Jason from Day 90 Delivered talks about a key attitude that women are attracted to – indifference. Read on:

Jason: How To Be Indifferent Around Females (Makes You More Attractive)

Becoming indifferent towards the opposite sex is a very hard thing to do. Being indifferent is a valuable state of mind to have because it’s an abundance mindset. All fear you have when it comes to interacting with attractive females is gone. When you adopt the proper mindset, being attached to a successful outcome is gone. It no longer matters whether you fuck her or not, which is a liberating feeling. When men reach this level of indifference, they suddenly feel empowered – like a giant weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Indifference is beautiful.

Indifference is only achievable through two mediums: meditation and fucking a lot of girls. Though the latter is far more effective than the former for achieving an indifferent state of mind.

Although there are a few steps you can take to switch how you view females. And these actionable steps will help you be less needy when you start approaching.

Men waste so much time and energy hyperventilating about girls. Talking about the hot girls they met the night before, talking about who hooked up, who’s going to hook up, where the hot girls are, etc. Talking about how hot so and so is from their class, or at work. Enough already!

No wonder so many men can’t work up the balls to approach a stranger they find attractive. They’ve spent so many hours talking and bullshitting with their buddies about how hot girls are, they don’t even know what to say when one is nearby. All they can do is talk about it afterwards. This is just mental masturbation.

So calm your mind when the subject comes up, act cool and disinterested, even around your best buddies. Practice taking your focus off of females, and shift your outlook more into action rather than taking lofty liberties with words when you’re bullshitting your buddies.

Every guy acts like he’s a fucking player when he’s in a room full of guys. If you act disinterested in that setting, you’ll start to build a different foundation in your brain… you’ll naturally start to take girls off the pedestal, because you’ll stop thinking about how much you need them.

When you forget about girls you’ll be surprised how many opportunities will sprout up. When your buddies start doing the “she’s so hot thing,” just act like she’s not. If they say something to you like “you don’t think she’s hot dude, are you crazy??” You should respond with: “did you fuck her yet? Fuck her and then talk about hot she is, otherwise I don’t want to hear about it.”

The idea here is to channel that energy and time elsewhere. Time is better spent on making your life better as a whole. You’ll become a more interesting person as a result of it, and women will be far more attracted to you.

Which leads us to…

Getting Girls By Putting More Time Into Yourself (You Become More Attractive)

Putting time into yourself is achievable by creating a life that bleeds passion.

You need to devote an obsessive amount of time into your passion, whatever it may be, and let it embody you. Girls love a man with a sense of direction, a man that knows what he wants to do on this earth.

Focus on something different, bettering yourself and making new hobbies. Learn an instrument – read a book – try a new sport – build a business. Do anything that you love to do, if you don’t know, figure it out.

Sign up for a team sport where you’ll meet new people. Get involved in something, anything other than talking about girls. I mean really, are they really that interesting? No, it’s just your dick convincing you otherwise. So give it a rest, and put your energy into getting in shape and getting new hobbies. Because once you start fucking girls your focus will shift from pussy to something else.

Giving Girls Better Sex By Being Selfish

I’ve noticed how I treat girls in bed has gradually changed over the last few years.

When I’m fucking a girl, I do everything I want. As a result, this makes the girl very turned on. Because I’m being dominant – slapping, choking, and throwing her around. All playfully – and most girls aren’t used to this. They’re used to guys being very passive in bed, which can get the job done, but isn’t very refreshing – sex she’s never had before.

There are a few factors that come into play as to why this works for me.

I’m very comfortable when I’m having sex with new girls, no matter how attractive they are. This is because I’ve had a decent amount of experience with different types of girls. Nothing really surprises me anymore – well I guess I can’t say nothing. But I don’t get anxiety, which can affect my erection.

I have also increased the size of my penis, and how my physique looks – I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I wasn’t always this way. Everything I mention here ties directly into sexual confidence – I am sexually confident. Because of this, I just do whatever I want, and girls love it.

Learn to be indifferent around girls by focusing your attention more on other interests. Your sexual confidence is going to skyrocket every other part of your life – you’ll be more outgoing, more successful with your passions, and people will be much more attracted to you.

Clifford: This seems to be penis enlargement time – this is the second article to talk about it very recently. Both authors claim that this has worked for them – I’ve had very skeptical personal friends tell me it worked for them, so I do believe it’s possible You’ll be reading a debate about this in an upcoming newsletter, but if you have some comments on the article above (and/or on PE), please
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