When exactly do you introduce a sexual vibe to your interactions with women? Is it halfway through your first date? Or do you do it a few minutes after you get her back to your place? Well, this might surprise you, but the answer is as soon as you meet her! Let me explain.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve taken a girl out for a date, had fun and made her laugh, and moved in for the kiss at the end of the night, only to have her reject you or, even worse, deflect you with her cheek?

A mistake that a lot of men make is that they hold back from expressing their sexual intentions, either because they are too afraid or because they feel that it would be disrespectful. Instead they stick around waiting for a signal of interest from the woman. But here’s the thing; women aren’t attracted to or turned on by guys that are too meek or unsure of themselves to express their sexuality. And they don’t have any respect for guys that hide their sexual intentions behind a secret agenda. In fact, most women find that creepy.

Creating a sexual vibe

So from here on I want you to work on creating a sexual vibe with a woman from the very beginning of your interaction. When you do this you’ll start to notice how getting her phone number and setting up a date becomes almost a routine procedure. And what’s more, you’ll see just how spiced up your interactions become from there onwards.

Sexual vs. sexually obsessed

When introducing a sexual vibe to your interactions with women, it is important to remember that there is a distinctive line between coming off as sexual as opposed to sexually obsessed. Men who are
obsessed with sex are usually the ones that aren’t getting any. They are like dudes lurking on the fringes, waiting to be let in to some secret club. While on the other hand, men who are having sex all the time aren’t obsessed over it. It’s just a part of their lifestyle. And this is the vibe you should project.

Find things about her that are sexy

Find something unique about a woman and tell her that you find it sexy, and I guarantee you that she will be roaring to get you out of your clothes at the first possible opportunity. Doing this will also help you overcome her anti-slut-defense mechanism, because it will reassure her that she isn’t just an easy lay. And remember, I don’t want you to fake this. The amazing thing about women is that there’s something about each and every one of them that makes them incredibly sexy.

Use tension

Sexual tension is created when there is an obstacle present between the two of you and a specific romantic outcome. For example, she could be a colleague from work or, or she could significantly older than you. And while the amateur tries to logically overcome these barriers, the experienced seducer
understands that the tension they create is essential for a passionate courtship. So the next time a woman tells you that she can’t sleep with you because she hardly knows you, tell her that she’s right, and that you would love to kiss her all over her body, but that you really want to get to know her as a
person first.

So that wraps up our three part series on first date tips. We’ve covered everything from setting up a date to making it more memorable to moving things towards a sexual outcome. I hope you internalize this knowledge and put it into practice, and I hope that it helps you enjoy a much more vibrant and fulfilling love life.

Tony Laroche
Tony Laroche

Tony Laroche made a career out of getting INSIDE men’s minds. Since he only uses his hypnosis skills for good, he decided to help guys cure their inner game issues.Tony is delivering solid inner game advice to you in a soothing manner in which your brain will be able to better absorb it and put it into action immediately.

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