Having helped thousands of men increase their confidence in the bedroom, specifically teaching them how to make their girlfriends and wives squirt, I have a somewhat unique perspective on whether sexual confidence help increase overall confidence with women.

The answer, of course, is yes it does, and very effectively too. In fact it’s one of the best places to start, in my opinion, if you feel like you’re lacking self-confidence in your dating life.

I like to look at sexual confidence this way: A woman judges how she thinks you’ll be in bed by how you are when you’re with her in every day situations. If you’re shy, passive, stiff, quiet and submissive in your day-to-day life, in her mind you’ll be exactly the same way in the bedroom. The last time I heard, those weren’t particularly attributes that women said they wanted from men in the bedroom.

On the other side of the coin, whilst dating her maybe you are nonchalant, action-taking, able to deal with potentially embarrassing situations smoothly, you take what you want whilst also being
calibrated and socially savvy. You’re aggressive and dominant, smooth, charismatic and charming.

All these characteristics translate perfectly into the bedroom, and chances are, she won’t sleep with you if she feels like the sex won’t be what she wants.

So, now we know that women get clues to how good you’ll be in bed from your actions outside of the bedroom, but does this mean that getting better in the bedroom translates to confidence outside of the bedroom?

Yes, it does!

Understanding what women want sexually is a microcosm of what they want in life. Improving your sexual confidence (which basically means becoming more competent in bed) means you’ll have to learn to
understand a woman’s’ mind and know what she wants and what she likes. Understanding her in the bedroom means understanding her outside of the bedroom too.

Additionally, knowing you can please a woman in ways that most men can’t is one of the biggest confidence boosters there is. Shit test from a woman? No problem, just think back and remember that time you
had your last girl screaming in pleasure, calling your name and begging you not to stop. Brings a subtle smile to your face doesn’t it? That’s the best way to pass a shit test. Knowing that you have the ability to give her everything her sexual appetite wants puts you immediately at ease. Now that’s confidence!

Here’s a tactic most guys will never know about giving women orgasms. Have you ever put on a watch for the first time and noticed how initially you can feel the watch on your wrist? You can feel the
weight, you feel the materials rubbing on your skin, but over time you forget you’re even wearing it? As the nerve endings on your wrist get stimulated (rubbed) over and over again eventually they stop sending signals to your brain. It’s the first few minutes of wearing the watch where you feel it rubbing against your skin the most.

The same thing happens with her pussy. At first, the sensation is strong. Her state of arousal increases quickly, but then she gets to a point where she can’t go any higher. The nerve endings (around her clit, for example) have shut off. (The scientific term is nerve saturation.) Have you ever felt that your girl was getting closer and closer to orgasm, but never quite got there? This is the nerve saturation effect at work.

The best way to overcome nerve saturation, and give her orgasms quickly and easily, is to bring her level of arousal as high as possible before you start to directly stimulate her (be this with your dick, finger, tongue, whatever). You can then use every weapon you’ve got to tip her over the edge into a knee-weakening body-tensing orgasm before the nerve saturation kicks in.

Using this tactic will drive most women crazy. They’ll love it, and they’ll love that you understand the finer points about how their bodies work. Most women don’t even understand this point.

Most men (who don’t understand the nerve saturation effect) get things horribly wrong because they think that arousal for men works the same way as arousal for women. For men though, semen actually builds up over time getting ready for ejaculation, so the nerve saturation effect doesn’t come into play for men so we don’t think about how it affects women.

Okay onwards.

You’ll also have much higher sexual abundance with women when you increase your sexual confidence. Women are more likely to want to sleep with you again if you have given her what she wants, this then
increases your options and makes you immediately less needy for any woman that you haven’t slept with yet. After all, if this date doesn’t end in the outcome you want (I’m guessing that outcome is you two having sex) then that’s fine because there are other girls just a call away who are very willing to have you give them orgasm after orgasm.

Being sexually confident also makes your dating life more win/win. By this I mean, traditionally the guy is considered to be ‘getting lucky’ if he sleeps with the girl. But let’s be honest here; the orgasms women are capable of having in the hands of a guy who knows what he is doing, are SOOO much better than any kind of orgasm us men can experience. It’s just that most guys don’t know how to give that kind of pleasure.

Knowing in the back of your mind that the last three girls you slept with experienced pure pleasure with you means there is absolutely no need to feel like you’re the seller and she is the buyer (have you ever felt like this on a date?). You know she is getting just as much out of sleeping with you, as you are with her, if not more.

Try this quick trick to make her cum during oral. Take your index finger and put it in her mouth. Tell her you want her to lick and suck your finger the way that she wants it done to her. She’ll start
licking, sucking and teasing your finger like crazy and now you’ve got to copy what she does to you, exactly the same way with her pussy. She knows exactly what feels good to her and she’ll be able to show you. If you try this though, remember right at the end before she orgasms she’ll have trouble continuing with your finger, so you’ll need to take control and continue to stimulate her just the way she likes it.

Sexual confidence isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to overall confidence and success. Having your financial life together, being healthy and fit, having a great group of friends and family around you are also hugely important. But sexual confidence isn’t a bad area of your life to work on and improve. After all, there’s nothing wrong with spending a bit of extra time in the bedroom.

I’d highly recommend taking a look at  School Of Squirt if you want to build sexual and overall confidence that makes you attract, sleep with and keep around that one special woman.


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