In they walked, through the small snug bar, three sallow skinned beauties, 19 years old each. I sit and admire them from my table as they order their drinks, with my focus pinpointed on one in particular.
She. Was. Stunning.

Short dark hair which came to her shoulders. Deep brown almond eyes, with a gentle caramel complexion, which warmed up her Balkan tone. Her short flowing blue dress hung off her contours perfectly.

I felt it, in my chest, flutter.

I still get that feeling that you get. The one that for a second has you panic that you may lose control, or not quite sure of how to proceed and stay focused.

They took their drinks, and walked outside to the terrace seating area. My friends, who consisted of 1 guy and 2 girls looked at me straight away smiling, and gave me the “go on it’s ok” nod.(they are very much used to my disappearing antics).

For some reason, I was not as quick to move as usual. There was a hesitation, combined with a nervousness, and a generally wobbly state due to being severely hungover from the night before.
These few seconds when you are in the middle ground of not having approached yet, but you know you really must, is the most crucial moment. I see this moment as the life changer.

Choosing to take action in these moments of hesitation is what has offered me some of the most beautifully amazing and memorable experiences of my life. Choosing to take action in this middle ground is when you consciously choose, as a warrior, to live the life you have always wanted, and take that risk.
I have gotten to the point in my evolution where I basically have TOO MANY positive outcomes from asserting myself to choose not to and pussy out.

With that being said…I still felt anxious and jittery. Not myself, and certainly not in an ideal state, which is a fucking myth anyway.

I walked outside, and stood at the entrance lighting my cigarette. I looked at their table to assess the vibe and mood. They were all pretty quiet, not very expressive, and one of the friends even looked pissed off.

After seeing this vibe, I tightened up in my chest even more…

The second I felt my anxiety build, I said fuck it…let’s go show up…
I put one foot in front of the other, having no clue what I was about to say. I got nearer and nearer…until suddenly, I was standing before them…(pointing at the displeased looking girl)… “You…do not…look happy?”, I said.

There was a moment of silence where I could feel all 6 eyes looking into my soul and shaking my insides about to see if I was the real deal…I held eye contact with her…

She smiled, and assured me she was fine.

I grabbed a chair from the other table, placed it at theirs, and plonked myself down.

“I’ve decided to come and join your conversation for a bit, Hello”.

I sat back comfortably on my chair, acknowledging my chosen almond-eyed lady with a prolonged glance until she asked “What’s your name?”

I felt all that jittery energy dissolve as I clicked into my seduction vibe, bantering back and forth in a light way with them, directing heavy sexual intent towards Sara, who I found out was Serbian.

I expressed my love for Serbian girls. We all began to role play, and they arrived to the conclusion that I must be a prostitute. Sara expressed that I’m definitely good-looking enough.(Go on Serbian directness) – a side note on the ‘good looking’ comment. I continue to assume this does not come from my physical appearance, but more so from my demeanor and way of interacting. I do not see myself as stereo-typically handsome…but when I’m turned on I’m a sexy ass motherfucker!

The 2 friends left to use the Ladies room, leaving me and Sara, my Serbian temptress, completely alone. She admitted she had a boyfriend earlier, but that it was going badly, so maybe she could indulge in my marriage proposal.

The second the girls left, I went into seductive over-drive, oozing sex within a spit second, consciously shifting my body language, eye contact, voice, and touch. She said something to me, but I refused to listen. I asked her to whisper something Serbian in my ear and stroke my hand. She did. When she finished I asked her to sensually kiss my cheek. She did. I took her contact details at this point. Her friends came back, so I made the decision to let that moment build in her own head, and left to rejoin my friends again.

Within 5 minutes they moved inside the bar, with Sara continuously staring at me, as I gave very little attention. Remember, this is out of love and understanding for what she needs from my masculinity. Girls want to chase you! Not the other way around. This does NOT mean be a nasty prick or a bad person. Do not confuse this with treating a woman with disrespect. This is coming from understanding.

Every time I left to go outside, within 30 seconds, she was outside following me.

She was so fucking stunning and genuinely sweet, it was actually difficult for me to tease her, as I was packing a stiffy of love the entire time. Damn that skin, all I wanted to do was kiss it…

So I did.


Behind the door, hidden from her friends.

We met the following day, where we seduced each other to the bed, again, and again, and again.

Her naked body, her eyes, her lips, the adorably sexy muffled moans she made, her everything!!!

This type of effortless seduction is common place in my daily, weekly life, and can occur numerous times, at any time of the day or night. This has been after MANY years of failure, confusion, and severe social anxiety issues, which to this day still pop their head up every now and again.

I have realized there is a 3 point practice of how I seduce without being assumed or rejected off the bat. It has not been created intentionally, but through the procedure of:

  • Reading the Game
  • Starting with Indirect techniques
  • Then changing to Direct Techniques
  • Then to throwing the notion of indirect & direct away, as fundamentally they are both the same thing – a technique. Not Truly direct.
  • Finally choosing to develop my presence and understanding of how masculine and feminine energy intertwine
  • Allowing me to do and say whatever the fuck I want = Consistent & effortless Seductive Success
  • To now Coaching it…

What I have noticed is that in every successfully seductive case, the 3 bases I have realized are hit upon.


Chris Bale
Chris Bale

Chris has years of experience in many modalities of self development. He specializes in seduction/dating, lifestyle design, sexual polarity, meditation/spirituality, and also works as an energy-work practitioner (sexual energy) & medical qigong/ acupuncture practitioner , for both men AND women – reconnecting you to your sexual power and internal confidence on an intense foundational level, which is the most important; “otherwise you are simply polishing a turd”.

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