A seduction in three acts, starring Mr. Montreal Madison.

Mr. Montreal Madison:

Forward: I can honestly say this is one of the most moving LRs for me. I learned so much about myself from this, as I just came off a 1 month dry spell. My dry spell was bad, and last week I went out 6 nights with no pull in sight. A make out here and there. But I’m in this for love.

During this month I did not learn new things, but rather gained a deeper understanding of the things I already knew. And a deeper understanding of old game that I had forgotten.

The weird thing about Mystery Method is that when you first learn it, you come off as a try-hard with the peacocking and routines, etc., but after you become more natural and you become an aged-natural, you start to take on the characteristics of Mystery Method all over again. Because Mystery Method was modeled after guys that were veteran naturals. So just to clarify, MM-style aspects of your game are what will eventually be a part of you.

I will also outline the lessons I learned throughout the night to help solidify the reference experiences in my mind.

Scene 1:

A few friends and I head out for some Chinese food. Tonight the plan is to go to the hottest spot on Thursday night in town. It’s like stepping into an L.A. nightclub were all the woman are bombshell 8s and up.

(Lesson 1: last week I went there alone. And stood there and gawked with my dick in my hand. I was a total chode. The environment made an impression on me, and I felt like I could not “compete: with it.” But this time around I made the decision to be as polarizing as possible. To not be who everyone else is there … to be different. I also wanted to remind myself that it’s possible that skinny, fashionable, 20 year old white girls are in to older back guys. I know that might sound silly, but we all have our limiting beliefs form social conditioning.)

We roll in the club I open a few sets. I ask a friend to choose the sets to make it fun. Some of them are ok, most of them hook and last a few minuets. But the girls are not falling into my energy and frame.


After listening to RSD Todd’s recent Mastermind, I made the decision that high status girls respond to authority frames more then low status girls—period. So everything I’m saying to girls is like, “Ya, I think your kinda cute, maybe.” I don’t say a sentence to a girl unless it furthers my goals of:

1. Making me more valuable

2. Projecting an authority frame

3. Make her comfortable

This helps to create a vacuum that she falls into.

So most of my sets look like this: open, be polarizing, establish authority, hook, chill back and wait for the girl to be receptive and start to ask me lame questions.

If she doesn’t ask me questions, I might turn to the side and just chill a bit waiting for her to reopen me, or I might throw out another small comment that establishes my authority and wait for her to take a bite at the bait. If she doesn’t bite, I move on. If she bites, I ask her logistical questions, and then lead her around the club etc.

So anyways …

I see the MMA fighter George St. Pierre. We talk. He seems frustrated trying to move through all the people in the packed club. I try to convince him the best way to get through the crowded room is to violently murder strangers. He is amused by this comment.

One crazy HB 9 Spanish girl asks me if I drive after talking 5 minutes. I’m feeling a little pressure so I lie and say yes. That was a fuck up because then she asks me if I wanna come home with her. I’m like “Durrr well I don’t drink and drive so we can take a taxi.” Then her UG friend comes and gives me evil eyes. The girls eye code each other and walk away. I spend the next 15 minutes trying to get this girl back. And I am losing badly. Badly.

(Lesson 2: it is always a challenge not to pursue a girl, because when you pursue a girl you automatically start to leak and lower you value. You cannot chase a girl and maintain value. If you chase a girl until the end of the night, she won’t like you as much as she did when she first met you. The only solution is not to try and attract her, but just stay in her presence and chill and vibe. Do not pursue, just be there in her vicinity.)

Scene 2:


I’m still running around the club with my Chinese food leftovers in my hand beasting on girls. And then I see them. Blond and red head twins. Lean and slender, dancing like how drunk girls dance. The girl I’m attracted to is dancing with a 40 year old man. He is a free drink chode, but he is being super physical, persuing that shit to the max. He pulls the blond girl over to the bar and I chat up her friend. I say, “Tell your friend to leave that fucking old disgusting man, he looks like a pedophile.” She laughs and says, “I’m trying, I’m trying !” She tries a bit, but the old dude is buying drinks. The redhead shrugs and looks over at me. I say, “Tell her I like her.” She tells the girl. The girl reacts slightly. I walk up to the blonde and say “I’m young, cool, and black, what are you doing with the creepy man? Come with me !” She agrees … I drag her to a chair and we make out.

(Lesson 3: set the frame from the beginning … it’s powerful.)

