If you’re trying to meet women from the street, there’s lots of things you need to know. Daygame is a real skill and takes quite some time to really master. 

However, I thought I’d share with you THE most important tips to have success in this area.

You see, most guys who are newer don’t approach smoothly, and they scare women away.

Women are fragile – they are like timid little animals. If you approach them in a way that frazzles them – the run away! Just like antelope that spots a tiger.  There’s no conversation to be had – they just get the hell out of there!

Making a woman feel comfortable in those first few moments is THE most important thing you could ever do – because succeeding means you’ll actually end up in a real conversation where you just might connect with her, and walk away with her phone number (or better yet, an instant date!) 

Fail: And you never see the girl again. No second chances!

I’d say THE biggest mistake guys make is that they scare women away by not opening smoothly.

They do this because they start speaking to their intended lover before they’ve actually gotten her full attention. This NEVER WORKS! Either she won’t be sure you’re even talking to her and will therefore ignore you, or she’ll pretend to not realize you’re talking to her and keep walking.

Either way the result is the name. You go home alone L

This is why I always have my students get IN FRONT of a woman before you start talking.

Let me repeat that.

Not from behind.

Not on the side.

Not kind of in front but off to the side


Simply put: If there’s no EYE contact, do NOT start talking. You MUST have eye contact BEFORE you start speaking to a girl – or it just won’t work. 

Not only do I get in front of them, I wait a moment till they look right at me, and then give them a HUGE smile as I say hello.

Now I’ve got her attention and THEN the interaction begins. 

Not a moment before. 

This is super effective for many reasons:

a)   I’ve got her full attention

b)   Only a real man would dare block her way like that to meet her

c)    By seeing me SMILE she knows I’m friendly – she can relax

Do not underestimate points B or C, either. I could write a whole article on those (and I have before!) 

Most men simply lack the self belief to block a girl’s path to meet her. This shows real dominance, and powerful intent. It makes you stand apart from the weak willed men that would never attempt such a manoeuvre. This alone might get you laid.

And the final point is self evident, but lots of guys miss it – you MUST smile. If she feels you are friendly it will totally relax her and she’ll be able to overcome that urge to run away.

Follow these tips and you will drastically increase your success.

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