It’s been a while I haven’t written a report. After getting tons of validation from women, whether it’d them calling you, making out with you within a few minutes of meeting you or fucking you, you begin feeling that sex is probably the most normal thing there is. Just like having a meal is. Or taking a shower. Or taking a shit. We don’t think about these things twice.

But when it’s sex, at least as a newbie, I remember I used to over-analyze the entire process and the end result. Now I just explain it to women: “Most people in society are very uncomfortable with their sexuality. Most women think they’re giving sex and men think they’re getting lucky. In my world, sex isn’t something people give or get, it’s something we share”. And I make women repeat this after me.


Cliff always told me, and I couldn’t agree more: Women want sex a lot more than men. So accuse them of what you think they’re accusing you of.

Milachku told me the other unfortunate fact: 20% of men are fucking 80% of the women. Sad, but true.

Once you become comfortable with your sexuality though, you don’t go around with the same mindset of actively seeking sex. You’re masculine, comfortable within your own self, and when the occasion arises for sex, you allow it to happen as if it were a meal you were to have.

Keep in mind, that I’m currently looking for a girlfriend. I’m sick and tired quick, monkey, empty sex. I want a connection. Sorry if I sound like the little mermaid, but once people have enough ONS-s or short-term shallow relationships, they will certainly want to appreciate and enjoy something deeper.

Nevertheless, I love the art of pick-up and I will always keep my skills very sharp because I consider pick-up a valuable thing.

All right, so I’m seriously thinking of writing a book on how-to-fuck-your-neighbours (see my other reports if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) It’s gotten easier and easier. It’s gotten to the point where they get jealous of each other and some of them snap at me.

I opened this girl a few weeks ago telling her something retarded like, “Hey, I noticed you just moved in.” I busted on her telling her I hope she’s not a stripper or an escort because I’ve met too many of those. She says she’s a receptionist. I see her a few days later and ask the usual building question: “So, which side’s your apartment located?” Then, once she answers, I tell her I’m thinking of moving to her floor because my apartment’s noisy as hell because there’s a zoo living upstairs from me and a schizo under my apartment. I tell her I’d like her opinion on something. I literally take her hand and bring her to my place. I ask a useless question like, “Do you think light gray paint looks my place look masculine enough or is it a bit dark in here?” She gives me a useless answer. I tell her I want to check what the view’s like at her apartment. During this time, I’m doing a lot of playful kino (e.g. I have beach ball at my place, and I throw it on her bum, and when she asks about my peacocking book, “Why men love bitches?” I tell her not to be too nosey and I gently tap her on the back or the shoulder.)

Anyway, that evening I bump into her again and I say: “Well, why are you looking at me like you don’t know me? Isn’t the polite thing to do to invite me over for a drink, being that you just moved in?” LoL. Of course, it should be the opposite; the romance novels want the man to invite the new neighbour woman to his place.

We go to her place. More playful kino. I’m a bit cocky and when she’s offended, I give her warm hugs. This is a very effective tactic. It’s almost crucial to create contrast in the interaction (make her feel a bit sad, and then give her some love.) They can’t resist this. Sorry if I sound like a manipulative bastard. It’s not my fault, I didn’t invent female psychology. I just know how to use it to my advantage.

That evening, I am craving for validation, so I go for the kiss prematurely. She gives me the cheek. I say “You don’t like kisses?” She giggles. I say, looking her deep in the eyes “You’re right. We should only kiss if we’re both comfortable, that way the kiss will be more intense, more pleasurable, and we’ll both feel it all over.” She smiles. I completely shift the energy of the interaction to something else (I don’t want her to think all I want is to kiss her.) She has a lot of garbage on her balcony and I throw it all in the back alley. It is funny, we are both laughing.

Idea is, as long as a woman’s emotional because of a man’s actions, he’s seducing her.

I tell her a bit about my philosophies of life. Usually when I tell a woman this stuff, it’s a guaranteed close. Whether it be today or tomorrow, women realize that with me, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. My views on life are something along the lines of “Isn’t it sad how women get judged for sex but men don’t?” I then give her a definition of the word slut and how appreciated sluts should be because they’re sexually emancipated. Magically, after this speech, she starts telling me about work and upon inquiring about her job, she tells me she’s an erotic massotherapist. I ask her about what she does exactly and it goes like this:

1. 15 minutes of warm up massage
2. 15 minutes of deep massage
3. 15 minutes of Thai massage (naked body against naked body)
4. 15 minutes of hand job

Of course the idea is that you’re not judging her for what she does. Furthermore, you praise her for having found such a highly paid job and ask her if it makes her happy. If it does, you praise her further. If it doesn’t, you don’t become her therapist. That’s unattractive. Instead, you hold her in your arms and say “It’s ok, I’m sure everything will work out for you.” Women appreciate hugs WAY more than talk.

