Alright guys, I RARELY post FRLook up this terms, because I feel like my personal life is private and my style is difficult to understand for those who don’t really know me. But this one is worth telling, partially because there is much to be learned from this story, but also because I am just SO proud of this one. Also, keep in mind that for some odd reason I am VERY good with Hired GunLook up this terms. My last 3 girlfriends were Hired GunLook up this terms, and I connect SO deeply with bartenders regularly…it’s ridiculous!

So this one is a bartender at a bar I go to a lot. She has worked there for a few years now and she is HOT! I rarely find girls outstandingly hot, but this one makes 10s look like my grandma…she’s flawless in my eyes!

So I’m at the bar with my social circle, as usual, and I do a quick trick for her, then I start talking to her about all kinds of random bullshit and I can see her falling…you know when you can just SEE it? Well I did! Then I engage this guy at the bar into our conversation to demonstrate that I have no intentions with her, and establish what I call rock star status (obsession phase.) The guy ends up buying me a drink (ever heard of getting social proof from guys? Well this is it!) I keep talking to her and show her this neat little thing that involves the subconscious mind. Once again, she’s blown away. I go to talk to some of my friends and they can all see how she’s totally watching my every move. Then she comes to talk to me several times, and finally I just stop her in mid sentence…

Me: What is this smile you’re giving me? I’ve never seen it…what does it mean?

Her: (blushing) Well you read minds…you should know…

Me: Well I’m flattered…

Her: So what happened with your ex? Who broke up? (For all you guys who don’t understand what women say between the lines, this can roughly be translated as “Are you ready to make out with me yet, or are you thinking of your ex still?”)

Me: It doesn’t matter what happened, it just had to end. (i.e. she dumped my ass! lol)

Her: Now I’m scared! (i.e. you may not be ready for someone else…like me.)

Me: Why?

Her: Again! Read my mind.

Then I walk away. I keep going back and forth until this asshole AMOGLook up this term starts making faces behind my back when I go talk to her…jealous fuck! One of my friends tells me that this guy is making faces so I go tell him off, basically telling him to stop being an asshole. Then she comes to me and pulls me to this little dark corner to talk to me. I’m thinking if she was going to tell me off for what I said to the AMOGLook up this term, she would have told me right at the bar in front of everyone.

Her: What happened? You insulted my friend. (This is a shit test, an AFCLook up this term would apologize.)

Me: Look, I’ll be super nice to everyone until they become assholes with me, and he did. He was making faces behind my back. Now I don’t know if he’s just a jealous prick who thinks I’m hitting on you, or if I’m getting in the middle of anything, but if he has anything to say, he can say it to my face.

Her: Wow, you’re really good at knowing what people are thinking.

Me: Look, if you guys have something going on, don’t let me stand in the way.

Her: No, he’s just this random guy, I barely even know him.

Me: Thought you said he was a friend. Make up your mind.

Her: No…just some guy

Then she leans in, grabs my head, and kisses my neck,

Her: I NEVER do that.

I grab her head, graze her lips, and kiss her cheek.

Me: I NEVER do that…especially not in a bar. Then I walk away (always walk away on Hired GunLook up this terms, they can’t take it.)

We go back to the bar area and she gives me another shit test with this look like, “I’m mad at you because you were rude to those guys.”

Me: Don’t look at me like that! I judge you for being friends with assholes like that!
Her: I told you, they’re not my friends.

Me: Yeah, whatever.

I turn away. Then she starts throwing ice at me playfully to get my attention.

Me: That’s it, no more magic for you! In fact, I’m not even talking to you…you owe me a drink!
She makes me a drink…kino kinoLook up this term kino…talk talk talk…then I look at my phone and start texting, and walk out of the room.

She follows me out of the room and tells me, “That must have been an important text. You look bothered.”

Me: What makes you say that?

Her: I dunno…

Me: No, it’s just a friend of mine.

Her: Oh, I thought something else.

I pull her into me, hold her, and whisper in her ear: “You thought it was a girl, huh?”

Her: Maybe

Me: You were jealous, weren’t you?

Her: Are you reading my mind?

Me: You have NO idea.

Her: You have to stop doing that.

And then she holds on really tight….

Me: You know we’re in the middle of your bar, right?

Her: I don’t care.

Then we go back…talk talk talk kinoLook up this term kino kinoLook up this term…send in my WingLook up this terms…all is good…

End of the night…we’re leaving…I go to her, grab her…she holds on…I give her a sensual kiss on the cheek and tell her, “You know, I just want you to know that in the three years that I’ve been coming here, this is the first time I will leave and POSSIBLY think of you for more than 5 minutes.” She grabs my hand, pulls me in, and gives me a hug that translates to, “If we weren’t in my bar, we’d be making out.”

Talk talk talk…I say bye and tell her we’ll talk. She’s happy!

I will see her this Thursday. She will be buying tickets to my show next week…

Moral of the story: success isn’t measured by the kiss close, the full close, or the number close, but by the amount of progress you make and the level of game you play!

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