Stalking! aka Phone Game

When I ask guys about their flake-outs and numbers not going anywhere, it surprises me to learn alot of guys are calling one time and leaving a message and expecting a call back. Then they will “next” a chick and call her a flake.

What is wrong with you people?

Girls don”t know how to make phone calls!

Once you get the number – continue to call until she changes her phone number!

Here are some “rules” or better, guidelines….

1. Whenever you call… do it 3 times in a row.

2. If she doesn”t answer the third time leave a generic “hi, it”s me” message. The reason being; you are the only guyin the world of course she knows who me is. “I”ll be going in and out – try to catch me – or “I”ll call u later” – that”s it.

3. Call later. Same day, next day – whatever. You don”t have to leave a message this time.

4. A few days later you can call again. Same thing 3x.

5. When you finally catch her, spike her BT (Buying Temperature) with a funny story then cut her off. I gotta do something – pay my bill, floss my cat, whatever. I”ll call you in an hour. And then don”t.

6. Repeat.
7. When you speak to her again, spike BT pitch to hang with “We should hang.” She will say “tonight?” and then you say “no, silly, geez are you fast – I”m busy… why you”re free?” and gauge if you can get her tonight. Otherwise tell her how busy you are and then ask “what about you?” When she tells you, say “I”m busy that day, but I might have a few minutes.” If she says “OK” ask “Alright… I”m gonna put aside a few minutes… but is there anything that might prevent you from making it?” Anything other than a solid NO say “That”s iffy… I”m not gonna make time unless you know for sure… Tell you what… I”ll call you later” and then don”t.

8. Repeat.
9. Once you get a solid “date” call her a few times before just to tell her what you are doing. Again call a few times until she picks up. Call her before the meet and tell her “You just got out of the shower”
a. to get her to imagine you and
b. to gauge if she is gonna flake. This keeps her “warm”

10. If you think you need to add comfort tell her some friends will be there – 2 girls and 1 guy and that she should look nice and don”t be like she always is because you”ve got an image to uphold.

11. If you can”t see yourself meeting with this chick anytime soon, call every so often just to keep her warm. If you are in constant contact, she won”t forget you. You don”t have to pitch anything, just cut her off and tell her you have something to do. Tell her you”ll call back in an hour. And then don”t.
12. Tell her the reason you are calling is you”re stuck in traffic and you want her to entertain you.

13. If she goes on to flake, tell her you are disappointed in her and that you went out of your way by hiring a limo, had flowers imported from Bolivia, hired a private chauffeur, flew a concert violinist from France to make the night special. Say this in a way that she knows your BSing and you know it but you don”t care. Also make fun at whatever excuse she gives you – you gotta go with your mom? How cute, a little momma”s girl – will she let you stay up past your bedtime for doing your chores?
14. If you finally catch her after leaving messages or calling several times – don”t tell her you called. If she asks if you have say “hmmmm it”s possible.”
15. Go back to the golden rule – call until they change their number.
Remember, a LSE (Low Self Esteem) guy will always stop calling or next a chick too soon. ALWAYS. It is a guy with brass balls that will do a routine like the above. In the phone game it is a game that the last man standing will get the lay. Really.

Work it like a cold-call (actually warm because they told you to call) business. Pick a time every day that you will work your list and do the above.
What”s funny is that you will find there is a breaking point. You will notice that at first you will be the one stalking by phone, but then there will be a point where the tables turn and she will call when she says and want to meet you.
I went through this with my friend DJ just last night. He called a girl and left a message. I coached him through it. He didn”t want to do what I said. “Isn”t that too much… I should call again?”
Had he NOT done the above, he wouldn”t have the date (my gut feeling). You gotta stalk. Call and keep calling. Walk them through the process.
After you drop off your mom.. what do you do next? Walk them through meeting you. They are like little incompetent babies that need their hand held through the whole thing. They need a big hard…. lead…
I swear under oath my friend Tony has phone numbers from 1980 – seriously. He must have 100K of them. He calls them ALL. No Joke. He gets laid almost every night.
and a guy asked me what about when you get a cell phone number and your name & number get registered on their caller ID feature?

