Devante: I’ve been a follower of this community since long before The Game came out. I’ve been reading and learning from David D, Mystery, Style and some of the early adopters within the community for some time now (thanks gents, you have given me hope).

I see that over the last 4 or 5 years, the entire community has exploded into vogue, and “picking up” chicks has become cool all of the sudden. Friday night at the bar I hear guys talk about “game” & “The Game.” Everyone wants to run lines, have a threesome, be alpha, neg the target, find IOIs and IODs, be cocky / funny, pull HBs … and the damn list goes on an on.

I have no issue with any of this. Geeze, it’s made my life better. Made me a more confident, savvy, centered human being.

What I regret—or rather, stand against—is when guys write up reports and say, “I was macking this gal and she had a boyfriend or husband back home, yet I continued and viola I was having sex with her 30 minutes later.”

I was saddened by this to think that people will cheat with no regard to the other human being. Further, now we have scientific evidence to justify our behavior by stating, “Oh well, men are born polygamous, and if women let two male sperm compete inside, they’ll get the best offspring with most genetic potential …”

So I asked myself, are the techniques so good they will drive people to cheat ?

Or is it that most people today have such low morals and ethics that they will cheat ?

Is the pick-up community so “self centered” that it teaches being immoral ?

Or is it an individual responsibility ?

I realized that this is a combination of all of the above. But the scariest thing for me was that I may not even be able to trust my own gal if the above is true, due to her being under sort of a “spell” by a “PUA” … oh damn …

My question is … where does that leave us ?

I have no answer !

The community which was created to free us has morphed into a monster. It’s helped more guys than “Mother Theresa” helping lepers in India. I mean, it’s helped a desperate, insecure, unsure boy to develop into a modern day man.

Then I realized it’s up to each individual to accept the “moral and ethical” responsibility to use this “great power with great caution.”

So to all of those in this community, the techniques and the community have liberated us …

Use morality when using these techniques. Don’t perpetuate negative behavior.

May you all be at peace.

Cliff’s Comment:  Thanks for the thoughtful commentary.
I for one basically agree with you, and I don’t encourage guys to go after women who are in relationships. There are a few basic principles that I try and adhere to with what gets posted on my list (e.g. I don’t want to post things about getting success with women by lying to them).

This subject is unfortunately a bit of a gray area. I had a relationship with a woman who I remember seeing (before I was introduced to her) wearing a wedding ring. The truth was that she wore it to keep guys away from her. And I am sure you probably have met women who told you they had boyfriends when they really didn’t—they had some convoluted need to find out if you wanted them badly enough to push past that barrier, or they just didn’t want to deal with another guy hitting on them.

Further, the other unfortunate reality is that a large percentage of women in relationships aren’t happy, and are very open to meeting someone (while, of course, keeping what they have until they are ready to replace it).

So while in principle going after someone else’s woman is something I personally don’t agree with, women aren’t necessarily so black and white about things, and you often need to get more information than just her often ambiguous statement that she has a boyfriend.

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