Every feeling that you get is created by you. Every emotion and every thought you have ever had is a product of your own imagination. No external force can get inside your head unless you let it. Would you ever allow anyone to dump their garbage in your garden? Of course not. So why let anyone pour garbage into your mind?

If you’re feeling ecstatic, sad, lonely, angry, miserable, depressed – it’s all down to you.

Face it, if everything you see is yellow, you need to get your eyes checked out for jaundice. Two different guys can see totally different things. One can look down and see the mud beneath his feet, the other can look up and gaze at the stars. If you see negativity and cynicism in the world around you, what are women going to see in you?

Bullshit, I’m hearing a lot of you say. The world is an unfair, ugly place. If so-and-so didn’t do that to me, if so-and-so didn’t say this to me, I wouldn’t feel down. I would have the woman I desire, the job I crave, I’d be who I wanted to be. That would make me happy.

Maybe you think this article does not directly relate to pick up and seduction. Maybe it does not give you any cool new openers or techniques, or a juicy lay report. Change that maybe to probably; even if it was definitely, I still want to get this message across. Trust me, if you internalize this, then not only will you be happier, you will improve the lives of those around you, and you will attract the kind of women you seek. All women are emotional creatures, and as a man, it is your job to ensure that you are emotionally stable, so that you can transfer some of your masculine stability onto her. The woman will never want to leave you. Ready to take your inner game to a new level? Good. Read on.

I had a beginner student at my martial arts class last night, and he stayed back at the end of the class and had a chat with me. “What are you looking for from the martial arts training ?” I enquired. “Well, I want to get a black belt, and to be able to do the splits.” Interesting. I asked him if that would make him happy. I told him to think about it for a minute before answering. He was genuinely dumbfounded, and didn’t have an answer to that, except, “Wow, what did you do just there? I’ll never know. But you put things into perspective.”

Just now, I got back from watching the Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Amir Khan boxing match with some buddies in their apartment. I had left my girlfriend in a happy mood, she was reading her new “Confessions of a Shopaholic” book I bought her and painting her toenails.

I came back, and she was sitting there all miserable. Apparently, she’s worried about her skin because she got a couple of zits on her face. I told her plain and clear, “Listen carefully because I’m not going to sit here and hold your hand. When I left you here three hours ago, you were happy. Now you’re miserable. Has there been any change in circumstances since that time elapsed ?” She shook her head. “Then you’ve created this reality inside your own head. You have chosen to be miserable. But, you’re not going to make me miserable with you, because I’m feeling great.” Then I left to go to the living room.

She came to me around 30 minutes later and apologized. Then I reminded her of a funny moment we had, and she burst out laughing. A simple change in a person’s thought process will create a whole new reality.

I could have chosen to sit with her and wallow in her “pain.” “Oh, it’s okay baby, everything will be just fine, please don’t cry, you are so beautiful.”

That is not alpha behavior, for a start, and it is the polar opposite of emotional stability.

After I had changed her emotion, I came up with a solution for her zits. “Make an appointment with your doctor first thing Monday morning. It may be an allergy to something that you wear, something that you ate. Or, it could be hormones. In the meantime, I’ll Google some herbal, homeopathic remedy for you.”

Who was it that said, “Worrying is like trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing gum ?” Baz Luhrmann, I think.

Make time for yourself. Spend quality time on yourself, developing yourself. Look after you. Treat yourself to a nice walk by the lake, got to an expensive seafood restaurant by yourself during lunch, take a walk to the shopping mall, buy that ice-cream you’ve been looking at, treat yourself to a new watch. Enjoy being with just yourself and your thoughts. Learn to say no to people. If anyone calls you up and you’re at work, you would most likely say, “Sorry, I’m at work, I’ll call you back when I finish.”

Why is it that when you’re by yourself, and in your thoughts, and someone calls you and wants something, you’ll do it for them because you’re “Not doing anything ?” You would feel guilty and selfish if you didn’t. Of course, you are doing something. You’re looking after number one, and gathering your thoughts. Like tending a garden. Don’t be a pleaser. Tell them you’re busy, and you’ll call them in your own time. Why people treat their jobs as being more important than their person, their own “selves,” their own “mental peace,” is beyond my comprehension.

Bottom line. Look after yourself, and create your own reality. Become emotionally powerful and unshakeable. Cultivate your inner game regularly, and girls, money, jobs, and friends, will flock to you.

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