Girls on vacation are always ready for adventure.


Straight to the point and more I just got back from a trip to Cuba with 4 buddies of mine. Anyways, we arrive at the hotel on the first day around 3:00. While we are in line waiting to check in I notice this girl in nice white booty shorts (HBToronto) walking around the lobby with her friend (HB2). So eventually my 4 friends get their room and while I’m waiting for mine, they go on up.

While I’m waiting for my room key, HBToronto and her friend are at the desk next to me. The girl behind the counter finally gave me an envelope with my room number on it and I took it and walked away. As soon as I turned around, the girl behind the counter told me that she hadn’t put the key inside the envelope yet. HBToronto then goes to me, “You’d probably need that”. I get my key and then start talking to her and her friend. They’ve been there for 4 days already so they tell me about what’s good and things to do and stuff like that. I then introduce myself, and they give me their names. I then go up to my room.

When I get to my room, I open the door and I realize that my room hasn’t been made yet. Kinda got me pissed off but I remembered that I saw a maid just down the hall and she would probably be doing my room soon. So I put my bathing suit on, some sunscreen and then gave my buddies’ rooms a call. None of them answer, so I decide to check out the resort. I walk around everywhere, get a feel for the place, then head to the beach. Eventually I run into my friends. We stay there for a bit then decide to head back to the room to take a nap then go eat. It’s about 5:00 now.

Once inside they head up to their rooms, and as I’m going to mine, I notice HBToronto and her friend sitting in the lobby at a table with another guy (turns out he’s actually a pretty cool guy). I head over, start talking to them, then they tell me to sit down with them. they give me some of their champagne they bought as we talk and listen to music on the iPod boombox thingy.

After a couple of songs the guy heads to his room. Soon after I then say to the girls that they should come check out my room, and they say sure. I pretty much used cocky funny and was really direct with them. I had them laughing all over the place, and strong IOI’s from HBToronto.

As we get up, HBToronto’s friend wants to get a few drinks to bring up to her room. As she goes to get the drinks, I say to HBToronto “Come to my room now, and you’ll meet up with “friend’s name” after”. She replies, “Why ? You wanna fuck ?” and I answer “Yeah”, as if it’s something that always happens to me.

So more talk like that continues and then all three of us end up going to my room. When we get inside, HBToronto lies down on my bed on her back. Some more talk, and then I get on top of her and hold her hands behind her head and then make eye contact. She says “What are you doing ?” and I respond “This is how we do things in Montreal.” Then I kissed her, and we made out for a bit. During this, her friend goes out onto the balcony. I forget exactly what was said after that but I do remember saying something like “I just bought a pack of condoms before I left, and I wanna try them out.”

We ended up going to the bathroom, she turned off the lights, took off her bikini bottom, and bent over. During it she asked how old I was because she was scared I was a lot younger than her. I told her 23 (I’m 20). After we finish, she begs me not to tell my friends and that we still have 3 more nights to do stuff. She left my room around 6:00. I ended up having sex with her 2 more times. I’ve never closed anyone in that way before and that fast, I was really surprised with how things turned out.

Throughout the week I met and approached a bunch of girls. The one thing I found to be a big sticking point of mine was that I could never really seem to build enough attraction or interest. For example, I start talking to one girl at the pool. It’s just me and her sitting down talking together. We talk mainly about the resort and what there is to do here and everything. I also find out she’s here with just her sister. We then go grab a drink together.

As we are waiting for the drink she says that she lost her sister and stuff, and wants to try calling the room. I tell her there’s a phone in the lobby. She says she’ll go. She then starts debating to herself whether she should leave her bag and clothes outside while she goes inside to call. I then tell her to bring her stuff to the other side of the pool where my group was hanging out (We were 5 guys and 3 girls before her). So she leaves her stuff with us, then goes inside to call.

Eventually she comes back 10 minutes or so later with a guy and tells me, “Thank you so much,” then walks away with him. Oh well lol. Situations like this happened a lot though. I never used any routines or anything. I’m trying to practice natural ways of attracting girls. My openers were pretty much stuff like just “Hi”, or mostly situational openers. I can never seem to build enough attraction and interest though. At least that’s what I think my problem is.

Any pointers ?

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