What are two closes when you’re only improving at 1% a month ?

Mr. Montreal Madison:

It’s been a eventful week.

I’m back in the swing of things. I have been going out 4 or 5 days a week. I recently had a little bit of a dry spell and didn’t see many “results or improvement” … at least not as much as I was used to previously. But it seems to be picking up a bit.

What sucks at my stage of development is I don’t really make any noticeable improvement quickly. I make like a 1% improvement over a month of going out. Which can be frustrating, especially if I put my hours in at the dojo … aka the club. But this week I had 1 date and 3 pulls, 2 of them worth mentioning … hence this carefully crafted reenactment of events.


Monday: Pull No.1

Roll into the usual Monday palace of fun. In 5 seconds I open the first sitting 2 set with, “Where the fuck is everyone ? It’s a Monday. We could been home choding out. But we are here living it up. How awesome are we ?” I sit and have some vibe convo. One girl goes to the bathroom and I immediately start to pull in baby steps. I ask about good drink specials and the convo leads to a bar in the area. I stand up. “Drink time !” and drag her to the other bar.

We have some shots and a heart to heart bonding conversation. After about 30 minutes of being on this level, I decide to seed a pull to the bank machine to get money for food. I pull her out of the bar, and see my friend leaving with her roommate. Awkward eye contact as we briskly walk past each other as quickly as possible. My girl gets her jacket and we walk about 200 feet behind each other in the direction of the bank.

I get to the bank: “Oh, this machine is out of order, I know another one.” Off to the front door of our house. She’s like, “This is not a restaurant.” I’m like “Of course it is, I have food inside.”

We go inside. We all pour drinks. Off to the balcony for our first make out and heavy kino. I pull her to my room. Token resistance, oh … I see … after that we share a … errrrr … um … I’m trying to think of a classy way to say this, but you get the idea.


Sunday Pull No. 3

Sunday is one of those days where everything is fucking shit and you just bar hop to try to pull something together and have a little bit of luck. Hop hop hop.


We walk down the street and 2 girls walking by yell out, “Do you think it’s ok for a girl to pee in the alley ?” I resold by instantly putting my arm around her. Why ? Because that makes perfect sense to me. A little bit of deep talking while my friend talks to the friend. We all roll back to to the lounge which we just left.

I walk arm in arm with my girl and tell her we are the lords of the street and everyone is our loyal subjects. We get inside. I tell my friend, “Can you fuck the fatty bro ?” a la Jeffy Show 2. And he responds “It’s a done deal, bro.”

A little bit more slow dancing and no making out, only 4 second kisses. No grinding, just rocking back and forth like I’m putting a baby to sleep. A little sitting on the couch and talking about how awesome and epic our new terrace is, and I seed the pull. Friend extracts and we follow with a little distance after some more alone time in the bar.

Get to the house and extract to the terrace. Sit on the swing, time for the full make out. Pull to my room. Close door. LMR. Pants come off. Hymen breaks. Blood. I’m only the second guy she has been with. I’m super gentle and trying to help her savor the moment. We cuddle. Best spooning ever and talk all night. I love her.

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