Hahaha. My apartment building is special, there’s some hot chicks living in here, all dancers, strippers and waitresses. I’m working on a few at the moment, but I just realized (no racism btw) that French girls are the easiest thing in the world…I almost feel bad, like I would never consider marrying one but…

Anyway, day pick-up’s always been what I loved best. It works for me and I can get higher quality women in normal environments. I have a couple of Day2’s this week. I just realized…what I’ve been doing wrong is I’ve been way too hard and macho on some girls when all I need to do is be a little sweeter. With the BL I have, the way I dress, act, talk…I don’t really need to try hard to be a dick anymore, I already have that edge to me. Milachku also gave me an interesting comment on something I’d like to share with you guys. He said “Reward good behavior and punish bad behavior”. I used to punish everything a girl did. Now this statement is very broad, e.g

-when she turns away from you –> BAD –> You turn away
-when she asks a question about you –> GOOD –> Answer her nicely
-when she notices something specific about you –> GOOD –> Notice something nice about her
-when she shifts her body towards you –> GOOD –> Shift your BL towards her
-when she busts on you –> BAD (neg) –> Bust on her and tell her she’s not pretty enough to get away with her attitude.

The point is to watch her every move and reward the good, punish the bad.

Nuff said…

So about a two weeks ago, I’m sitting on my balcony with my mom and we see this HB walking out of the building with her garbage bags, she looks sort of lost. My mom’s like, hey Andy, this girl’s hot (later turns out she’s a waitress for a tremendously expensive restaurant, she gets paid $20/hour). I look, I’m like, ya you’re right. I then see her throw her garbage away and walk back into the building. I tell my mom not to move, I run to the staircase with a DVD (that I was pretending to return to someone so I look busy) and I open her with very leaned back and alpha BL:

Me: Haha, what the hell were you doing out there?
Her: Throwing my garbage out.
Me: Ya right (body rocking), you were just lost, stop lying to me. I was going to film you and put a video of you on YouTube!
Her: Hahaha
Me: I swear, you’re like trying to find the trash can but you’re looking at the sky. You’re weird!
Her: Hehe
Me: I’m going so craaaazy, working 4 jobs and going to school is driving me insane
Her: Really? What do you do?
Me: Tons of things, that’s a whole other story for another day
Her: Do you speak French?
Me: Haha, I just kiss French, but I don’t know you enough to do that (I move even further away from her)
Her: Haha
Me: Besides, you should only be thanking me for speaking to you in English, I’m helping you practice. Hell I should even charge you!
Her: Hahaha
Me: Look girl, you’re a weird-lil-garbage girl but I have an intuition about you.
Her: What?
Me: You seem more like an art girl than a science girl (no shit, all hot bitches are like that)
Her: Yes, exactly
Me: Listen, I gotta run now but I’d really like your opinion on what color to paint my apartment (this is a classic I use, I painted my apartment a year ago and am too lazy to paint again, but it works effectively to get them here)
Her: Haha, sure I have a design degree
Me: Good stuff, so you can probably help me out, what’s your apt.
Her: Apt. 555, but I have to go now
Me: I dunno if I should come see you, you look dangerous.
Her: Ya, haha, I’m just 110 lbs, I’m dangerous? You’re the guy haha
Me: Come here (she complies and I give her a hug). How you feel now?
Her: Better.
Me: You don’t look like a 555 tho (as I say this, I RUSH away [punish her bad behavior for saying she has to leave])
(By the way, this is a key move I did as you will later notice)
Her: Hahaha (weird look)

So I go knock on her door 4 days later. I hear she’s in there and the TV’s on. She doesn’t open. I figure, maybe it’s late and she’s scared, after all it’s a girl and they live in a different reality (they’re scared of rapists, etc.)

I wait 4 more days, I knock again. I know she’s there, she still doesn’t open. I leave. I write a little post it saying…

“Hey, it’s Andy, apt. 444, just dropped by to get that opinion from you, hope I didn’t scare you knocking on your door! Good night”

Now, in my head. I officially told myself, I’ve done my part. It’s her turn completely. I gave her my apt number, even if she doesn’t want to come knock, she can leave me a note later. She never did.

A few days later, I’m walking out of the building, she’s walking in, I just stare at the horizon and ignore the shit out of her.

A few days pass and I’m walking down the stairs, she’s coming up, we look at each other and she says “Hey”.

Me: What’s up little gangster Btw, I never got your name
Her: Not much
Me: Good stuff (I just talk about some bullshit never mentioning my note, or the 2 times I knocked – point is not to come across as needy, treat her like another guy)
Her: Bla bla
Her: But you know where I live
Me: Who cares? You’re the dangerous one, not me.
Me: What’s your name start with?
Her: M.
Me: Marjolette?
Her: Hahah wtf?
Me: (another ugly name)
Her: Haha
Me: Ok anyway, check it, I gotta go…(I rush away)
Her: (as I’m leaving)…I’m going to come visit you this week for my opinion on your apt.
Me: Ya ya, bye (said in a very careless indifferent tone)

Tonight, she knocks on my door. I’m on the phone, I tell her to come on and take her shoes off.

My place is already a DHV. She says “I love the color of your apartment”.

I DHV with my music.
I DHV with my cooking.
I DHV with my salsa.
I DHV about working in court.
I give her a mini salsa lesson.
I tell her about how I used to take Swedish massage classes. She looks at me in a way like “Aren’t you going to massage me?”

