When I say the words ‘Dirty Sex,’ what springs to mind?

What about if I offer you the word ‘seduction’ alongside it?

It’s an area I deal with in great detail with my students. Many think that learning seduction is a step-by-step process, where first you must get good at approaching, then at conversation, then at physical escalation, and ONLY then are you ready to go for the sexual close.

In reality, the dirty sex begins the very second you become aware of her. It’s in your walk as you approach her, it’s in your presence as you lock eyes with her, your hand as you touch her, and your voice as you melt her.

People, ESPECIALLY women, follow their emotions. It is your job as the man to bring your reality with you into the interaction. The majority of women are in general very bored in their day to day lives. Yes, they may be happy to a certain extent, but because of the current state of masculinity in society, women only get their wildest sexual fantasies met in one place…their dreams.

Seduction is not words. It’s a presence, and image, and a lifestyle. You are accepting you are a man, and you choose to become her fantasy fulfiller.
In order to sweep her off her feet and grant her the kinky, dirty sex she desires, you must first accept and come to terms with the fact that EVERY woman out there has a vagina, and the majority are consistently sexually unfulfilled. They move through their world pent up with sexuality so strong that in most cases they cannot find a man strong enough to release it with.


Once you have come to grips with this fact, then you can go about granting this freedom, liberation, and release to her.
The reason I have titled this article “Get Her To Have Dirty Sex With You” is because it’s the only way to communicate their deepest sexual desire, in a glance. At this point I want you to completely remove any images of fake, emotionless pornographic images that you may be masturbating to regularly. You can indeed see the sex as dirty, if that is how you would like to express it, but be sure to realize that dirty, in this case, is not a negative description.
Instead, we shall describe this dirty sex with words such as ‘spontaneous,’ ‘passionate,’ and ‘overwhelming.’

1: Be Different

Initially, a woman will not even tolerate your interaction if you are one of the 1000 nice guy socialisers that approaches her on a weekly basis. The heading ‘be different’ is actually quite paradoxical, as by nature we are all completely unique, we are just all forcing ourselves to adapt, fit in with the crowd, and copy everyone else. What I am really saying is be your authentic self.

For example, naturally I am a very laid back, chilled ad introverted guy. I am not hugely expressive in terms of emotions, meaning I am not up and down like a yo-yo. I don’t smile or laugh if I have nothing to smile or laugh about. Society uses these “friendly smiles” as a coping mechanism, and dish out thousands of forced expressions a day. Seriously…what the fuck are you smiling at?

With this in mind, when I walk up to a woman, I am not like the previous 400 people she has interacted with. I’m not necessarily smiling, I’m so calm that one would see it as unusually calm, and this alone creates a tension which turns sexual very quickly.

When I’m interacting with a woman, my presence jolts her. I wake her up and snap her out of auto-pilot, she has no choice.

So, the message is, stop following the crowd. If you’re happy, be happy. If you’re tired, be tired. You need not impress anybody…because the rest of your surroundings has the job firmly under control.

This whole way of being says so much about you and your own self acceptance.
Be different = be authentic.

2. Be Sexual

From the get-go, you must be ok with the fact you have a penis and you want to have sex with women. You must be ok with your desires. There are many ways to get there, which I teach in depth, and I have featured in other articles, so I won’t delve into that today.

You must have complete trust in the process. You must trust that all you really need to do in order to have dirty sex with that already horny and sexually frustrated woman is to show up. That’s it. Walk over, say hi. Show up! Once you do not fuck yourself up by trying to fuck her, sex will be inevitable.
I like to differ my level of sexuality in terms of how I do it verbally. Sometimes I will be very verbally sexual, but for the most part I play heavily on innuendo, supported by ‘I’m going to eat you’ eyes, and my seductive voice.

A lot of my interacting results in consistent gasps from her, and sentences such as ‘oh my god! I can’t believe you just said that,’ combined with my ever calm, self accepting ‘meh, what are you gonna do about it’ type demeanor.

I am VERY blasé about sex. It is not taboo. It’s fact. It’s nature. It’s life. So I’m fine with expressing that.

If you want to turn on, seduce, and fuck a girl…you cannot expect to go over and talk to her about balancing your cheque book.

One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned is: a girl does not need to be 100 percent attracted to you to have dirty sex, or any type of sex for that matter, you must just get her pussy wet enough. You will be there, offering her release and freedom from that frustration.