It was surprising though. When we talk about the erotic massages and the hand jobs, she told me a lot of guys are just lonely and looking for someone they can cuddle with. She tells me often they don’t even want to fuck, they just want to hold her. Damn, thank God some of us found the community.

Anyway, after hanging out with her a little bit, I tell her I had to leave. Always being the one to end interactions on a high note is a good rule. Although everything must be calibrated! Listen to your gut.

I see her a few days later downstairs, I say what’s up. I was going to the pool for a swim. I ask her what she’s doing. She’s coming back from work. I tell her to come to the pool if she wants. She agrees. Whenever you have the occasion to do something different and you can bring a girl along, DO IT.

We go to the pool, and of course I do my usual teasing. I ask her to tell me what that “thing” is in the bottom of the deep end of the pool. And upon her bending down to see what I’m talking about, I push her in, and make fun of her.

I then jump in, I hug her, because I initially pushed her in. Do you guys see how the touching escalates? It’s good old: Push, Pull!

Now we’ve gone from politically correct hand touching, to hugging, to hugging naked. We play with the ball. The idea was to have fun. I was going to have fun at the pool anyway. Luckily, she came along and we were able to double the fun!

We come back to my place…and this is where things get fucked up. We start watching a movie. My place is set-up in such a way that she HAS to sit on my bed. Otherwise, she can stand. I tell her to come closer, we hug. I kiss her cheek. I kiss her neck. I move away. A few minutes later, I kiss her again, and then we proceed to make-out. She doesn’t let me go further and she’s a crazy bitch. She bites. Hard. Yes, another one of those. Horny women that weren’t taught the concept of pain.

So I tell her that if she bites one more time, she’ll have to pay the price…and of course…tell a woman what not-to-do and it’s a guarantee that she will. She bites again.

I tell her she’s going to pay for it. I grab both her hands and if I’m arresting her (playfully of course). I say something along the lines of “You’re under arrest for biting. You have the right to be fingered. Anything you say can and will be used to finger you right now.” LOL. I pull her pants off, pure caveman style. I start fingering the shit out of her using Steve P’s yin and yang techniques, as well as Guru Master’s squirting technique. She’s going crazy. Unfortunately I have a class during the evening. So I tell her to get out in the middle of her pleasure. She’s gasping. She’ can’t believe it. I tell her “I’d fuck you more passionately than any man who has ever laid hands on you, but I really have to go. Come here.” I hug her, give her pussy a warm rub, and kick her out.

30 seconds later, she’s knocking on my door again. She says “I didn’t forget anything did I?” I say “I know why you came back”. I slide my hand into her thong again and finger her a bit more while kissing her against the door of the entrance. I tell her I will see her soon for Part II of our adventure. She smiles and leaves.

Two nights later, I get a text from her saying “I want you.” This is where I potentially fucked up. When a girl gives you a green light for sex for the first time, NEVER DECLINE HER OFFER. I did, I had a final law exam the next day. I sent her “I want you too. We’ll see each other one of these days.”

She’s angry. She’s got game.

She messages me with “Oops, I’m sorry, I messaged the wrong guy.”

I say “O…k”

She says “I swear, you’re not the kind of guy I would sleep with. I’m not even attracted to you.”

Nice. She’s justifying herself, which means I made her react. She’s pissed because she got rejected.

2 weeks pass. In the meantime, she sees me game some other girl in the hallway and she’s like, “Who’s tonight’s superstar, having fun flirting?” I love when girls AMOG, so I say, “Why don’t you come gimme a hand, she’s pretty good at flirting!” She giggles and leaves. The other neighbour I was gaming should transition into a LR soon.

I see her once last week and say hi. She’s acting cold and dismissive. I tell her I didn’t mean to hurt her when I sent her that text declining sex, I had a huge exam. She tells me it doesn’t matter, she has a boyfriend now. I tell her “I thought you had a boyfriend all along and that I felt special being the guy on the side.” She laughs but tells me I’m such an asshole lol.

