lot of great material in the cliff’s list newsletters and now on the website that have made a significant difference in many guy’s lives.

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