While I’m actively gaming the girls I like, I tend to randomly pull girls without any preplanning or premeditation.

Anyway, this one was giving off the vibes. In fact, I was getting the 3-some vibe, as I was with 2 girls alone in an apartment. I was confident to go for the 3-some, but once her friend left, I knew I was going to go for it.

The problems were that there was no kino in advance, and she kept sitting in a chair while I sat on a couch. The other thing was, this was a professional meeting. In my field, those lines get blurred.

She kept getting up to change the music. Finally I decided to make my bold move.

“Sit here,” I said while patting the couch and holding eye contact. This was critical. Her eyes looked at me as if to ask “Are you sure?” And my eyes answered “Yes.”

I have lost it many times at the above stage by pussy footing around the first move by almost apologizing for it as I go for it. This was critical.

Once she was one the couch, she started talking. Still no kino. I stopped her mid-sentence by saying, “Do me a favor. Finish the rest of this story after.” Then I leaned in, grabbed the back of her head and kissed her. Also critical.

Got some back and forth LMR, as she was bringing up some concerns, which I addressed perfectly. She started mentioning our social circle. “Your reputation is important to you. It is to me too.” (Credit Kermit)

She stopped me several times, putting her top back in place. Finally, I started escalating and got her with the MONEY line which is, “You can stop me anytime you want and anything that happens is completely my fault.”

Afterwards, I asked her when she was first attracted to me and she said, “When you were inside my vagina.” Hmm. Not sure about that. She confessed to be seeing someone afterwards. Ah, to be a PUA.

Other teachers have talked about “being congruent,” but that word has been used ad nauseam, and I think it’s lost a bit of its meaning. Being clear and comfortable with your intent is a good reframe.

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