Prince Charming: So on Wednesday I was in a jovial, social mood. I probably did over 50 approaches that day and hooked the vast majority in the afternoon.

I was solo and hit up a private party for artists. Talked my way past security, got a free beer, and lorded the place for a bit. When I was bouncing out, I opened the girl working the gate and her friend with “Sup !” Then did some random shit talking for like 30 seconds.

They ask what show I’m doing. I tell them I’m sort of a macabre lord of the dance sex warrior poet (credit Russel Brand. My whole game here was modeled after his style and vibe). Then I point to the girl working the gate and say “OK, you’re working, so you’re staying here,” then point to her friend and say, “and you’re coming with me on an adventure !” I then grab her hand and we skip off in an exaggerated, childish way down the street while her friend at the gate yells after my girl, calling her a whore and a slut lol.

I make a quick joke about this then start talking about Arnold and fake tans and how we are going to check out a gym. I’m physically escalating very fast. I switch from regular hand holding to having our fingers interlocked, and I start talking about the apocalypse and how we need to seize the day. I then swing her hand behind her back, and use this to stop her and turn her towards me so we are facing each other, and I go for the make out. She pulls back and resists. This is only about 90 seconds into the interaction.

I tell her that was terrible, and I point to a crack in the sidewalk 10 feet down the road in the direction we are heading. I tell her we are gonna try it again when we get there. I start another random thread off the top of my head and start walking, still holding her close, then swing her around again when we get to the crack and make out. I pull back from the make out in one second and tell her I give it like a 4/10.

Then we keep walking, talking the whole time about random stuff that pops into our heads … everything from violent shark sex where the female dies to colors that are awesome. Every time she mentions one of her female friends, I excitedly suggest a threesome tonight and come up with some extravagant plans to make it happen. Sadly, she is not bisexual, and resists all these proposals. I don’t react. I get cold at some point and start talking about how warm her cardigan sweater looks. She takes it off and gives it to me. I talk alot about our relationship. How we should have lots of kids and sell them. Vampires. Sexy leopard print.

Finally we get to the gym, and inside the building I push her up against the wall, and inside the elevator I’m just dominating her and getting in her face so our noses touch and we talk dirty, or just discuss more random stuff. But I always pull back when she tries to kiss me just to tease her and build tension.

We go up the elevator and arrange for a tour from the chick at the counter, who is getting quite interested in the sexually charged dynamic I have with my “wifey.” While dealing with this third girl, I always refer back to my girl like, “Darling, look at this,” or “Darling what do you make of this ?” blah blah blah.

A friend calls and I tell my girl to say hi to him on the phone. I get all the pricing I need and we bounce, heading back the same way. She gets cold on the way back, too, so I take one arm out of her cardigan and put her arm though it so we are both wearing it, and I say some random stuff about being conjoined twins and our incestuous love affair as we walk arm in arm. I stop at a tree and describe how I’m getting turned on by the bark and leaves, and suggest a threesome with foliage.

Her purse and cell are still with her friend at the gate, so my plan is to drop her off there then call her later in the evening to meet up. Before we get around the corner to where her friend is, I stop her and get her number and explain what the plan is. I then drop her off, and her friend calls her a slut again. I bounce to get changed and make dinner. This whole interaction was about 40 minutes.

Later on in the evening, my friend and I head back there and my girl is gone, but her friend runs up to me and is like “Who are you ?!” She tells me how her friend has been talking about me so much. We socialize and bounce.

Here is my text game that follows:

June 9th:


Me: God, every second we are apart feels like an eternity of agony. I’m nothing without you. X.
Her: Hahaha, aw, how adorably hilarious.


I call her and find out the logistics. She is at her pad with a bunch of friends. I tell her I’ll give her a call when her friends leave around 2 am. She says it will probably be later. I say ok, fine, I’ll give her until 2:30 am, and that she should relax show her friends a good time and not rush things.

12:12 AM

Me: God you’re fucking amazing, my magical angel. Like baby polar bears sliding down rainbows into pots of gold. I must see you !
Her: I’m allergic to baby polar bears.


Me: How’s the partyo, girliebutt ?
Her: Baby polar bear-less, basically. You ?


Me: Just bounced with my other platonic soul mate. Frolicking in the rain.
Her: Fuck yeah frolicking ! Kinda jealous.


Her: Heyo, crash time.
Me: What’s your address ? I’ll be there in 200s.
Her: Undisclosed location, guten nacht !
Me: Haha fuck that.
Her: I know.

Then no contact until Sunday, June 13th

I was chilling with a friend at my pad discussing phone game, and I suggested he call some chicks while I listen to give advice. He stalls, then tells me to call my numbers so he can listen. I go through my phone and realize this was a dumb idea because it’s just way too much pressure to have some dude listen and evaluate your shit haha. So I call this chick because I didn’t think she would answer the first call. I was right, and I leave a brief message at 5 pm: “Hey it’s PC, I’m in and out all day … you can try and get ahold of me.”

