There is no one way to do things. Only by trying lots of different methods, by varying behavior in as many ways as possible, by making many, many mistakes and then LEARNING from them, can you find the path that works best for you.

In the 1950’s doctors, anesthesiologists and dentists began training in large numbers with a former radio talk show host to learn hypnosis for controlling pain. In one of the recordings that still exist today (which I always recommend any serious hypnotist should study diligently) a doctor stands up and informs the class that after many months of study, he has finally hypnotized a patient and it was a complete success.

After polite applause quiets, David Elman, the radio talk show personality turned hypnotist, informs the doctor that he better give up the practice of hypnosis as at that rate he will never come close to mastering even the basics of the art.

He says this because his most successful students were ones that went out and immediately began practicing the techniques. And often they failed. They failed again and again. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I found myself in situations where what I had been told would work in hypnosis left me with a client staring at me as if I was telling a bad joke at an amateur open mic.

My best Coaching clients are ones that go out immediately and begin to put into practice every little bit of the techniques I taught them. My most successful White Tiger Tantra students find women to practice on immediately after the workshops. They call and go, “I had her legs up and was doing this technique and nothing happened, so I tried doing this other one and ‘whoosh’ all of a sudden she’s screaming so loud I thought for sure the cops were going to show up.”

The point is, where you are now is a result of what you do everyday. And while you can practice and practice what you already know, you will only master the art of accomplishing what you already have.

Start shaking up your routine in every way possible.

Call in sick. Flake on a date. Take a different route home. Whatever it is, do it differently then how you would normally do it. Develop an understanding of the Law of Requisite Variety. By putting yourself in many different situations and experiencing them first hand you will begin to develop an ability to create for yourself the outcomes you desire.

One of my coaching clients, a martial arts instructor from California, told me about a student who started studying with him to improve his performance in competition sparring. As he often does, he told this student about an old saying about how no one has less than seven habits. The habits you have developed come about as consequences of your beliefs about yourself.

He asked this student to identify and write down at least seven habits; including two that the student believed kept him from accomplishing his goals.  He then asked him to write down the habits he believed a person who will accomplish their goals would have.

I like this exercise and occasionally have my Coaching clients do similar exercises to help them overcome where they thought they were stuck. See, your beliefs about who you are, are not who you are; your beliefs about who you are, are your beliefs about who you thought you were.

By changing your beliefs you will change your habits. Conversely, by changing your habits you can change your beliefs. Write down your habits. Make a list of the things you do everyday. These are your unconscious beliefs about yourself materializing in your daily life.

Now write down what you believe to be the habits of a person who will accomplish the things you want for yourself. Start trying these habits on and make a point of breaking the habits you’ve created for yourself.

Be well,

Steve P

Steve P.
Steve P.

Steve P. is an expert hypnotist, often practicing with his business partner Hypnotica. He was mentioned as a master in sexual arts in the book The Game by Neil Strauss. His product, White Tiger Tantra focuses on how to give women intense and freeing sexual orgasms. If you’re ready for an adult dose of change, check out The School of Steve P.


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