That’s The BIGGEST Secret To Being AMAZING With Women (which is never spoken about)

The single most important factor to a man’s success with the feminine, is;

The question ‘Do you LOVE women?’

In my previous coaching with guys, it has been one of the areas overlooked until recently, when in some cases I felt there was something lacking when trying to describe, express and deliver my message and principles to men.

It strangely enough is not only the most important question to ask yourself but is also the question never asked in the ‘dating’ community. It’s so obvious that it is completely taken for granted, and simply assumed.

I was coaching this specific client not too long ago, we shall call him Darren.

Now, Darren had been undergoing Skype sessions with me for about 3 weeks, once weekly. I invest HEAVILY into my online coaching in terms of getting the best for the men who put their trust in me, in every case going over the allotted 1 hour limited to 1 and a half or even 2 hours. This is with every guy regardless.

So, that being said, I pride myself on getting guys phenomenal transformations in a very short period of time.

With Darren, it was the first time I had hit a brick wall.

By the third week, he had all my principles understood and implemented. He had processed everything, and he had become it, which is the norm. I was pleased, and so was Darren.

After doing the exercises I assigned, he did not experience the results of my other clients and I was completely puzzled. He would speak of situations and interactions, and even though clinically he was applying the correct principles, there was no ‘umph’, so sexual attraction, and everything would fizzle out.

Then, during our 4th session it hit me, seemingly out of thin air, but I went ahead and asked the most simple, obvious, yet PROFOUND question; “Darren, do you LOVE women?”

There was silence.

A hesitation.

He responded with “Eh, ya, sure, why else would I be doing all this?”

When a man who truly loves women is asked that question, there is no hesitation, there is only passion and instant gushing of that passion.

You see, Darren, like everyone else in the dating community, takes it as a certainty. But, do the majority of these guys BEHAVE in a way that states ‘I LOVE WOMEN’? No. No they do not!

For me, this simple question was the missing piece in passing on my full success with women to my clients. Do you love women? What does the way you are behaving state? Is it congruent?

I tell everyone, I fall in love approximately 20 times every day.

I’m talking about a deep passionate, and overwhelmed love, where I feel it to my core. In the pit of my stomach it flutters. In my heart it explodes, and in my brain it short circuits. It is physical, energetic, and spiritual. It’s my instinct.

I am madly in love with women. I adore everything from the way they walk, to the feel of their soft skin, how they slot their fingers between mine to hold my hand, her thick bountiful hair, the way she smells when I kiss her on the cheek, her cheek, the little arch in her lower back when I’m kissing her soft spot on the inside of her thigh, how she looks to the side shyly when I look at her wanting to devour, the playfulness when she gets excited, the vibrancy behind her eyes. Her beautiful exuberance.

Young, old, slim, heavy. I LOVE WOMEN!

They add passion to my life. They bring innocence to me. They remind me what if feels like to be a child again.

I am endlessly curious and in a state of wonderment around them. If I was given a choice of sitting in a room with a group of guy friends, vs a group of female friends, I’m sorry dudes, but the feminine wins every single fucking time! Regardless of looks.

I celebrate women on a daily basis, and I do it unapologetically. I love women, and women love me.

If you give your love, they can ONLY love you back.

She is my drug, and I, my brothers, am a self accepted, and self proclaimed addict. I cannot beat this, I wouldn’t want to beat this, because for me without feminine energy to blossom within my life and my spirit, life is not worth living.

Every woman is the most BEAUTIFUL thing this world can offer me, and through my deep understanding of what the feminine needs from my masculine, I can celebrate with her intimately.

Do you LOVE women? When you see that stunner walking down the street, do you fall in love? Do you feel like you have just been shot in the chest with a double barrell shot gun? Does life slow down in a split second and everything else cease to exist?

If the answer is no to the above, it’s ok, because as a man it is in there, you must just allow it to come to the surface and allow yourself to express it.