Me: Hahaha. Look at you with that lil naughty look. Please massage me Andy.
Her: haha
Me: Not now, maybe later, you really gotta deserve my massage
Her: I do.
Me: You don’t even know how to dance hahaha, and you want my special massage?
Her: But I cook really well
Me: Shit, niceee, I do too, what you cooking for me this week?!
Her: I’ll make something good and you massage me.
Me: (Pinky finger deal) You got a deal.
Her: Ya, deal.
Me: Damnnn, I so feel like a shisha right now
Her: (no reaction)
Me: You pick the flavor because I’m going to try all of them eventually anyway!
Her: Ok, plum.
Me: Nice, I’m a plum-virgin, never tried it
Her: Hahaha
Me: If the plum’s good, maybe you’ll get a lil massage
Her: I can’t now though
Me: (I completely ignore this comment and remain unaffected and go fix the shisha)

I lay down on the bed. She’s next to me. Btw, the first time I kissed her was when I danced salsa with her. I just turned her chin towards me and planted one on her.

On the bed, I’m so relaxed, I just pull her towards me and hug her. I play Ali G. I make it look spontaneous even though I play that same movie with every chick (Fuck Ali G, I’m getting tired of watching it every time I have sex).

I caress her and think about what Cliff said this week “enough romantic bullshit (which I love btw lol), go for the sex first”. I keep touching her, I kiss her a bit more, I pull back, go back in, kiss a bit more, brush my lips against hers, share shisha smoke, kiss her, move away…but I’m not getting much resistance, I’m being so smooth and calm.

I keep teasing and teasing until she eventually places my hand on her pussy. I was caressing everywhere on her body EXCEPT the actual pussy and the tits. And then she makes me grab her tits. I take my shirt off. She grabs me, she’s really kinky, uses her fingernails a lot.

I take off her pants. By the way, never take off pants first and then panties. Take it all off at once, it makes things easier. She starts touching herself (nice, that’s what I’m talkin’ about). I get the strawberry lube, rub it on her. I finger her and she fucking adores it…she’s like “Omg, you know exactly what I want, etc”….”no lady, Steve Piccus does”. LOL. Anyways guys, for the fingering action, watch his White Tiger tantra, it REALLY makes a difference to know how to stimulate a woman’s pussy.

Then I tell her “I know you love it”. I tell her “I know you want me inside of you”. She’s like “Yess”. I’m like “Not so easy” LOL. She pushes me. I stick inside her. Damn…when you make em drool for it you realize they want the cock a 1000 times more than we want pussy.

We want pussy, true. They NEED cock, fact of life.

While fucking her, I kept telling her “I can’t believe how comfortable you are with me, it’s like you’re letting yourself go and being yourself. She’s like “yeah, I know”.

After having sex, she looks at me and says “You’re my first stranger”. I’m like “You too”. She’s like, “you liar, you do this often?”. I’m like “What kinda dumb question is that, what am I gonna do with you, BRAT?”

So afterward, I lead her to the shower and tell her about my special soap (it really does smell good!). I wash her, I start playing with her pussy again. We fuck again, she gives me head.

We leave the shower. I bring her to the PC and show her funny videos.

She’s really not needy or relationshippy…no bullshit, just sex and good vibes.

She gets this phone call and tells me she’s going out tonight, she says her friends have been waiting for her for 2 hours.

She’s supposed to cook for me this week. Nice. I also asked her to show me her apartment and she said, no, not tonight. Maybe because she was leaving…maybe something hidden lol (she said it’s because it’s a fucking mess).

Btw, throughout the whole thing, I asked her for her name a couple of times, she never gave it to me.

As she left my place,
Me: Promise me something
Her: yeah?
Me: Don’t ever tell me your name
Her: Haha, it’s so cute
Me: (thinking: how cute, you just got fucked)

By the way, the reason I POSTED this particular LR is because I learned a few key things from it and I’m sure a lot of you will benefit from its content.

-Some girls just want sex and no romantic stuff.
-The power of being cocky with a big smile
-7 hour rule does not necessarily apply
-Slow is fast.

Final note: Most guys like to know what a girl’s response would be to these questions so I asked her…

Me: When was the first time you felt attracted to me and why?
Her: It was the moment you first approached me in the stairs. You were SO spontaneous and SO confident. And as you were talking to me…you just rushed away…
Me: I rushed away because I felt like we were so comfortable together and knew each other forever
Her: me too

Me: When did you first know you were going to sleep with me?
Her: When we danced salsa together. What about you? The moment you talked to me in the stairs?
Me: Haha, you wish. Actually, it was a few minutes before we had sex…I just felt like it’s so natural and it felt right to do it.

Salsa is a good DHV. However, the reason I use it is to kino escalate, I’m 100% in control while dancing, I lead her, she follows my every move, I even tell her how to breathe because she kept saying she’s “shy”…I told her I know how good looking I was and that it was making her nervous but I also knew how comfortable she feels around me and that she just needed to be herself.

I’m also into Swedish massage (I’ve taken a massotherapy class), this is also a sexual DHV.

But normally, if I want to lay the girl I am too tired to dance or too lazy to massage her, I’ll do the normal casual kino:

e.g have her sit on my lap while showing her funny videos caressing her arms while she’s next to me (done in a very non-needy and non-outcome-searching way, just incidental) hold her in my arms and breathe in her hair and ear while smoking shisha

I realize most women I’ve been with either love kissing on the neck or on the ear…her weak spot was her neck and collarbone…she’d moan like crazy….so I’d have her moan, then stop, have her moan, then stop….it’s all about the push-pull.


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