I recently challenged myself to come up with a list of 26 lessons learned from meeting women during the day. It wasn’t easy, but I finally finished the list this morning. I was always told, “Don’t tell ‘em what you did, tell ‘em what you learned.” Therefore, here are 27 lessons I’ve learned from going out there (for years now) and meeting thousands of girls in the process.

1. You become unique.
2. It stands out in her eyes when you do it right.
3. Confidence is key not boldness.
4. The harder the situation, the more she’ll appreciate your effort.
5. Women that are walking fast are approachable.
6. The first 30 seconds to 3 minutes is the make-or-break deal.
7. If you act like it’s normal then it becomes normal.
8. “I have a boyfriend” means “If you’re a loser you will leave me alone.”
9. You can pick up a girl in almost any situation.
10. Don’t overdress.
11. If you’re introduced to her, you can get away with trying for rapport with her in the first couple of minutes.
12. You get the line “It was nice meeting you” when you stall out or start to make things uncomfortable.
13. You’ve got to get her to a full stop when she’s moving.
14. You’ve got to get her to sit down if she’s stationary.
15. You’ve got to get her to walk with you if she’s sitting down.
16. Hired gunLook up this terms are paid to be nice.
17. Have your logistics planned out.
18. Emotional Connection is the heart of day game.
19. Bitchiness lasts less than a minute if you know what you’re doing.
20. Timing is key.
21. It takes an average of 3-15 minutes to get her comfortable enough to go on an instant date with you.
22. If you see a guy with a girl, it’s highly likely they are friends.
23. It’s not weird to call her up the same day that you get her number.
24. Lower energy is appropriate most of the time.
25. You can take it slow if you’ll see her again.
26. If she’s still talking to you, then you’re doing good.

Let me ask you this …

What did you learn from going out there to meet women ?

If you can’t answer … you should be out there right now finding out the answer to my question

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