So, focus more on learning what women are sexually aroused by. What turns her on, where does she like to be touched, where is she the most sensitive? I literally ask all the time. When they tell me, I see that as a green light, and a passive welcoming sign to begin stimulating her.

3: Be Indifferent

Not only is indifference hugely important when interacting with and seducing a woman, it is also very beneficial in how you interact with your life’s circumstances.

If you are afraid of losing every woman you are talking to by saying something possibly too forward, or stupid, etc, then you will never be able to take her all the way. You must be willing to risk it.

This includes touching her, going for the kiss, taking her home or to a random public location, how you speak to her, and what you say.

The greatest tool to help you stay indifferent to your current situation is meditation. It trains you to be in the moment, and nowhere else. This detaches you from negative ‘what if’ thought patterns, and allows you to act impulsively with her in the moment. Being present is the be all and end all to every aspect of seduction. How do you expect to make her feel sexy if you are in a state of over analytical worry, dissecting every sentence you are about to say?

4: Be Touching

Most men do not know how to touch women. I was the same, until I studied massage (which I recommend every man to do).

I see guys doing it every day, and in bars and nightclubs. I call the move ‘poke and flee.’ It consists of the guy awkwardly touching the girl somewhere like the arm or shoulder, but not with his hand, more so with his fingers in a poking motion. Once he has made contact with the skin, he releases after a millisecond and puts his hands back where he feels they belong…in his pockets.

This is NOT fucking sexy, and does nothing other than telling her “I am incredibly uncomfortable with myself, you, and the notion of us having sex. I will suck in bed.”

When you touch a woman, touch her like you actually like her, like you desire her body, her skin, her warmth. I am going to now replace the word touch…with feel.

Use your entire hand, not just your stiff fingers. Place it on her sensually, being gentle, affectionate, and also respectful if she chooses to set any boundaries.

I love and adore women, and I’m ok with that, which means it is only right that I touch them all the time to show them that. Women love being touched by a man who loves them, not a man who is trying to hide his desire and poke a woman awkwardly into bed.

Enjoy the texture of her body, the curves. There is no such thing as too direct as long as once you touch her, and you respect her response. If she removes your hand or steps back, fine, give her a while and go again, as she may just not be ready. If she says nothing, and doesn’t respond, but allows you to continue touching her, this is a GREEN LIGHT. She is passively giving you permission to continue.

I love to hold her hand for an extended period of time directly on meeting. Il simply hold it until she takes it away. Other areas I touch are her lower back, arm, wrist, neck and brushing her hair behind her ear, upper thighs, etc.

Remember that you are there to turn her on, not mind her. Your touch should become increasingly more sexual the more she passively accepts.

5: Be Organized

It does not matter where you are in terms of location, you must always be looking towards the inevitable outcome of you seducing her to the point of a sexual experience and indulgence.

For example, if you meet her on the street, be aware of where you 2 can possibly get more heated privately, whether it’s a local hotel bathroom, or a big hedge (I’m joking, but I’m also not joking).

Always know your surroundings and become as familiar as possible so you can then relax and be spontaneously in the moment of the interaction.


The above is a simple and brief outline of the most important factors to set women free sexually, become a fantasy, and give her the ‘dirty sex’ she craves.
Realize that the length of time from meet to sex, and the logistic issues are all completely based in your head, as is the rest of your life.

When you place limitations on your interaction, you are stealing from the moment’s magic. You are not allowing it to take over and seduce both of you.
“But it was during the day and we were at a tax office, there is no way I could have turned her on and had sex with her”… ok…cool…now you will go out and prove that limiting belief to be true.

Any situation in life where you can lock eyes with another human being…it’s on, right away. Be present, and do not let society’s generalized rights, wrongs, codes of conduct, and manipulated ethics stop you from sharing a beautiful sexual experience with a member of the opposite sex.
It’s why we are all here. Be selfless.

Chris Bale

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Chris Bale
Chris Bale

Chris has years of experience in many modalities of self development. He specializes in seduction/dating, lifestyle design, sexual polarity, meditation/spirituality, and also works as an energy-work practitioner (sexual energy) & medical qigong/ acupuncture practitioner , for both men AND women – reconnecting you to your sexual power and internal confidence on an intense foundational level, which is the most important; “otherwise you are simply polishing a turd”.

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