Many guys think that strip clubs are a waste of time and money. However, if you follow my checklist below, the odds of sleeping with a stripper will go way up!

Checklist (does not need to be done in this order):

1. Break the “customer frame.” Don’t let her categorize you as just another customer.

2. Cement yourself as industry (tell story about any experience you have as a DJ or a promoter without bragging). Aids in “us vs. them” frame and also helps further take you out of the customer frame.

3. Tell a canned story about how strippers are your favorite type to date because they are chill and down to earth. Mention that you have dated strippers without bragging (pre-selection/social proof). I say that as a DJ I meet a lot of girls and don’t like girls getting over-protective of my profession. And I say “I’m sure you can relate” (stripper’s #1 pet peeve is guys getting jealous/bent out of shape about what they do and/or judging them).

4. Lead the conversation and don’t let her execute her canned scripts.

5. Never say that you will NOT get a private dance. Always make it ambiguous or say you will get one soon and cut thread/change topic. Making it clear that you will never get a private dance will blow out the set.

6. Set sexual frames without being creepy like other guys.

7. Don’t give her attention for her looks or give her compliments about her looks.

8. Act NORMAL. Do not be intimidated by her beauty or put her on a pedestal.

9. Constantly be steering towards the frame that the two of you should hang out at a later date. I usually frame it somewhat indirectly and say that I throw parties and I want to invite her sometime. Then I switch to direct over text. This is how i number close.

10. Make an excuse about why you are there (further keeps you out of the customer frame). I usually say that I’m there for my friend’s birthday and don’t usually come to places like this.

11. If she can’t give her number by you putting it in her phone, say that you realize she can’t give it with cameras or managers and to just write it down. If she won’t write it down, have her say it out loud and memorize it.

12. I will sometimes get a private dance to physically escalate but I do it under the frame that I feel bad for taking up so much of her time. I only get a private dance if I’ve already number closed her and set up the logistics to hang out at another time. I will talk dirty to her during the private dance. I leave the club immediately after the dance.

13. Do not be afraid to approach them rather than making them come to you.

14. Do not be afraid to merge girls into the same interaction and play them off each other.

This is coming from a guy that has slept with approximately 30 strippers. So this stuff works.



John is widely regarded as the top pickup artist and dating coach in the world. He recently hit the 500 laycount milestone. His no-bullshit approach cuts through all the noise and confusion in the seduction and dating communities, leaving a ruthlessly efficient, optimized, and effective method that is extremely repeatable and very quickly learnable.

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