Here are a few thoughts, concepts, ideas, inspirations:

1) You are in a club / bar and you start up with this attractive young lady. She starts to pull away, or is being dragged away “by her friends.” You say, “If they’re really your friends, they’ll wait a few minutes for you.”

2) Canceled date frustrations. I am sure we have all had those situations where women do not behave in the manner we expect of them when we have made a date with them, are waiting for them to return our phone call, etc.

While certainly the ideal is to create in them such a high level of interest and excitement that they are chasing you, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you did not have the opportunity to create this, or for whatever reason, you find yourself exposed to uncertainty.

The thought hit me to borrow from Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, where he suggests that we “Give them a big reputation to live up to.” In other words, you have to convey to her that you appreciate the fact that she is a mature adult who respects other people and their time, and who is responsible enough to return phone calls and keep plans. (This is before she has done anything. After is too late.) Or, if someone has to cancel plans they should call, and you are sure that she would like to be advised if there were changes happening to something she were looking forward to. I haven’t thought this one through entirely yet, but I think the idea has a lot of merit.

3) Lately, I am frequently asked, “How come you aren’t married / don’t have a serious girlfriend ?” To which I reply, “A woman has to really blow me (pause slightly and now I lower my tonality) away for me to get that interested.” This redirects the conversation immediately onto our favourite subject.

4) One of the most important things I ever realized with regard to seducing women is that you can say anything to anyone as long as you are polite enough about it. A good example is the infamous Seinfeld show about being the “Master of his Domain.” There were a lot of very clear, sexual discussions in Seinfeld, which were handled in such a polite way that they got onto prime time. Remember Elaine and the boyfriend in the band who “doesn’t ?” He did everything else, but not that. Getting a woman’s mind onto the subject of sex without being crude, rude or impolite is very effective. You appeal to her imagination while still being very respectful. I find they all love the tease when it is done this way. I will come back to this subject again, giving examples that elude me for the moment.

Comments, elaborations, ideas are greatly appreciated.


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