My sticking point right now is Day 2s. More specifically, getting the day 2 in the most alpha way possible. This also encompasses phone/text game. I mean, I could plow through the resistance and get the Day 2 (by making up some sort of AFC excuse to get them out) but I personally want to get this done properly and without having to surrender my He-man powers of masculinity.

I know a lot of this stuff is trial and error, but I’m really not into wasting my efforts, because quality women are hard to come by.

So let me give you a little background on my work so far, because I’ve made it my mission to solve this bitch. I’m great at picking up. I work mostly at bars and clubs, particularly on terraces and in smoking sections. When I first started getting numbers, I noticed two common problems:

1) The number was a dud (fake number, no answer, etc.)

2) When I called the number, the girl’s energy state wasn’t the same as when I first had met her. More specifically, she wasn’t a drunk party girl anymore or vice versa (I wasn’t a drunk party guy anymore.)

It’s important to mention this, because I no longer get this. First off all, the girls I game are stone cold sober. I don’t work on the dance floor, so the girls I talk to are usually outside sitting down. I also really try to limit my own drinking, because I have to keep my mind sharp. Because of these factors, when I do call her a few days later, we’re on the same page.

Coming into a set, I have absolutely no expectations. I don’t want to take anything from the girl, nor do I need her to give me anything (except maybe her opinion.) I also come into set understanding that not all sets will hit. That’s fine. I’m also willing to walk at the drop of a hat. I do this thing I call “seeding,” in which I’ll start a conversation, and when it’s naturally ready to end (which can range from seconds to a few minutes) I’ll roll out. When I see her again I’ll re-open and we’re like friends now because we talked earlier. This also usually gets me less resistance when I start to game her.

All in all, I’ll usually spend about 15-20 minutes talking to the girl. During this time I’ll find out whether she’s worth seeing again, and I cop the digits. Copping the digits usually consists of me inviting her to an event or gathering I know of, which will be fun.

So in the past 3 weeks I’ve gotten about 11 numbers. Now out of that 11, I’ve had:

A day 2 and a day 3 from HB Sexy Jewish girl.

An HB7 chasing me hard (which has totally turned me off)

And the rest I either fucked up on the phone/text game, or deleted from my cell because I found out they weren’t my type. Yes, those are some horrid numbers gentlemen, because 90 percent of these girls were quality lays, but I did learn a lot from this experience. Here are some of the notes I’ve made:

1) Make a strong impression during the Day 1. All of the sets I hooked I spent a minimum of 15 minutes in. Also, communicate a future activity … this will give you a purpose to get their number. Call and make plans. I find this is the easiest way to get them back out for Day 2. If you feel the comfort levels were so-so, I’d advise bringing them out with your friends for Day 2 and isolating them sometime during the night. If the interaction was kick ass, I’d go full speed ahead and do a little one-on-one time.

2) Don’t ask her out right away. Get her used to the idea of communicating with you over the phone or via text. During this stage, you want to keep pumping her intrigue, so she remembers you throughout the day. If you do a really good job, she’ll give you the opportunity to ask her out, or even better, if you mentioned something to do with her in Day 1, she’ll probably bring it up.

3) No response doesn’t mean game over. Sometimes I don’t get a response back to a text. No worries … I just give it an hour or so and re-open with something that will get her back in the loop. Also, pacing texts seemed to work well … respond … respond … don’t respond for 2 hours … etc.

4) Kino ! Kino ! Kino ! I think that’s the main reason why us guys end up falling into the friend zone. As a man, I have to state my intent, or else she’ll be cool with being buddies. I have to make her comfortable with this intent, so I’ll calibrate my statements of interest with mixed messages and IOD’s, so she won’t feel so easy and I can keep her guessing (intrigued.)

So yes, I’ve learned quite a bit from this experience, but the reason why I’ve titled this thread “The straw that broke the camel’s back” is because about two weeks ago I scored some serious game with this cute Italian girl, and man was she sexy. We connected exceptionally well, emotionally and physically. This was definitely one of my most solid pick ups. Although she showed some serious interest over the phone, I got too needy and ended up blowing that out. A common thread between all my blowouts is phone game. I don’t seem to feel the same way about talking on the phone as I do about talking in person. I also had some serious first phone call anxiety.

I think in my research to solve this sticking point, I’ve began to sub-communicate an ulterior motive and have been thinking about this shit way too hard, so in conclusion, I’ve really decided to step back and not give a fuck. So my question is: what has worked for you, and more importantly, what hasn’t ? Your knowledge and input would be greatly appreciated.


I have been fortunate enough to have been able to present a lot of great material in the cliff’s list newsletters and now on the website that have made a significant difference in many guy’s lives.

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