Have you ever watched the Nespresso commercial with George Clooney?

Damn, that man is charismatic!

Whenever I look at one of his commercials I get a bit jealous. I am pretty confident that I have way more charisma than the average man, but next to George Clooney I have the charismatic presence of Gollum.

Next to this man, 99% of the human population feels like David who is fighting a relentless charisma battle against the great Goliath. You just can’t win, but the reason for that has absolutely nothing to do with George’s inherent ability to be a charismatic dude.

He didn’t just come out of his mother’s womb and was one of the most charismatic people on earth. He is an actor who practiced the art of acting for decades. Due to the fact that I once took acting classes (don’t ask), I know that appearing charismatic is something that actors practice over and over again.

Yes, being charismatic is something that can be learned and just like George Clooney learned to become a charismatic actor, you can learn how to become a charismatic seducer.

But it gets even better than that. You don’t have to survive hours upon hours of acting classes to get to a level that allows you to attract women effortlessly with your charisma. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps that improve the way you affect the women you interact with.

The Underlying Principle of Charisma

But before I show you exactly what you have to do in order to become more charismatic than your competitors, I want you to understand the underlying principle of charisma. I want you to understand what charisma really is and what it’s not.

When most people hear the word charisma they think about some God given gift that only the special among us can have. They imagine a man, usually in a black suit and in front of a Ferrari (thanks advertising industry!) who has something that all the other men don’t have.

Usually, this guy is an incredibly handsome man with muscles to kill with and a face to die for.

Oh, and he is rich. Did I mention the Ferrari?

But is that really what charisma is all about?

Charisma has nothing to do with how handsome you are, or how rich you are. Those two components are irrelevant. The most charismatic man I’ve ever seen was a bald guy with a beer belly who taught me how to talk to the beautiful women in Thailand without disrespecting their dating culture.

The only reason why you see more handsome charismatic men than ugly charismatic men is because the ugly men are afraid to do one thing.

They are afraid to own the room.

The Step-By-Step Guide to More Charisma

That’s what true charisma is all about. It’s about owning the room. It’s about having the ability to step into a room and to force the women in this room to turn their heads.

This requires a few specific skills that you are going to learn right here and right now.

Walk like a Winner

You can take me to a big shopping street and point at different guys. I am 100% sure that I can tell you if one of the guys feels like a loser or like a winner. The only thing I have to look at is the way they walk. That’s really the only information I need.

A man who feels like a winner walks with big steps. He doesn’t linger, but he walks in a calm and relaxed way. He has no need to hurry and he walks with his head held high.

A man who feels like a loser walks with small steps. You can see that he is in a hurry. All he wants is to appear busy, so that nobody bothers him. He walks with a lowered head.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which of those two walking styles allows you to own the room.

Smile As If You Won the Lottery

One aspect that defines how charismatic you appear to other people is your attitude towards the world. In other words, an optimistic person appears ten times more charismatic than a person who is extremely pessimistic.

The one thing that makes George Clooney so freaking charismatic is his shining smile. He has a smile that makes a woman’s heart melt. With the right mindset and the right attitude (and the right dentist), you can also have a captivating smile.

Just smile as if you won the lottery and people will actually believe that you won the lottery. A man who smiles like the world is a wonderful place sends out such a positive energy, that the women in his presence want to be a part of his wonderful world.

Embrace the Present Moment

I have some bad news for all the smartphone addicts: You can’t really own the room without knowing what’s happening in the room. You can’t expect to attract women with your presence when you are not even able to be present in the moment.

The one thing that costs you the most charisma points is your inability to embrace the present moment. I know that you have difficulties with that. Everyone has, especially when you don’t practice meditation or yoga.

Thanks to our hyper connected world, we become more and more disconnected with ourselves and the people around us. Unfortunately, this state of mind won’t allow you to appear charismatic. In order to be more charismatic, you need to be in the present moment and nowhere else.

Once you are able to do that, women will automatically set their eyes on you. You will be one of the few guys who are actually able to embrace the present moment.

Control Your Emotional State

One extremely important aspect of being charismatic is your ability to control your emotional state. I already told you that smiling, walking like a winner and embracing the present moment are all important skills of a charismatic man. While that is true, you won’t be able to do any of those things without the ability to control your emotions.

I mean, let’s be honest. Life is not always rainbows and unicorns. You will have shitty days in your life. That’s inevitable. However, just because your dog pooped on your shoes doesn’t mean that your charisma has to go down the tubes.

You can still be charismatic, even though you just want to hide in your basement and wait until the month is over. But you can only do this with emotional state control.

All it takes to reach a level where you are able to control your emotional state is deliberate practice. Whenever you feel down you can analyze your current emotion and think about what you have to do in order to feel better. No matter if it’s thinking about your last vacation, remembering the last time you had sex or simply smiling…do it.

The more you practice this, the easier it will become for you to control your emotional state and to be charismatic in every possible situation.

Sebastian Harris
Sebastian Harris

I have always been afraid of the unknown but now I wasn’t afraid anymore. I travelled to the USA, Thailand, England, Spain, France, the Philippines, Norway and Poland. Along the way I seduced women who were amazing in every aspect.

I left my small hometown behind me, only with a bag and a head full of crazy dreams. I got lost in London, fell in Love in Warsaw, nearly died in Manila and found myself in Bangkok.

Now I am determined to do everything in my power, that my dreams won’t just remain dreams…

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