I want to talk a little about hired gun game, and how I became so good at it. For those of you who do not know, hired guns are very attractive women that businesses such as restaurants or bars hire to attract male customers. The secret to my success is actually pretty simple, I discovered some tricks to help me get started. I want to share these tricks with you now.

I have spent years trying to tackle the hired gun game, and thought I would never be able to crack it. I mean let’s be honest…hired guns is a completely different kind of approach. Have you ever frequented a restaurant to see your favorite waitress, only to get no where?

Let’s take a minute and discover why Hired Guns are require a different approach:

  • They are constantly hit on by men all day/night long.
  • They will intentionally flirt with you for the sake of a bigger tip or to convert you into a regular. Ever hear them say “come back and visit me soon”?
  • They live a completely different lifestyle than most. Bar Staff, for example, normally wake up in the afternoon and generally leave work around 4 AM. So their night begins when we are generally waking up.
  • If they have been in the industry long enough, almost nothing offends them.

I reached a point in my life, where I would frequent bars so often in my hometown developing the Decoded Dating method that I literally knew everyone. This includes all female waitress and bartenders. Most of them, would jump in my arms the second I ran through the door. I wouldn’t ever have to order a drink, it would be brought to me the second the saw me. Most of them, were good enough to know what drink to bring me depending on what mood I looked like I was in. Best of all – I never had to open a tab. Ever.

Unfortunately – although it would appear to the bar crowd that I was admired, and loved by every hired gun downtown – truth is that’s about as far as it got. On occasion I would get a few of their numbers, but I would hardly ever get a response. Most importantly, and against popular belief, I never once met up with them outside of the bars. So what was I doing wrong?

There are four quick examples proving how Hired Guns are different. So it’s obvious that game needs to be modified to work with a different breed of female. Luckily – I have cracked the hired game code.

One day, I decided to go out for an early dinner and drinks while doing some work on my laptop. It was around 3:00 and the bar & grill was dead as could be. I never even thought anything of it – I walked in, set up my laptop – ordered my drink and went to town. What happened next was mind blowing.

I, naturally, started to flirt with my waitress as she would come check on me. She was checking to see if I needed anything else a lot more than what was normal. I expected this because she had no other customers, but she could obviously see from across the room that my pitcher was still half full. So what gives?

After about the third time of her coming over she sat down at my table to talk. That’s when it hit me. She’s at work, and she’s bored. Other waitresses started coming over as well, bored looking to join the group conversation. I was really surprised when the girls who were supposed to be rolling silverware, brought it to the table next to me just so they could hang out. I was their only entertainment, and with my social skills I played my role very well.

The first thing I realized is that in the evening, I had a chance to make a hired gun love me because within our 15 second interaction I could make her laugh briefly. Unfortunately, it was hard to build deep rapport with her because we never actually got to speak. This time, I had a few hours to build ridiculous rapport with each girl as well as build massive attraction. Let’s be honest – it’s a DHV simply that I was the only male customer in the bar. How easy was that?

With bar staff living another life, they often refer to themselves as a “family.” They have their own parties, even with bar staff from other local venues, and they definitely have their own drama. The best way to begin penetrating into the confines of the family, is to go out when the bar is just opening and very slow.

Benefits to going out early:

  • Music is generally a background noise as opposed to the focus of the entertainment
  • Hired Guns are bored at work, and can validate to their boss talking with you, even sitting with you, because you are their only customer who they “Have to entertain”
  • You get to know the owner, manager, and other key players to your success when you go out. Can we say free drinks, no cover, and no line at the door?
  • Hired Guns are generally in a better mood because they just woke up a few hours prior and haven’t had the chance to have drunk guys piss them off yet.

So can you only get hired guns if you go out early? NO

I have a whole segment I teach in boot camps on getting hired guns, but in this article I just want to give you some helpful tips.

So you have her time, what’s the next step? You need to peak her interest. I had a huge realization with bringing my laptop. It was like a form of pea-cocking. It also helped allude to the fact that I was out, drinking, alone.

Let’s examine both sides:

(1) I am out alone. I play with my phone, seemingly bored. I get excited when she comes to talk to be, because I don’t have any friends. Thus I am giving her power because my entertainment is solely dependent on her visits. More-so, I am drinking…alone. It could also appear as if I don’t have a job, because I am there during typical work hours. None of these demonstrate attractive qualities they are looking for.

(2) I am out alone. I have my laptop/tablet/pen and paper. I am working on something. I not only have a job, but one that provides me the flexibility to do it over drinks (a dream job). What I am working on is a conversation piece for the hired gun, she wants to know what it is that I am doing. Now I have the power because her intrigue requires me to entertain her with my answers. I am alone – but with good reason. I am working. I can then demonstrate how passionate and driven I am about my work (attractive qualities).

Most hired guns don’t want to be in that line of work forever. Many of them, aren’t even going to college. Those that aren’t attending college, and just chose this as a line of profession will have a harder time developing a better lifestyle for themselves down the road. Most of them look to men for this solution. For example, finding someone who can support them financially so they can eventually go through school and get a good career is very appealing. Displaying these qualities subtly will also spark attraction in them.

Lastly I want to leave you with a few topics that you can most relate to with a hired gun:

  • Photography
  • Film
  • Promotional Work
  • Marketing Work
  • Pop Culture
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Tattoos

DON’T EVER bring up these topics, and if she does try to AVOID them:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Racism
  • Prejudice
  • Any topic where people are usually strongly opinionated about

So there you go. A few quick tips to help you begin bettering yourself at hired gun game. Have Fun.


Ashley is the Modern Gentleman. He never takes advantage of a woman, instead shows her the path of love and enlightenment.  He is constantly growing spiritually, mentally, and physically.  He is open to learning lessons the universe provides around him, i.e. a 4 year old boys amazement of a snow storm or a beautiful flower, or the wisdom of an 80 year old man. Ashley protects others status socially by handling awkward social situations with confidence and class.  He is punctual, and takes care of his appearance.

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