I think a lot of us despite our sincere efforts are getting entangled into the ‘web’ of monotony thus gradually drying out the essential juice of life.

We get caught into frustrating work, relationship arguments, unmet desires, not able to do 50 things we want to do or which are perpetually getting postponed despite our intensive efforts. We keep postponing ‘diving into the juice of life’ for that ‘one day’, when we are relieved of all worries, we have sorted our issues, most of our goals are met,our relationships are smooth and non-argumentative and we have gathered enough resources/assets/money. My impression is such ideal times, will never come. And we may risk postponing the ‘juice-diving-odyssey’ endlessly.

One way to start experiencing life in a parallel lane, away from all the harshness and rigors is to start developing a rocking social life and intensify our involvements in hobbies which give us pleasure.

Let’s talk briefly about creating a smashingly exciting social life. It means meeting individuals who one really likes. It’s like the coming together of awesome, positive and energy inspiring presences which culminate together, celebrate together and feel great about themselves and wish great things to people they sit and meet with. This can be a very refreshing way to start developing an authentic social life. Not a fake social life where one has to go to boring parties, nod at boring talks, politely smile at boring jokes, or meet people who have hidden-agendas which makes others uncomfortable. There are tons of such social groups.

An awesome social group is one where people come together to celebrate and have fun generally. They don’t want anything from anyone. They are not sad or pissed about anything. They genuinely like people they surround themselves with. They are not trying to be ego-jerks wanting attention of ‘how great their achievements are.’ They are also not boring people.

They have great ideas, hobbies and energy which throbs inside them. They are not seeking fake limelight, but good vibes, and they are not dull, shy or famished of ideas. They believe in comfortable-vibes and comfortable-vibes can be experienced just by someone’s presence. One doesn’t need too many words or jokes or anything to make another person comfortable.

And if such people meet and start interacting, it is likely that everyone despite their diverse experiences, passions and outlooks about life, will when come together and can be an awesome way to mingle and feel great about each other.

One idea to do this is to start with meeting 20 people in casual, no expectations, general chill out way, like in a party. And if the group feels comfortable then expand it to 40 people. (Each member brings one new friend to the group.) The male-female ratio is kept in perspective to avoid Nerdy-People-Having-Big-Bellies-Big Problems. A group should have people who lend energy, not suck energy and who are genuinely nice folks to know. Also avoiding arrogant self-proclaimed ‘divas’ is good idea. Some attractive women whom society has put too much premium on, inflating their heads in the process, such people are completely avoidable. They don’t give good vibes. All they want is people around them to notice them and blow their hollow egos which conceal their empty personalities. Good looking women are welcome, but not arrogant and zero personality women. Unless you have some ‘compassionate-shrew-tamers’ in your group…..

Right now, most of the people I meet I sense they want to meet nice people. But nobody really has any ideas or convictions to get this going. Most of them land-up meeting 5-6 people as friends that they have known for several years and see them by going to some restaurant, nightclub or inviting them somewhere.

This approach will never allow ‘cross-pollination’ of interesting people and interesting ideas. We will remain stuck in our silos busy with same 5-6 people we have known forever.

Boring, Boring, Boring.

I did one party where I invited 35 people (20 turned up, the remaining 15 gave some mundane excuses and missed out meeting great people which is their loss). The guests, I thought, were on similar wavelengths and had fun together and got along well.

Now maybe we can start something like this again.

In terms of hobbies, I have started some funky yoga experiments, and one of the experiments involve practising silent-ways for 3 months.

Which means I only speak, when I want to and what I want to, no matter how impolite it looks to another person. It cuts the crap and let the authentic stuff remain.

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