I’ve noticed something about a lot of instructors who teach guys questionable methods to meet and date women.

They teach control.

What do I mean by that? They want guys to believe that the way to make things happen with a woman is to control every situation.

For example, many instructors teach guys how to get a girl’s phone number, commonly known as a “#- close,” and they teach guys to get it as fast as possible.

That’s B.S. thinking.

Because at the end of the day, the sexually desirable guy that just lets things happen may get less numbers but ends up with four times as many women…and the connection that he has with these women is extremely hot.

In fact, I teach guys not to get numbers, but rather to build such a sexually charged connection during the interaction that she can’t help but give you her number without your even asking for it. This is the real way.

This goes against “community” thinking because there is a misguided belief that getting a number is the same as generating a sexually charged connection.

The “community” also teaches that women do not call guys. But I know for a fact that if you present yourself as a sexually desirable guy who has a magnetic mindset, you can give your number to a woman. Women do call and text guys day and night. This is commonplace for my students.

Another example is talking too much. It is “community” dogma to control the conversation with a girl by talking endlessly, whether you use rehearsed routines or not.

Again, B.S. thinking.

Ultimately, a woman wants to qualify herself to a man. She does not want a man qualifying himself to her, which is what most guys do when they talk too much.

Women love talking about themselves. Why should we take that away from them? Shut up and listen. Some of the hottest interactions I’ve had with women have been hour-long conversations with me saying only five words. It’s an easy way to build sexual chemistry.

Guys want a clear A-B-C road map for success with women, but I’m going to be in your face with this…it doesn’t work like that. There is no formula for interacting or communicating with women. Women are emotional beings. I don’t care how smart we think we are. For us to think we can speak rationally or logically to an emotional being is pure ignorance on our part.

But A-B-C thinking is what’s making the bankrolls of many pick up companies fat—attempting to teach guys that you can control each and every situation with either the right line or the perfect routine.

The reality is, we don’t have absolute control of anything. The way to make things happen is to let things happen.

Let it happen.

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    • Haidera

      Hey , What the Five words are And What Are you Exactly Saying……’

    • OliverKing OliverKing

      He means that he barely talked during that conversation, because women talk a lot, so sometimes it’s good just to shut up and listen.

      It’s not usually about what you say, it’s about how you act

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