So you’ve got a girl feeling attracted towards you; she’s laughing at your jokes, she’s touching your arm playfully, and she’s giving you the doggy dinner bowl eyes. The question is what next? How do you move things forward from there? And that’s exactly what I want to talk about over the course of this series titled ‘First Date Tips.’

A lot of men make the mistake of getting bogged down during a seduction. Once they create a bit of attraction with a girl and get her laughing and enjoying herself, they start thinking that they should just keep doing what they’re doing, instead of messing things up by trying to move forward.

But the problem with this is that sooner or later, the girl is going to end up getting bored. She’s going to want you to keep things moving forward towards a romantic or sexual outcome, or she’s going to lose interest. So how exactly do you do that?

You show some interest

A deadly misconception among a lot of men in the seduction community is that you should never show interest in a woman. But here’s the problem, if you don’t eventually show interest in a woman, she won’t have a reason to move towards a more romantic or sexual outcome with you. Interest is actually a powerful tool in a seducer’s arsenal, provided that it is used at the right moment.

So every time a girl tells you a funny joke, shares a personal story or makes any sort of conversational effort, reward her by showing some interest. Let her know that she’s winning you over and that she’s earning your interest. This is what makes for a great seduction.

You make your intentions clear

Whether you’re going for a number-close or an instant date, it’s important that you don’t come off tentative and unsure. Women respond powerfully to a man who is confident enough to make his romantic or sexual intentions clear. So if you’re asking for her number, don’t beat around the bush. Tell her that you like her and that you’d like to see her again sometime. Then hand her your phone and tell her to put her number in there.

Do you call or text?

When in doubt, call. No matter how well your interaction with a girl went and no matter how attracted she was to you, there’s a high chance that she won’t be in the same frame of mind the next day. She won’t be as invested in the courtship. Which is why I hate texts and email. Calling a girl just feels much more intimate and also shows confidence. If you absolutely have to text or email her, keep it short and sweet and make sure that it leads to a phone call.

Help her visualize it

Have you ever gone through the trouble of planning the perfect date, with a great location and a convenient time and date to boot, only to have a girl flake on you? Well here’s the thing, women aren’t as worried about the logistics of a date as they are about what the date is going to be like.

So, instead of simply telling a woman that you want to take her out on a date, paint a picture for her and help her visualize it. Tell her that you want to take her out on a walk on the beach, take goofy pictures while making her laugh with your ridiculous poses, and make out while the sun goes down.

So go ahead and start implementing these ideas in your own interactions with women, and you will start seeing a higher rate of success. And for more tips on making your first date kickass and moving things forward from there, stay tuned for part 2 and part 3 of the series. Until then, happy seducing!

Tony Laroche
Tony Laroche

Tony Laroche made a career out of getting INSIDE men’s minds. Since he only uses his hypnosis skills for good, he decided to help guys cure their inner game issues.Tony is delivering solid inner game advice to you in a soothing manner in which your brain will be able to better absorb it and put it into action immediately.

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