We then head to the park but just chill and don’t do any approaches because we are both pretty burned out from the crazy weekend.

I get back to my pad around 7 pm. Then I get a text from her.


Her: lol What ?
Me: Why don’t you come over for a glass of liquid clothing remover and a crappy movie ?
Her: Hahaha tempting, but I think I’ll have to pass.


Me: Good idea, because I don’t think I could resist you with no adult supervision around. All those tantalizing tangenilities …


Her: Haha tangenilities ? But I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t want any kind of supervision anyways.
Me: Oh stop it, you little brat. Now you got me all excited about the thought of us together with only our dirty thoughts.
Her: Haha, aw I’m sorry. I’ll be quiet then.


Me: What are you wearing ?


Her: Right now ? Low cut shirt and jeans lol But I’m currently with some girl friends, so that’s clearly why I’m dressed.


Me: You know, if I had you right now, I would pin you up against this wall so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you. Then …
Her: Goddamn I like the sound of that.


Me: I’m free after 10:43. You ?
Her: So am I.


Me: I’ll come meet you half way. Lets meet where we first met. I would gladly rock your world and show you lots of fun things in bed, but I have no expectations. I’m cool if we just have a 5 minute chat or a wonderful evening of endless pleasure.
Her: You know what ? Alright, when at ?
Me: I’ll call you in about 30 minutes when I’m ready to leave. And wear something cute so we match !
Her: Haha like what ?


Me: Little short skirt. That works for me. But just wear whatever you feel comfortable in.
Her: Hmm, well we’ll see.

I finish watching my movie and put on some pants and a shirt and give her a call. Just some quick fluff, with a voice tone conveying relaxation and comfort. I can tell by her voice she is dtf. I head out to meet her. I pass her friend from the gate, who seems to be in a daze. I say hi but she doesn’t notice me ?! Haha.

As I’m getting close, I call my girl, and we arrive almost at the same time. I give her a big hug, then take her hand and start walking back the way I came. I’m really chill, much lower energy than when I first met her, but still saying whatever pops into my head. I keep telling her to walk faster and slower.

I’m aware that her friend might still be down the street. I see a restaurant up ahead and, to avoid bumping into her friend and knowing that she is a vegetarian, I say that I don’t want to force my meat loving ways onto her, so we are gonna walk the long way around. She says it’s not necessary, but I just cut her off and tell her that’s the way it is. Then I talk about all the animals she can’t eat any more and that she must hate plants. Then about how I never walked down this street before and how I love new things.

I stop her at some point, swing her towards me and make out, then pull back, saying, “OMG what are you doing to me, stop it !” Then I keep walking, and then slam her against the wall and make out hard. I get between her legs, then pull back right away saying we need to take it slowly, and that I want to take my time with her. I stay close to her face and just lovingly look in her eyes and caress her face and hair and dodge her attempts to kiss me.

Then I keep walking, now totally arm in arm and locked at the hips. I talk about how bouncy her walk is. As we get close to my pad, I tell her we have to sneak in and be quiet because as I was leaving, I noticed that my roommate had her boyfriend over and they had been getting to the make out part of the evening. So we’ve got to be like ninjas.

We get inside and I open the fridge because I’m really hungry, but I know it’s a bad idea to waste time making food, and that it’s better to fuck her first then eat. So I take her to my room, a small room with just a bed and a bunch of dirty laundry. She tries to make out, but I push her back and tell her I’m gonna give her the grand tour. I point to one corner and tell her it’s the living room. I open my closet and tell her it’s the dungeon lol. Then I close the door and slam her against it, getting so close that every part of our bodies are touching. I make out for a second, but pull back and start caressing her body and whispering dirty talk in her ear. I say stuff like:

“Mmm you smell good. You’re bad. You’re such a bad girl, aren’t you ? You’re so beautiful, baby. You’re getting so wet, aren’t you ? Your little pussy is getting so fucking wet ! You’ve been thinking about getting fucked all day, haven’t you ? You dirty little slut. You wanna get fucked so fucking bad, don’t you ? Mmm your turning me on so much. OMG stop it. Or I’m gonna have to tear off your clothes and fuck you like the dirty little cum slut you are.”

As I say this, I’m gently caressing her and kissing and biting her neck and whispering right into her ear. I tell her to put her hands up and slowly lift her shirt up. As the shirt just gets over her head, still covering her eyes, I press my body into her hard and pin her hands above her head and make out hard, and I start pulling on her hair hard and getting more dominant with my tone. I’m calling her a slut and a whore.

