Have you been a good seduction student and tried out what I taught you in my last column ‘First Date Tips – Part 1’? Well if you have, by now you shouldn’t be having any problems getting women to go out on dates with you. And if that’s the case, you’re ready to take the next step and move onto ‘First Date Tips – Part 2’. 

What I want to talk about today are the little things that make a first date great. In a time and age when most men think that a great date is hanging out at your apartment, getting drunk and feeling a girl up until she’s horny enough to put out, I want to help you make a difference. 

Where should you take her?

From movies, dinners, baseball games and hiking trips, there are literally thousands of possibilities when it comes to first date ideas. And if you do a Google search for ‘top 10 first date ideas’ and you’ll come across a hundred different articles that will tell you about the pros and cons of each of these ideas.

But I’m here to tell you that where you take a girl on a date doesn’t matter as much as what you do while on it. You see, most women couldn’t care less if you take them to a cozy Italian restaurant hidden or a walk on the beach. What matters to them is that they have fun. 

Having fun 

Every time a guy texts a girl saying “What you up to on Friday night? Let’s hang out at my cousin’s party,” a little bit of romance in this world dies, along with that girl’s hopes of ever finding a man who’s sexy, adventurous and romantic. You see, women want to be taken out on dates that involve fun, romance and passion. They want a guy that will take them on dates that they can boast to their friends about. 

So focus on being that guy and by making your dates fun and adventurous. And this isn’t as hard as it sounds. Instead of just taking her out for a clichéd walk on the beach, carry a camera with you and start taking funny pictures of yourself and the people around you. And once you’re done, move things back to 
your place to evaluate your photo skills together. You get the picture?

Setting up a second date

Setting up a second date is almost like setting up the first. It all comes down to interest and intention. If things have gone well during your first date and the girl has had fun with you, chances are she’ll be dying for a repeat performance. And as the man, it is your job to make your intentions clear and let her know 
exactly which direction you want your relationship to progress. 

A little tip though, it’s always a great idea to introduce a bit of tension here. So tell her that you would like to see her again and there’s something that you’d love to go check out with her. But don’t tell her what. If you’ve played things right so far, this will drive her mad with curiosity and make her fall for you 
even harder. 

I hope you guys keep up and keep trying out the things that I teach you through these articles. Because in next week’s installment I want to touch on a topic that a lot of guys seem to have trouble with – getting intimate on a first date. Until then!

Tony Laroche
Tony Laroche

Tony Laroche made a career out of getting INSIDE men’s minds. Since he only uses his hypnosis skills for good, he decided to help guys cure their inner game issues.Tony is delivering solid inner game advice to you in a soothing manner in which your brain will be able to better absorb it and put it into action immediately.

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