As I am typing these first few words, it feels a little strange where my intention is laying. I am about to write a detailed report of how I met and fucked a girl without really doing anything noticeable, in a room full of competing and much better looking men.

For some time now, I have somewhat halted my expression of the ever holy “lay reports”. Sure, I have done many of them in the past as I was building my reputation, business, and also learning about myself and my mistakes in the process. It was education to both You the reader, & me.

So, today’s seduction report is going to be guided by the intention of showing you, that you need not do “game” to “win” a girl.

It IS to show you, how being your true, authentic, present, relaxed, and comfortable self, is intoxicating and overwhelming to the women you encounter. It is the most powerful way of being in a room full of needy desperate scavengers.

The quietest person in the room, is the strongest person in the room!

Let’s begin:

I was smack bang in the middle of coaching an awesome student by the name of Shawn. He was attending a 5 day, 1-on-1 live training program specifically designed for him, and as always it was a long day, with many break-throughs and lessons. I was drained!

At about 6pm, we made our way back to the hostel we were staying at.

I love having students stay in hostels as there is usually a copious amount of open and friendly traveling girls who are great for them to practice social and charming skills.
Today, was no different.

As we entered the main communal area, we could hear lots of new female voices emerging from one of the dorms close by.

About 10 minutes later, me and Shawn were sprawled out along the huge comfortable couch speaking of the day’s progress and epiphanies, when all of a sudden in walked 4 French girls, one of whom looked like a fucking Goddess. My chest engorged with that wonderful butterfly feeling, and so it was…I was in love.

Shawn immediately jumped up to his feet, adjusting his jacket and general body language.
This is the first tell tale sign that a man is not comfortable in living life on his own terms: he adjusted himself for the girls to appear more attractive. This comes from the weak assumption that he is not already deserving of beauty.

They walk through to the kitchen and briefly greet us both with a smile.

I am still sprawled out like a sloth on the couch, unmoving. This is coming from the mindset that I am already an amazing, unique, and sexy man who is deserving of any beauty. Just like YOU, and every other man out there. We are all born amazing! You changing yourself for ANYONE, just to impress them, is a form of huge disrespect to yourself on a deep unconscious level.

So with that being understood, I peered up at Shawn who looked like he had just taken 15 lines of Columbia’s finest, reached out and tugged his jacket saying “Down boy, breathe, stop going outside of yourself to be unattractive, be your attractive self. The tired guy on the couch. Be that guy.”

Unfortunately, this was only day 2, with serious work still needing to be done on his internal issues, so my words of grace fell by the wayside to an overly excited player.

He sat at the huge meal table, clicking himself into the most “manly” type of body language he could think of, and waited. Waited for the feminine tidal wave to join him.

His wishes were granted when the first 3 girls came out and formally introduced themselves to us, sitting down at the table.

He stood up with the world’s largest grin splashed across his face, nodding like a donkey, and shook all their hands.

I stayed in the exact same position I was glued to for the past 15 minutes. I shot them a wave and a light open smile, asking them if they wanted to buy some crystal meth off my pet monkey. They laughed, looked shocked, then laughed to release some of the “Is this guy crazy or is he just fucking with us” tension.

A few seconds later…she emerged. My Goddess.

Long rich brunette hair combined with a pale yet soft glow to her nourished skin, which so teasingly wrapped around the contours of her body. She stepped with an effortless toss of her hypnotizing hips, which lay just above an ass firm enough to bounce a Euro coin off. 1…2…1….2 repeated in my head as she moved.

It’s like time stood still, while I quickly checked in with my penis asking him “yo, Mufasa, you SEEEING THIS?”

He nodded back. He did!

She glanced my way, locking eyes, brown on blue, and I felt the gushing of my masculine energy roll through my limbs, attempting to disperse the overwhelming need to walk over, grab her, and kiss her.

I sat in it.

She smiled, ushering a slightly shy “hello” movement from her French lips.

I said nothing. Holding eye contact, I simply smirked, then brought my attention back to the TV.

I have a rule whilst teaching my students. During coaching, I am NOT allowed to talk to, charm, seduce, kiss, or sleep with women. This is because if I was to be hooking up with loads of girls and he is not, it is incredibly unfair and in no way beneficial just to see a guy be great with women. He is there for me to be focused and monitored on him at all times.
For this reason, I controlled my urges, and let him at it.

He continued to engage in deep conversation for about an hour.

After about 15 minutes, I felt as though I was being too anti-social, so in order to support him, I sat at the table opposite their full one, only about 3-4 feet away.

Of course, being the ever aware individual, I positioned myself on the same side as my Goddess.

Next thing…the night posse arrived, and the communal area was jam-packed full of about 30 people. Mostly guys from America, Italy, Germany, and other spots in South America.
We all started to have a few drinks, getting to know one another.

What immediately happens? What always happens…

The vultures arrive.

The game players. The jocks. The cool kids. The skaters. The artists. All contrastingly different in personalities, but all share the exact same underlying deficiency…they are desperately coming from a needy and desperate place trying to win the girl by doing “stuff” outside of themselves.

My Goddess, as I expected, was swamped by about 15 guys who all joined the table.
I have always been greatly interested in human interaction, and how people socialize. This instance was textbook!

It immediately became a battle. Each guy was pulling out his most awesome stories, and the funniest jokes in a desperate attempt to fill their cracked sense of self comfort, with the Goddess’s approval.

When a joke landed and she smiled, I could see the pattern in the guy’s head; “Awesome, I have got more points than Ethan now, I am closer to the vagina.”

After about an hour, I could see the effect the interactions were having on her. She was tiring, like a wounded gazelle, running from lions in the Serengeti.