Now if there was a FR (Field Report) and a guy said “she asked for my number instead and I gave it to her”…. we would rip him a new asshole.. right? same thing.
Would caller ID work against you? NO.
Another thought that just occurred to me. Leaving a message implies you are waiting for their call. No? So why would you? ha
I want to talk to you right now, so you can go ahead and ignore me but I”m gonna keep calling – I don”t care if it bothers you at all. And get this…. leaving several messages telling her to call you back is like giving her your number every time you see her… ha…
In fact my standard…. “Hi, it”s me… I”m in and out all day… so you can try to catch me… otherwise I”ll call you later” is sooo smooth… “Hi, it”s me – I am so confident that mobile casino I don”t even have to tell her my name… she must know who I am. That”s how fucking cool I am. “I”m in and out all day” – in and out… you mean like fucking? In and out like doing errands? “You can try to catch me” – I”m that cool that she can try… and she has to catch me? I am the catch… ha “Otherwise I”ll call you later” – I will call her. Nice.
I”m not saying call multiple times everyday. Call every few days or so. If she says don”t call or to stop – then of course stop. Although my friend Tony will say “ohhhhhhh….. so you don”t want to talk to me right now?…… ohhhhhhh….. I gotcha…. yeah…. you know what… I”m gonna call you back in 6 months… and then you”ll be ready….” and he hangs up. He really does call them in 6 months. I know that a good percentage of my closes started out with them flaking, not returning calls, etc., etc.
Same thing for my friend Tony. And the other night DJ would have got a flake too had he not done this routine.
You put alot of time into getting that phone number. What the Hell is another 30 seconds? Lets put it this way. You will close ALOT less if you are not persistent. I think we can all agree on that.

You definitely want to put most of your time into the higher payoff numbers. What Tony does is have a NO-CONTACT list. Those are the numbers that he can never reach anyone at after about a month of calling. Now with this list, he gets real creative. He notes the days and times he calls, and ups the time by 30 minutes to an hour on the following call. His theory is, there is a time when they are available.
He”ll call from random numbers, pay phones, blocked IDs, etc., etc. And knowing him he probably covers a whole 24 hour time frame with his calls.
Also, he will continue to call until they change their number. He says they give out their number when their relationship is on the rocks. Since she gave out the number the BF (boyfriend) is back in the picture, because she threatened to leave him and actually gave her number out. But now they are trying to make it work.
This trying to make it work can last a few days to a few months – according to him, which makes sense.

You don”t have to go as crazy as Tony. I definitely don”t. But if you see the girl as valuable then what have you got to lose?
There are several reasons for calling three times in a row. Just tonight I called a girl, went straight to VM (Voice Mail). Second time same thing. Third time it rang and she picked up – sometimes the cell is out of area or they are on another line.

I actually saw my friend Tony do this and have it work. Then someone did it to me. I would hear the ringing and since I”m not on top of my phone, I would let it go to VM. The second ring, I was still away from the phone. But by the third call back I was there and ready to pick it up. I wasn”t being flaky or playing games. I simply wasn”t near the phone. This happens with girls. Sometimes they are in the middle of a convo (conversation) and don”t get it right away. But a second or third call back and they are like “hold on… let me get this” and they answer. That is the reality.

Also, people near by will say “answer your phone”…lol

The question came up about what if you haven”t spoken to them in a year? And in some cases what do you do when they don”t remember you and there”s a pretty lame vibe on the call, sometimes if it has been a really long time and it appears strange that you are able to tell them where you know them from?

Unfortunately I haven”t tested anything past a couple of months. But if it goes to the ol” “where do I know you” blast right through that and not get into that thread at all. Spike the BT and then hang up. Don”t get into where you met her AT ALL. Tell her she”s still like the curious little kitten and you”re gonna give her a saucer of milk and have her sleep on your porch in a box with the name Cuddles on it. Whatever. Spike the BT and tell her you”ll call her later. If she doesn”t remember you, you can bet she does want to know who you are now that you amped her up and left her hanging for some info.

Then the question came up of telling her that you are cleaning out your phone and challenging her by asking if her number is worth keeping.

I did that a long time ago and the response I got is I got a BF which if I got that now I”d know how to handle it “Cool… so I”ll give you a call sometime” ha. I”d like to hear the results from this one. BTW it is not uncommon to have to leave between 3-5 messages before you get a call back.


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