The road to monogamy is paved with good MLTRs.
JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn:

So what if you are a “natural PUA” and you don’t realize that you are ? You have been meeting and sleeping with all kinds of great women for the last 30 years, but all the while that was not what you wanted ?You wanted one woman. You wanted a LTR.

Born with the knowledge in my soul of the esoteric magic that a male and female can share when they make love sexually and harmonize their minds and lives together, I was driven to find one partner and make that happen.

But instead of one partner, I unconsciously manifested an unwanted “natural” PUA lifestyle that collided with Christian religious programming to not have sex until I was married … and then to stay with that one for life. “Collided” means I felt bad about being with so many women even though I loved it (and them.) I thought I should have only ever been with one girl and stayed with her from the start.

I knew that in some way this is what I wanted, but my soul was telling me clearly that I had to gain the experience of many women to have that one woman … and the experience of how to face up to the unconscious religious programming (and any other kind of unwanted programming) and release, transmute, or transform it.

No matter what efforts I made to find a partner for a LTR, I just ended up meeting more new women and developing my personal, relationship and sexual skills while thinking, “What is wrong with me ? I can’t find a partner that shares my values and knowledge of sexuality, of consciously creating reality and of living the good life magically. What is wrong with me, that I can’t find a woman to do all this growing and experiencing and sharing of life with ?”

For one thing, it never dawned on me until recently that so much of my personal growth and fun and happy living is because of being with so many women ! They are the treasures of my life, even more than all the other great stuff I do. But because I felt bad, I was not even thinking … yet … that I wanted a woman who would share not only a LTR and all of life … but also the lifestyle of meeting and being with beautiful women.

It took me decades of pushing my limits and manifesting more and more outrageous good fortune to finally come up with the idea that the one for me is a woman who loves and chooses to be committed to having a LTR relationship with me … and who herself loves the lifestyle of picking up women and having relationships with them while we search together for two who will join us in one amazing LTR.

Even after I got that idea at last, I then fell into facing my dark side and knowing that this is the right woman for me. But … how am I supposed to make that happen ?

As soon as I was honest with myself, I started having the courage to share this part of myself with women, and found them surprisingly receptive to a man who knows this about himself. I was able to finish the process of healing myself with help from my soul, my higher self, Aphrodite and Goddess and my unseen friends.

Yes, not only did I have to be honest with women about what I was looking for … but I also had to be more honest about sharing my spirituality which guided me all along.

I next had the insight (and this was very recently … just months ago) that if I totally released my conscious and long-held “searching for a LTR” frame, and switched to a never-before consciously held frame of becoming a great PUA (something I did not even know existed until a few years ago) … I believed the old frame and the new frame would somehow collide, producing outstanding results, as well as the kind of self-acceptance that is necessary for fully living, for powerful aliveness.

My goal as a PUA was to have 10 great women seriously wanting and working towards a LTR with me, and plenty of other quality women programmed into my iPhone as friends with benefits, exploring what we can do in life together. A new definition of a “ten !”

I decided to embrace what seemed to be my curse (being a “natural” while just wanting that one special woman), and take on the very opposite of what I wanted to claim my full power as a man and see where that leads me.

The result so far is that, in less than two months, I have had a tremendous increase of women in my life, exactly the way I framed it. I have not yet reached my goal, but it was practically an instantaneous surge forward in positive, joyful living, and the path to what I wanted finally seemed to be clear.

In fact, it took less than 48 hours from the time I reframed it for spectacular results to begin to occur.

I think I am a mere beginner PUA until I reach my goal. But I am really impressed with how the new frame is so promising and already bringing women who want a LTR with me … practically overnight. The quality of all my relationships has instantly improved in new ways and the quality of the new women I am attracting is increasing by leaps and bounds.

I greatly appreciate all the men who have been willing to take the challenge of developing their consciousness in relationships with women, and for all the materials and the community that I never knew about all these years. Since I found out about it, it has been steadily changing my life in ways that matter the most to me.

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