Ok, back to Darren…

After discussing this with him it became clear, he was not allowing himself to celebrate women. Instead he was implementing my principles but coming from the wrong space.

When he saw a woman he desired, he would ask himself, ‘Ok, what must I do in order for her to like me.’ This is not showing love. The contrast to that is how I feel when I see a woman I desire. ‘I want to share her beauty with HER.’ I see her 100 times more beautiful than she sees herself, and I share this with her.

Darren is going over to take, I am going over to give.

Darren is going over to use her beauty against her, as a technique, by saying the right things to get her to give him some of the beauty, the scraps. Whereas I am going over simply to state her beauty and to celebrate it with her.

Darren needs something in return for going over. I do not expect anything, although in my experience sex and connection is the most common by-product.

Most men only approach women, and only give compliments, and only learn ‘pick up’ techniques because they want something in return. Like a bartering system.

I never expect anything. There is no trade off. Simply being in her feminine presence is all I need and desire, and I will be happy with whatever degree it goes to.

I’m there to CELEBRATE her. I have unapologetically approached many women and told them I had fallen madly in love with them within the first few seconds.

Many guys would ask isn’t that just ‘needy’ behaviour, and my response is always the same; “When you’re celebrating something, whatever you say is coming from an unattached passion” which is the opposite to being needy.

Think of the last time you ate a beautiful meal, and you took the first bite and as chewing the delectable tasty mouthful you blurted “OH MY GOD that is absolutely amazing,” CELEBRATING the deliciousness of what you are experiencing. No one has ever said “Dude, you are being needy with your food and coming on too strong, give it a rest.”

Now, how would you say that to a woman? No doubt you would change exactly where it’s coming from, making it spew from a needy place looking to do it all ‘right’ in order for her to give you what she now apparently owes you.

Women do not owe you shit! Especially if you are trying to take all the time.

When you can interact with a woman like you did with that amazing first bite of food…you my friend, will have a life surrounded by beautiful, loving, intelligent and sexy women of every walk of life. They will want to be around the man who unapologetically accepts his desires and roles as a man, and gives them undying love.

If I feel low, or I’m having a bad day, or feel groggy, or sad, doing something as simple as interacting with the girl on the checkout counter in my local shop is enough to pull me right out of it. The feminine energy fills me and makes me feel amazing. It is intoxicating, and changes my mood and day for the better.  That is AMAZING, which is why I feel the need to be so appreciative.

You don’t need anti-depressants, love women and their appreciation will pull you right out of your stuck state.

So, to finish off with Darren, after giving him a specific exercise to cultivate this level of love for women very quickly, his results skyrocketed when applying the principles which I teach in my coaching.

After his 4th Skype session, he was done, and is currently seeing 3 regular girlfriends, along with having an endless stream of sexy girls celebrating with him

The work I do is dedicated to women. As a man reading this, you are going to ultimately have a profound impact on spreading love and happiness to all the women you choose to deliver your presence to.

You cannot fear that which you love.

I want to make it clear, that the principles I teach you are all stemming from my love of women, and not from an ‘I’m too cool for you’ or a ‘I’m better than you’ headspace.

The principles must not be seen as a manipulation or tactics, because this will stunt your growth.

Instead, I apply the principles I apply because of understanding what the feminine craves from the masculine. It’s out of love I have taken the time to learn and hone my level of interaction, so I can give women what they truly desire. Allowing me to light up their life, as they do mine.

Now go fourth and love…

If you don’t know where to start…yeah, I teach that!

Ciao Hombre.


Chris Bale
Chris Bale

Chris has years of experience in many modalities of self development. He specializes in seduction/dating, lifestyle design, sexual polarity, meditation/spirituality, and also works as an energy-work practitioner (sexual energy) & medical qigong/ acupuncture practitioner , for both men AND women – reconnecting you to your sexual power and internal confidence on an intense foundational level, which is the most important; “otherwise you are simply polishing a turd”.

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