I am not sure which was the first time I met Mystery in person.  Certainly I was familiar with him from his posts on the old Mystery’s Lounge, and he contributed from time to time to the Cliff’s List Newsletter in the early years.

I think the first time may have been in a now famous bootcamp that he gave here in Montreal.  He was assisted by Style, which made this quite a desirable event to be a part of, although they both were no where near as famous as they are today  I remember that MTL-PUA and Xaneus were both on this bootcamp.  MTL-PUA went on to develop mad skills and ended up getting married and has been out of the game for a long time.  Xaneus, who Mystery described as a non-descript average guy who just took what he learned, really applied himself, and became really good (he has since been a long time Real Social Dynamics instructor, probably been with them the longest of all the instructors who are with them, with the possible exception of JLaix).

One thing that I never forgot from this bootcamp was how at the start of it Mystery went around to each of the students and, among other things (like ask them how many women they had been with), gave his comments and criticisms of what he could tell just by looking at them.  This can be a very uncomfortable experience as Erik is totally blunt and will tell it like he sees it.  When it came to my turn, he pointed out that my ears were dirty!  I was clueless and had absolutely no idea that this was the case, but I can tell you that to this day I make a definite effort to clean my ears every time I am in the shower and think of his remark each time.

I have many memories of Mystery from the many times we have seen each other.  I have seen him at some pretty dark lows (I remember one night when I was staying at the Project Hollywood Mansion how all the guys went out to The Standard, which is a well known hotel with a popular nightclub in it on Sunset Boulevard, and he was very depressed over – if I remember correctly – some girl breaking up with him.  He spent most of the night slumped in a chair wearing sunglasses in the nightclub and just being very down) and some amazing adventures.

One of the more amazing ones was once here in Montreal on a bootcamp he approached these two women who were sitting at a table by the window at a popular restaurant/bar called Cafeteria (now renamed and remodeled).  In the summer, Cafeteria removed the large picture window and people seated at tables by the window could easily talk with people walking by the restaurant.  These two women were really extraordinary – spectacularly beautiful and they looked like they were very sharp and intelligent as well.  From appearances, I don’t see women looking better than this.  Mystery approached them from the street and talked to them through the open window.  They gave his as cold a reception as you can get – pretty much ignoring him and pretty much rolling their eyes at him.  He left, then came back and re-opened them a few minutes later.  He left again, and then came back again.  After several minutes of this, he had completely turned these two around who were looking up at him, laughing, smiling and they invited him to join them at their table.  It was masterful.  I believe he took both of their phone numbers but I don’t know what happened with them afterwards.


I have been fortunate enough to have been able to present a lot of great material in the cliff’s list newsletters and now on the website that have made a significant difference in many guy’s lives.

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