Why was she getting tired? Because these poor women in general must put up with men speaking about THEMSELVES for extended periods of time, delivering their best material, in a hope they will convince her to fuck by some type of miraculous miracle.

I must state that the whole time, I did not speak one word. I simply sat there, completely unwilling to compete with anyone in a game where you are guaranteed to lose. It’s the rat-race, and it’s a mediocre place of existence.

I would catch her glance every now and then, and project my heavy sexual intent, accompanied by a knowing smirk as if to say “I can see you don’t want to be here right now.”
Another hour passed of this nonsense, until I looked at my watch….I WAS OFFICIALLY OFF THE COACHING CLOCK!!! I was free to do exactly what I had wanted to. Save her!

I stood up, calmly walked over into the middle of the group, interrupting some Swedish guy talking about dolphins, looked her in the eye, extended my hand, and said “Wanna come beat up some midgets?” with a very slight smirk.

She lit up, giggles, and responded with “Please, that sounds great.”

In the moment of her taking my hand and getting up from the seat, you could have heard a pin drop. The only sound, was the devastated man-herd collapsing.

As I walked her out of the room, one of the lions launched one last form of desperate attack, in the hopes of making me look bad (only reflecting on his deep insecurities): “I really wouldn’t trust that hairy Irish guy in a vest.”  I looked at her and confirmed it, “He’s right, you’re in trouble now,” and I swooped her out.

We went and sat outside. In the silence. I remained quiet, just looking at her with an overwhelming amount of desire, but remaining chill as always.

She broke the comfortable silence with “Mmm thank you, it’s great to get outside,” which rolled off her tongue in that sultry French accent.

I pulled out a cigarette and lit it, extending the packet offering her one.

“It must be…quite tiring…to be hit on so badly everywhere you go?” I said.

She laughed and gave the standard answer of “No, me? Not at all.”

“Cut the shit, seriously, talk to me like a human being. I could see you were getting agitated. Being physically attractive can have its down sides”, I said.

The smile went from her face and she took a deep breath, gave me a GENUINE open smile, and relaxed, moving her chair closer to me.

“I don’t mind it, but I am a friendly person, so I don’t want to be mean, you know?”

“What do you want?” I asked quietly while looking into her eyes.

She blushed and responded with “So, is this you not hitting on me?”

“I will leave you to be the judge of that.” I said.

She started to ask me about myself, and I about her, as 2 strangers do. I was endlessly curious about her background, like she was curious about my mindsets and beliefs in life.

This was becoming a very mutual seduction.

I took her hand, and guided her to sit on my lap. She did.

Her skin was so warm and soft. The front of my arm rolled along the back of hers. She closed her eyes a pressed her forehead against mine…

We kissed.



Then faster and firmer.

I held her hand and stood up with her. “I’m not sleeping with you,” she said.

“That’s fine,” I said, while walking to my room.

“Where are we going?”

“My room,” I said.

“I’m not going to fuck you,” she insisted.

“Eh, bit cocky, I haven’t asked you to sleep with me,” I said humorously.

I went into my room, letting go of her hand right at the entrance of my bedroom door. I didn’t look back, walked in, took out my laptop and sat on my bed to check my emails.

She stood at the door, looking SOOO confused. I was not forcing her to do anything. I had brought the horse to water, but it is her choice if she wants to drink.

I only ever want to be with someone who wants to be with me, for ME!

It turns out she was quite thirsty, as she slinked into the room, shaking her head with a smile saying “You are such a fucking asshole you know that.”

Giggling, she pulled my laptop from me, sat on me, and started to kiss my neck.

“I’m not a piece of meat, let’s talk more about feelings and shit,” I said while laughing.

She undressed herself first, revealing the body I was enthralled by for so long. She smelled like I had died and woke up in a meadow filled with flowers and lavender tea.

I tagged my penis in, and he took over the show. I could go in-depth into the sexual adventure that unfolded, but I am aware you are a man, and I’d rather you didn’t start jerking yourself off reading one of my articles.

So, in that case: The End.

Really, I am not sure what else to talk to you about. This has been one of the biggest reasons for my lack of seduction reports as of late. What am I supposed to say? What can you really learn?

It’s the same underlying principles I teach every time, and it’s effortless.

It begins with you refusing to compete with anyone in their game. Be your own game, and this applies to everything in life. Watch from the outside in, not because you are better than anyone, simply because you are aware, and have a bit of understanding and integrity on what truly makes a man a man.(in my opinion).

Understand that in order to be amazing with women, you must be GENUINELY curious and in awe about the intricacies of their species.

When I come across a girl I connect with it adds to the beauty and strength of my life so much. I have no issues admitting that. Can I be happy and fulfilled on my own? To a point, yes, but in reality, fuck no!

Men and women need and support one another in their life’s mission and purpose. The first stage is admitting to yourself that you are a slave to the beauty and power of raw femininity. Don’t hide that. Step up, and own that shit!

NEVER feel the need to explain yourself to anyone. Men and women are hardwired that way.
Women lose their shit around a sexy, present, energetically powerful and charismatic man.
Men lose their shit around a flowing, creative, loving, powerfully chaotic feminine woman.
It’s both beautiful and terrifying, as is life.

You need not step outside yourself to impress or win anyone because, with that intention, you have already lost.

Be comfortable, understand yourself, and  you are already winning!

Chris Bale
Chris Bale

Chris has years of experience in many modalities of self development. He specializes in seduction/dating, lifestyle design, sexual polarity, meditation/spirituality, and also works as an energy-work practitioner (sexual energy) & medical qigong/ acupuncture practitioner , for both men AND women – reconnecting you to your sexual power and internal confidence on an intense foundational level, which is the most important; “otherwise you are simply polishing a turd”.

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