Anyway, last night I was at the video store and I get this message from her (I had deleted her number.) She says, “You look cute in that black shirt and those jeans.” I can’t see where she is. I don’t show too much of a reaction to this. Besides, I was kind of pissed because another girl had flaked on me.

I walk into Subway restaurant to grab a bite. I get another message “Bon appétit.” I was cracking up because I had a stalker after my ass. I SMS her: “I just rented 5 horror movies and you’re stalking me. Crazy gal.” I eat and go back home. She calls me. She asks if I have a mold for making muffins. Useless question. I tell her I’m busy writing a business letter and that if she’s interested, she can come down and check if there’s any muffin stuff under my oven. She doesn’t show up.

I go take a shower. She knocks. I come out all wet and scream, “Whoever it is, WAIT, I’ll be there in a minute, I’m all wet.” I open the door, she comes in, she checks to see if there’s muffin molds. She says there aren’t. She says “Ok then, I guess I’ll go.” I say “Ok, peace,” completely unaffected, as if I’m writing an e-mail. She says “Bye.” But she doesn’t move, lol. I say, “Usually when someone says ‘Bye,’ they leave.” She says, “You’re kicking me out, whatever.” She leaves lol. I was soooo pissed. I had run into my ex earlier who was being bitchy and my date had flaked.

I had rented all kinds of movies and I figured that, in retrospect, I’d rather have a girl’s company than watch the movies alone. I went up and knocked on her door. She opens but doesn’t let me in. I tell that I had a few things to do but that she’s welcome to come see the movie but not to make muffins!

She comes down, we start watching the movie and I ask her for a massage. I take off my shirt and give her some grape seed oil. She tells me she has pain too. I say I’ll massage her too. When it’s time to massage her, she doesn’t let me take anything off. No escalation.

So again, I caveman. I tell her “I’m the man, I make the rules.” I take her top off, she lies down, I massage her using the techniques I learned in my Swedish massotherapy class. She’s enjoying it. She has the biggest and nicest natural breasts I’ve ever seen. I start massaging her thighs but her short is in the way. And she’s resisting. So I pull everything off at once.

I tell her to feel comfortable. The funny thing is. Women who do this kind of sexual thing for a living are more comfortable with guys and sexuality, but they’re also more resistant to sex because everyone constantly tries to fuck them. I explain this to her, and tell her to be at ease. I tell her. The only thing that counts is that we have fun. I massage her thighs and start massaging around her pussy. Just teasing her.

I get my fingers in there again, I do a bit of bowling-ball, a bit of yang, and a bit of random shit and she’s horny as fuck. I want to take a shower because I’m oily but she doesn’t want to come. I tell her to remember my rule. She follows me. She tells me I have no candles! I ask her if she does, she says yes and she brings 3 beautiful candles, with seashells and stuff! Ahhhh, women are all so cute!

She brings her tropically fragrant body gel. Smells like coconut and mangoes! We get in there, we wash each other. From there, I grab a condom, put it on and proceed to fucking the living daylights out of her. The sex was good, although I was very tired.

It’s funny because women in the sexual industry are very knowledgeable when it comes to knowing what a man’s body responds too. She knows exactly how to touch a cock. Not too gentle, not too rough. Just enough to make you want to pin her down and ravish her.

Anyway, the best part was after sex. She really opened up. She showed me all the websites of all the places she works at. It’s an amazing industry.

She’s moving into a condo soon and she showed me the girl she’s moving in with. It’s another erotic masseuse and she’s bisexual and they really like having fun together.

She was asking me to promise I’d come see her once she’s moved because her apartment is so cute. This got me thinking, if you’re in the right reality, and with the right kind of woman, sex is the most natural thing ever. So is being with a bisexual woman and having threesomes. This is the kind of girl this sort of thing happens with. Girls who don’t feel guilty having sex.

Moral of the story:

1. You don’t have to rush for sex. As long as you keep the sexual tension, she knows you’re voluntarily not escalating.

2. Don’t be offended by what a woman says. If she’s insulting, cold or mean, it only means she has her own insecurities and discomfort. She insulted me a few times but I just looked at her as if she’s socially inept.

3. It’s good to know open-minded women who have this kind of job. It opens your eyes to the game and the realities behind the society we live in.

4. Try not to decline sex. Women don’t like getting turned down for that, it took me a lot of effort to rekindle the fire.

Note: This girl’s definitely NOT girlfriend material (in case you hadn’t already noticed.) I’m going to keep her as a good friend to extend my social circle. Having a few friends like her is doorway to meeting some of Montreal’s top sluts.

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