This article is for anyone who wishes to master the art of seduction, the art of success, selling, business, martial arts or anything else.

Have you ever read a great tip or philosophy that made lots of sense, just to read or hear another conflicting tip right after ? If you listen to the ideas of 5 experts, 10 friends, your family, television and teachers, you know what I’m talking about. Even if you only listen to the 3 best experts, their ideas will often conflict and you’ll end up going back and forth without knowing where to go.

To keep your sanity and accelerate your progress in whatever you want to achieve, it is essential to filter everything you read, hear and see. I will show you how to do this.

All ideas, be they the art of seduction, the art of success or business, can be broken down in 2 categories: getting or giving.

First, let’s talk about ideas coming from a mentality of scarcity and getting from others. That’s the clear majority of people and ideas: getting girls, getting love, getting validation, getting money, getting sales, getting, getting, getting. Maybe 95% of tips and ideas fall into this category. Some techniques are really good and, unfortunately, will bring some success. I say unfortunately because you’ll end up trying and trying to have that occasional success again. You’ll realize that:

1) It’s a numbers game and results are inconsistent.
2) No matter how much success you have, you never have enough.
3) It is way too much work.

My recommendation is to identify these tips, tricks and techniques and to ignore them.

Secondly, let’s talk about ideas coming from a mentality of abundance and giving to others. Giving love, giving security, giving recognition, giving ideas, giving experiences, giving wisdom. But you can’t give what you don’t have within yourself. Very few experts teach this state of mind because:

1) It is counter intuitive to get a relationship or money by stopping the need for it.
2) It requires changing at the core, and most people identify themselves by their issues.

When you find ideas in that category, take everything you can from it while making sure to filter it properly. No matter whom you listen to, don’t take anything for granted; take what feels right for you.

Let’s take these concepts of abundance and break them down in 2 other categories: learning vs. becoming aware.

To understand the difference, think about when you were a kid and learning to ride a bicycle. Were you learning to ride, or becoming aware of how to ride ? You could spend weeks reading a book about how to ride a bike, how to hold your back, how to place your hands, how to turn and how to brake. You’d get on the bike and fall down ! Why ? Because you learned the techniques to ride but hadn’t become aware of how to do it. You’d fall down until you became aware of your body, balance, and mobility. Then, you could be off the bicycle and try again 40 years later; you’d still be able to ride ! Once you become aware of something, it’s permanent. That’s the difference.

First, let’s look at learning. When you go to school, you have to remember a whole bunch of stuff that you mostly forget right after the exam. Nobody really shows you how to understand the fundamental truth behind what you learn. Nobody tells you to filter what you take in and what you reject. Nobody tells you to follow your gut feelings. In school, you learn conformity to fill the job market’s demand. When you learn a job, you’re taught steps to follow to achieve a certain result, but your teacher gets angry when you get off track and start wondering about the whys.

Now let’s look at another approach I have heard from only 2 people in my entire life: becoming aware. You reject all misconceptions in your mind, especially about relationships, money and God. You forget the intellectual thinking and clear your mind. You seek to understand the truth behind the tips and ideas and you follow your intuition. You get on a bike and become aware of your body balance. You go in the water and become aware of how to float on an emotional level. You learn a job and are not bound to any fixed procedures; you understand the concepts, think “outside the box” and figure out a way to do the work more effectively than anyone else. You learn about the art of seduction and really become aware of the simple, natural mating process, which is covered by tons of social programming. You can only change what you’re aware of, and when you become aware of fundamental principles, everything becomes easy, simple and consistent.

Back to our main subject of filtering information. What should we do with all this ? Out of techniques coming from a mentality of abundance, some will be about learning, some will be about becoming aware, and some will be a mix of both.

Here’s a good way to filter it all.

1) Forget about the rules.
2) Inspire yourself from the actions.
3) Become aware of the base principles.

Always listen to your intuition as to what feels right and what feels wrong. Don’t take anything for granted, no matter whom it comes from, even from me. You know all the answers intuitively.

By being crystal clear on what ideas you stand for, your focus will be much clearer and your progress much faster. How do you pick up girls already ?


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      That was a powerful article. It feels similar to the concept of renunciation Zan Perrion covered at a summit.

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