So, yesterday, Tuesday … everything’s chill. After understanding the different state mentalities, I was able to go from not being in state at the beginning of the day, to pretty damn in state by the end. Through meditation and affirmations, I convinced myself that I was the greatest gift to womankind. I also started walking and moving at 10% of my normal speed. This really made me feel good for some reason.

Anyway, I did some day game with interesting results. Got a semi-make out in the mall with a chick 5 minutes into the convo. She sorta freaked out and apologized after a few seconds of kissing: “I’m really sorry, I have a boyfriend …” Gave her my card and sent her on her way.

I kept the vibe going all day. After my evening class, I went home for a nap and I woke up around 12:45 AM to catch a taxi to a local club. Always kept my state up, knowing that every girl wants me and that I’m more awesome than awesome.

I get in line in front of two girls and start talking to them. They listen at first but start completely ignoring me after awhile. I pay no attention to this and keep talking to them for at least 5 minutes without them acknowledging anything I say. I’m not talking loudly or saying anything other than: “Damn you girls are really trying to impress me tonight, your game is good, etc.”

Finally I get in and I keep walking at that same super slow pace. This right away makes me feel really boss. My opener was pretty much the same every time: put my arm around the girl right away and say something about how she wants me.

This had a 100% opening rate (obviously you can’t ignore a guy who has his arm around you). I always got mega shit tested right away, but my state made me interpret everything she said as proof she wanted to fuck me that same night. The first girl giggled and giggled. I went for the kiss and she pulled away, telling me her boyfriend was in the club downstairs. I said, “Wow, that’s so fucking hot” and tried again, but she gave me the cheek.

Funny enough, right after that she was still stuck to me body-to-body. I am pretty convinced that going for the kiss is never a bad thing. It wasn’t advancing at the pace I wanted, so I bid her a wonderful night.

I went on doing this for a few more girls. Nothing would phase me. I was totally in my own reality, almost completely apart from the reality most people were in that night. One of the girls I did this to was in a group of 5 other girls. I talked to her and it was going well, but she told me she was a lesbian. By her hair and style I thought it might be true, so I talked for a bit more but didn’t go for the make out.

I told her to work on her game for next time and then went directly to one of her friends and put my arm around her instead. She was really flattered but seemed very shy. When one of her friends came to “save” her from the situation, I just put my arm around her, too (had my arms around both now), and she just excused herself giggling.

Seriously, nothing can ever go wrong. I’m just too awesome and these chicks want my cock so badly.

Unfortunately for this one (I put my arm around her and just sat there staring at her with a smirk. She giggled and said, “What ? What is it ? What ? Tell me !”), she was too shy and I didn’t get the DTF feeling. Logistics were bad, too. I tell her that she doesn’t give off that adventurous vibe tonight so I don’t feel like we’re looking for the same thing. She tells me how honest I am, and I thank her and wish her a wonderful night.

I then go to the next girl, Hbnyc, who is very cute and my type. I put my arm around her and she’s right away really flattered (like that’s all I had to do). We talk for a little bit and I go for the kiss. She resists. Talk for 2 minutes more and I try again. I get one kiss but she pulls away. She clearly wants me but is playing hard to get.

After 1 more minute of talking I decide to loosen her up on the dance floor. Maybe some grinding will get her roaring. After five minutes of hot grinding, I go for the kiss again. She backs off again (almost all my talking is either simple questions about her, or more about how badly she wants me). She tells me she’s from New York and is here for the week. I dance with her for 2 more minutes and I just tell her:

Me: I know you want to make out with me.
HBnyc: No, I just want to dance !
Me: But if you don’t make out with me, how are you expecting to get any farther ?
HBnyc: Sorry ! Not looking for anything more. If you’re looking for more, tell me and we’ll end things here.
Me: I love your attitude. Have an amazing night (smile).

So we part ways with no remorse from me. I keep doing what I was doing and I get a short make out from another chick, but she runs away right after. She went for my lips after I said, “You don’t have the balls to make out with me,” but I realized the error I made was that when she did, I kissed back instead of being unfazed. This happened right in front of HBnyc, and she saw the girl going for my lips.

I go to see HBnyc again, again with my arm around her. I go for her lips again and she tells me:

HBnyc: No, listen, I’m not interested, I don’t want a boyfriend, okay ?
Me: Hah, I don’t want to be your boyfriend … I’m planning on being single for the next 10 years at least !
HBnyc: Great !

And then she goes for my lips. I kissed back twice but right away stopped. I numb my face and my lips, just keeping them open but nothing else. She feels my “I’m irresistible” frame, which makes her hornier, and that keeps her coming back for more and more.

She’s leaning all the way in, licking my face and neck, and I just stand there with a light smile. To encourage her, though, I tell her she’s a good kisser, and later tell her that her kisses are hot, but I almost never reciprocate the kiss. She starts mounting me on my stool, licking, smooching, rubbing my dick. At some point I just stick my finger out and she starts sucking on it for like 5 minutes, looking at me with slutty eyes. I remain unfazed and keep leaning back with a smile. I just tell her: “Good girl.”

3 AM was near and I wanted to get this turkey in the oven. She came with a girlfriend who was hooking up with some dude herself. Pretty soon I tell her, “So yeah, I’m outta here in a bit … what are you up to ?” She says she’s going back to her hotel with her friend. I tell I’m going to have one last drink at my place (actually first drink, haven’t had anything all night) and that she should come. She laughs a bit but says: “I don’t know,” which means yes depending on her friend. At that point I felt it sorta depended on whether or not the guy who was gaming her friend was closing her. He seemed normal and it was going okay for him. I tell her: “Okay it’s 3 AM soon anyway, let’s grab our coats so we can avoid the coat check rush.”

Outside I tell her: “Okay let’s grab a taxi” and she’s like, “Let me just text my friend.” Everything’s good and we leave. Sex for an hour back at my place, but I pushed myself not to ejaculate.

Now I feel awesome, not at all tired (despite only getting an hour of sleep because of work) and just ready for more fun.


I have been fortunate enough to have been able to present a lot of great material in the cliff’s list newsletters and now on the website that have made a significant difference in many guy’s lives.

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