Then I go back to being gentle. I take her bra off and very gently caress her breasts. Then I slam her down on my bed and we have a laugh while we try to take our shoes off. I take my time slowly undressing her. As I’m pulling down her pants, I notice her little pink lacy underwear, and I tell her how sexy it looks. I tell her I’m making sure to keep her panties on as I take off her pants so I can see how sexy her little body looks in her lacy pink underwear. Then, as I finish pulling off her pants, I do a tough man rawr and pretend to rip the pants apart and throw them across the room, and I lift her up and throw her around a bit in my bed and grind into her.

She keeps telling me to fuck her and I keep saying no, saying she has to say please. And when she does I say, “No, that wasn’t good enough, you don’t want it badly enough yet.” I keep spanking her. Finally when she is begging me to fuck her little cunt with my big cock, I tell her what wording to use, and she repeats it right after me.

I put on a condom. I tell her I don’t think it’s gonna fit, and that I’m gonna split her little pussy apart. She protests and starts to beg again. I get her to repeat over and over, “Please, master, fuck me, fuck me master …” Finally I tell her ok, but I’m only gonna fuck her with the tip. I put the tip in, holding the rest of my cock with my hand so she can’t force it in because she is trying. As her begging becomes more intense, I give her a little more of me, until finally I let go with my hand and push it in deep for one stroke, and then pull out till the very tip and do 9 shallow strokes then 2 deep, then 8 shallow then 3 deep and so on, until I’m fucking her fast hard and deep nonstop. As I’m doing this, I keep talking dirty in her ear, but my voice becomes more hypnotic and rhythmic, matching my thrusting. I say stuff like:

“Feeling so good right now, your little pussy feeling so fulfilled with that cock deep inside. All that will just build, build, build to the point where you just can’t take it any more. Penetrating your little pussy so deeply. You’re mine and you go even deeper now ! (As I say “deeper” I do a slow, deep, thrust.) Just letting go. That’s right, feeling so good, feeling wonderful. Just letting yourself go. Feeling that pleasure build inside you, stronger and stronger. More pleasure. More pleasure. That’s right. Double that, please. You deserve all this pleasure, baby. You deserve all this pleasure. And it’s just building and building and you want to cum so fucking hard, don’t you ? You want to cum all over my cock to show me what a good little girl you are. But you’re not allowed to cum until you ask for my permission and I tell you you can cum. Do you understand, baby ? That’s a good girl. Just relax. Release. Let go, baby. I’ve got you.”

Then sometimes I fuck her really hard and fast for awhile and stop talking, and then slow it way down and talk more. I’ll also get feedback from her on where in her body she feels the most pleasure, and what color that feeling is, and how it’s moving, and and if it’s pulsing or radiating or coming in waves. Then I’ll use her words to enhance it. Like I’ll say, “Ok, and if you make it bright, does the pleasure become stronger ? Ok, good, then just keep making it brighter at the rate and speed that’s most pleasurable for you, and the brighter it gets, the more pleasure you feel, and the more pleasure you feel the brighter it gets.”

Then I’ll do a bunch of energy play, where I visualize my sexual energy moving through my body and into her, and talk her through it. Or count down to orgasms, where I tell her that I’m gonna count down from 10 to one, and on one, she is gonna cum.

Also, after I have made her cum, I’ll do stuff where I fuck her really hard while I’m talking to her like this, then without warning I’ll pull out and jump off of her, holding my body above hers like I’m hovering over her. She will always try to touch me and get me back inside, but I say no touching for 5 minutes. And then I’ll keep talking and leading her to more pleasure, and often she orgasms without any physical contact, just talking her through it and setting off the anchors for her orgasm.

I don’t let her touch herself, either. It’s very important that, as you pull out and break the physical connection, you keep talking nonstop and don’t break the mental connection. She will quickly respond and start convulsing and twitching with pleasure, and this is a great way to show the girl the control you have over her body and mind. If I have good chemistry with the girl, I’ll usually get about this far with her on the first sex. The more advanced stuff I leave for later.

Anyway, I end up fucking this girl for about an hour and a half, then we just cuddle for like 10 minutes. We just lie there not saying anything, just relaxing, and I tell her, “I just like holding you like this.” Then we just laze around the bed for another 30 minutes and I start telling her all these stories from my life as she listens intently.

She tells me I’m a very good talker in a complimentary way. I tell her the key is to lower the bar for what you think is good enough to say and let it all flow out. She mentions she has work in the morning and I ask her if she is leaving tonight or sneaking out in the morning. She decides to bounce, and we get dressed and I walk her to the door.

Meet to Lay: 1 hour face to face time.
When did you first now you were attracted to me ?: I don’t know. You were so confident.
When did you first know you wanted to fuck me ?: I don’t know.
Why did you blow me off the first night ?: Because my friend ended up sleeping over.


I have been fortunate enough to have been able to present a lot of great material in the cliff’s list newsletters and now on the website that have made a significant difference in many guy’s lives.

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