I was watching this debate raging on CliffsList a few weeks back, and I’ve had this issue with clients over the years. I myself, having a baby face, have always had to deal with this issue myself.

The biggest issue with age is not the age itself, but how you perceive it. You might not believe me, but age is only a problem if you identify it as such. Same goes for your height, your weight, your looks, etc…

All of the above mentioned insecurities are just that – insecurities, and a real man does not have time to get bogged down by insecurities. THAT is the type of man that women fight for. I’ve seen young men propositioned by married women, just as I’ve seen 50 year old grey-haired men pull 18 year old blonde stunners. I’ve seen it all and frankly, very little surprises me anymore.

The trick here is to own who you are. Beyond your age, and just in general. I talk about this extensively on my blog, but most men don’t realize that WOMEN ARE NOT AS SHALLOW AS YOU ARE. They are MORE insecure than you – even the turbo hotties. What they want is a man strong enough to handle them, a man they and their future child can lean on. How can they do that if you are obsessed over something as insignificant as your age or your height or whatever else?

You can always tell who isn’t comfortable in their own skin. I had this one guy telling me he keeps getting shit because women think he’s too old (he was like 39…). Do you think George Clooney gets in shit for being too old? I took one good look at him: He had his hair dyed bleach blonde, was wearing some dumb T-shirt, baggy jeans and skater shoes. He reminded me of the stereotypical dad in TV shows who keeps trying to be cool. Wtf?

I’ve seen young guys lie about their age to appear older and more experienced. That’s just another side to the same coin

Own who you are!!!

No one ever thought to play their strengths?

Older gentlemen: Put on a nice tailored suit, get a decent haircut and start to behave like a classy man. Think Dos Equis guy. Women in general LOVE that type of man because it signals maturity, restraint, a solid head on your shoulders and most importantly… experience.

Younger men: Do you not even realize your advantage? Most men are BORING. Most older women are BORED. I’ve been a women’s toy multiple times. I had a 40 year old ask me to “make love to me every day until I find a husband.” Play your strengths! Be the unpredictable badboy young man. All women have fantasies like that – be it!

Patrick Ananda
Patrick Ananda

Patrick is a scoundrel, rogue, vagabond and founder of the Centered Man Project. He teaches men how to overcome their social anxiety and fear of rejection, by unleashing their unshakable self-confidence.

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