(Lesson 4: After a point, it’s not about being more “cool.” It’s about setting up situations and dynamics that help you.)

Her friend drags her away. I spend the next 20 minutes fighting guys off that are trying to prey on the girls. One cool Lebanese looking guy tries to get the read head. He’s cool. We wink at each other and decide to wing each other. He’s working the read head, and I’m working the blonde. These girls are in super party mode. It’s fucking annoying, they won’t stand still, they run up and down the stairs, dancing on couches, taking bottle shots off random dudes, doing crazy dances in hallways, they are wild. I am just trying to be the coolest man ever and hang on to them.

I get to my girl, make out more, and tell her “You can’t imagine what I wanna do to you.” She’s curious. I tell her “I want you to come home with me. You are going to lie to you friend. Tell her you are going to the bathroom and I will meet you at the coat check. You cannot tell her what I am telling you, or we are over !” She agrees to come home with me, but just then she loses her purse. We search for it until 3:45 am.

She is crying with mascara running down her face, ripping her stockings, crawling on the club floor looking for her purse, going under table cloths, asking bouncers and security. My new Lebanese wing and I try to be friendly, but this girl is working our last nerve. He tells me “I just wanna punch her in the face, bro.” Haha. He says, “Don’t worry, bro, were gonna get it.” After an hour of looking for the purse we find out it’s been brought to coat check. Yaaaaaa …

(Lesson 5: Comfort is not something you “run.” It’s a experience you create.)

We leave the clubs and the girls’ states are down. They are not horny, they are just sad, in pain, tired, and a mess. Security kicks us out because it’s way past closing time. And now every guy with a Mercedes or a Jaguar is trying to give my girl a ride home. She steps up to one of the cars with another dude and I decide fuck this. I pick her up and straddle her legs around my body and start walking. My wingman says he lives 3 streets away. He told me earlier on in the night that I could bring the girl into his bedroom. Talk about being friendly. The girls are complaining as we walk, and I just try to keep their states up and tell them we are going to celebrate because we found her purse.

We get to his place. It’s super expensive. Lobby looks like it’s made out of gold. The doorman knows what’s going on.

Scene 3:

We head upstairs to a glass wall penthouse-looking place and our host opens a 4L bottle of Grey Goose and starts to make us drinks. My girl says she doesn’t want to drink, but I encourage her to celebrate finding her purse and new iPhone 4 ! She starts telling me about how she wants so smoke and moves away from me on the couch to start dumping everything out of her purse. My wing starts talking to the redhead and I decide it’s time to isolate.

I walk behind my girl and kiss her on the neck and say, “Let’s go get a tour of the house,” and drag her to the bathroom and then bedroom. I slam the door, shut the lights off and throw her on the bed. She’s into the make out and me kissing her breasts, but not more. She stops me many times and says she can’t. But I remember clearly that she said she was interested at the club. More resistance. I try again. I’m trying to take off clothes, she says no. I say that’s cool and sit her up on the bed. Which puts her at cock level. I whip out my dick with no warning. She pauses for a second then starts sucking it like it’s a biological response or something.

(Lesson 7: No mater what a girl says, if she’s a little into you and your dick brushes against her lips, she will suck it. We are mammals, and glands of the opposite gender turn us on. It’s a fact.)

Anyway she gives great head. Top 10 in my life. I decide I wanna try again, but get more resistance to taking off her clothes. I feel something. Damn ! It’s her tampon. She’s on her period. I ask if she’s on her period. She doesn’t reply.

(Lesson 8: How dirty are you ? Pick up is about being dirty. It’s not pretty, it’s about being dirty. Can you push yourself through disgusting moments infield and push your comfort zones ? Because being infield is like a tampon. It’s bloody and messy, and if you can’t take a little blood then you shouldn’t be in this.)

I quickly whip the tampon out and we have sex … on that dude’s bed … sorry, bro.

After we finish I jump in the shower and clean up. My Lebanese wingman is still fucking his girl in the next room. Me and my girl jump back in bed. I think it’s cool, the vibe we have, the after sex chill vibe. Our conversation is light, sexual, fun, and still not needy. I wish all my pickups were like this vibe from the moment I say hi to a girl.

Anyways, it’s late, so we leave after and share a cab. She’s like a few blocks away from me. She decides to see my place and I bring her up to show her my terrace and view. After seeing my place she leaves. We kiss goodbye and she keeps asking me to hang out.

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