Cliff sent me an email with a list of topics which guys want to read about and I nearly choked on my smoothie as one topic shined out at me like a glistening pussy. “How to get girls wet,” and this brought back an incident from about a month ago. I knew that shit happened to me for a reason, but Cliff’s email made it clear to me what the reason was. Life wanted to give me some material derived from personal experience to write this article with. I had clear instructions from above to choose this topic from Cliff’s email. How to get girls wet is the male equivalent of “How to get guys hard.” A girl would probably say, “um, rub it, caress it, suck it!” You’ll find the answer in this article.

Until last month, I had never really thought about this subject. Girls just get wet naturally, we talk, touch, kiss, if all else fails, some eye gazing, a few loving words into her ear and gentle kisses on her neck got her ready for sex. That was until I met Sophie, a seasoned lap dancer who had her own thriving real estate business. We met professionally, I took her out for a Thai dinner and she invited me back to her place for some coffee. My God, what an apartment. Immaculately furnished, bright and fully kitted out with all the latest gadgets. It doubled as a photo studio as she was constantly getting new photos taken for marketing purposes. We had a nice, fresh coffee, looked at her modelling portfolio, kissed on her couch, I removed her shoes as I love massaging a girl’s feet, especially after she’s had a long, hard day, I just love pressing her pressure points. Being an avid foot aficionado, I never let up an opportunity to explore a woman’s toes, discover what colour of polish she is wearing, the scent of female sweat mixed with the material of the shoes and how well are arches are heels are formed. I then lifted her up and carried her to her bedroom. I should have seen the signs, she wasn’t flushing, or gasping as girls usually do at this stage. She wasn’t even giggling, it was as if this was mechanical for her. The hard erection I had on the couch was subsiding, but I didn’t give it any thought.

Her bedroom walls were covered with semi-naked photos of her, and she showed me her drawer of sex toys, dildos of every shape and size. We got onto her bed, undressed to our underwear. I grinded her, I touched her vagina, and it was dry. I felt out of my comfort zone at this point, I did not anticipate this. I questioned myself whether she found me attractive, which is the same question women first ask themselves when a guy can’t get hard, and I also questioned myself if I was doing something wrong. Usually it’s just a natural, free flowing process. What the fuck was going on? My own erection was non-existent at this point.

If I could get this girl wet, I could more or less get any girl wet. So, I continued kissing her. I moved onto her neck, licked it like an ice-cream, then started kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples. She remained emotionless. A woman’s nipples are very sensitive and ladies will usually let you know if you are sucking too hard. I gave her nipples a bite and asked her if I did it too hard, she replied that it was fine. This girl wasn’t into it at all. I then took the plunge and decided to go for broke by going down on her. 20 minutes later, she was still dry. I had sucked her labia and clitoris, even darted in and out with my tongue, licked the ridge between her vagina and her anus. Her cunt was still dry. She was dry, I was soft. What was the link? My dick was obviously as polite as I was. I had to separate my emotions from the abject reality and analyze the situation. Like a bolt of clarity, everything started fitting into place. Years of meditation and reflect were not wasted, she obviously craved something tonight, and it wasn’t a good fucking. I held her in my arms and we just lay there.

As one part of my mind was focused on gently talking to her, listening to her, the other part of my mind was assessing the situation. I was not focused on fucking her, I did not ask her to get some lubrication and applying it, that would be selfish and brutish. I am a polite gentleman first and foremost, and every experience in life is sent to teach us. The following clarity flashed into my mind. She was a professional strip club dancer. No doubt, she would be working as a high class escort as well. Which means sex is, to a large extent, desensitized for her. Looking back on my own life, any time I could not get hard with a girl, her becoming anxious, asking constantly “is it me? Don’t you find me attractive?” panicking and trying to give me a blowjob whilst flaccid just got me more frustrated. Yet, after I went home, I could masturbate without any problems with a rock hard dick. What was the missing link? The aura of energy surrounding your entire body. The mind. You see, body and mind is not a separate phenomena, but it is one entity called ‘bodymind.’ Where the mind goes, the body will follow. For example, I was about to shave this morning, and I realized that I did not have any fresh razor blades left, I had to use an older one which meant that my shave would not be as close as I would like it to be. I did my best however. I then decided to play a song on YouTube. I typed in Elvis and ‘Unchained Melody 1977’ came up. Soon as I heard the emotion in his voice, goosebumps formed on my skin and my skin pores on my face stood up, the hairs which were hidden were standing up, enabling me to have a really close shave with an old razor! Where the mind goes, the body will follow.

Due to the increase in internet porn usage, I just want to quickly add at this point that this girl was desensitized to sex due to being an escort, therefore could not get wet. Similarly, we guys should not watch porn, as that will fuck up our minds and also desensitize us to sex, rendering us unable to perform when we are with a woman. That’s a topic for another article, however.

Continuing, where the mind goes, the body will follow. I started talking to her about things she liked doing, trying to figure out cues. What was clear was that she didn’t want a rampaging fuckfest, wham, bam, thank you mam. I just held her, and did not attempt to touch her sexually. I talked about my own passions, dreams, desires, ambitions, I opened up to her about my fears. This hit the fucking spot. All of a sudden, she had a man who had shown his vulnerability, and her energy changed. My sensitivity released her sensitivity, and we had a deep conversation about each other for about two hours. In my deepest, most resonant voice, I started asking her about a time when she was really excited, anticipating something she could not wait for. Her energy changed further and I could feel her goosebumps. I could now smell her getting wet, but made no attempt to touch her. Knowing she had an interest in the occult, from looking at her bookshelf, I asked her if she believed in the afterlife. I myself have had several astral experiences, so I could relate to the feeling of completely letting go and jumping into the unknown void. I asked her if she would ‘jump into the void’ with me. At this point, her breathing had changed, her smell was stronger and really pungent, and my cock was getting harder. Eventually, she started grinding herself on me, I still made no attempt to touch her, but was happy to let her take the lead. We had a great night together, and yes, she was dripping wet with love juice. This was done without touching her pussy, drawing figures of eight, or 4 times clockwise, three times anti-clockwise on her clit. Just by entering her mind.

So, the answer to the question. The best way to get a girl wet is to stop trying to penetrate her body and try penetrating the deepest recesses of her mind instead. That will be a much more satisfying experience for both of you.

Adam Rock
Adam Rock

Adam Rock is an old school player who has been there. He lost his virginity in a nightclub toilet with an older woman when he was 17, and from then on he had an abundance mentality which became the background noise in all his subsequent interactions with women. Adam was involved in the pickup community in the early days, and after a long hiatus, in which he got married and divorced, Now Adam is back. He has lived, learned and is now ready to teach his new esoteric approach.

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