It’s no secret that night clubs are packed with a great deal of very attractive women. So how does one go about meeting them? We’re going to take a little time to explain some of the most effective methods we’ve discovered and developed over years of experience in some of the most high-end and difficult venues in the world. It goes without saying that the most fundamental aspect required is being able to approach the girl that you want in the club. On top of that you must determine whether to adjust your game to pull the girl that night or build a solid foundation with her to meet up at a later date. This is obviously an extremely broad topic, so we will try to cover the basics as much as possible by dividing it into the initial approach and the interaction itself.  Feel free to contact us with questions about more specific aspects and we will gladly cover them in-depth and we will more than likely cover them in greater detail in future articles.


We are naturally wired to fear approaching due to our evolutionary history of living in tribes. If you were in a tribe of 20 people, there may be 10 women, some of which are too old, too young, or too ugly to be a suitable mate. This leaves a select few. If you are denied by one of these women then the rest of the desirable women might blacklist you and you would never reproduce. Conversely, if the woman was taken, then the man she is with could kill you, preventing you from reproducing. Unfortunately, this antiquated circuitry exists within our modern bodies and we just have to deal with it. The uncomfortable feeling of approaching should be ignored much like you would ignore a tiny paper cut on your finger in your day-to-day activities. It’s there but you deal with it.  Ultimately, however, as you gain experience approaching, this nagging fear will subside completely or become such a low murmur that it has little to no effect on your behavior.

You need to develop the habit of going straight in on the target immediately after seeing her. Failure to approach immediately will  lead to a plethora of excuses popping into your head and you will progressively talk yourself out of making the approach. “What if she has a boyfriend?” “What if she rejects me and I look stupid in front of others?” “Can my ego handle rejection?” “Maybe she’s out of my league…” These types of doubts cripple you with anxiety and will show through in your behavior in subtle sub-communications that the girl will pick up on either consciously or more likely, subconsciously.  If you even bother approaching at all, this will lead to the girl not being very receptive and your doubts becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Additionally, the girl may walk off, be opened by someone else, or see you scared and trying to work up courage to approach her which kills your value.

Some of the most basic openers that you can use and that we actually use most of the time are rather simple and are as follows: “Hey what’s up I’m Josh. What’s your name?” or “Can I meet you?”.  These are said with dominant and assertive vocal tonalities and body language, which is essential when  approaching the more attractive girls in the venue.  Without this type of body language and vocal tonality more than likely you will get immediately rejected or “blown out” from the interaction.


After the initial approach, you want to figure out if the girl has favorable logistics to be taken home that night. What this means is that you want to know who is in her group, what area she lives in, who drove to the club, what her plans are for after the club, does she have to be up early, etc. If her logistical situation is unfavorable then you want to take her phone number and set up a date in the interaction for the near future and follow up with text messaging in the following days. If that is not the case and you have determined that her logistics are favorable, you want to try and take her home that night.

This is done by framing the entire interaction under the premise that you two will be hanging out later, either when the club closes or in the very near future (i.e. leaving before the club closes). Having the mindset that you two will be hanging out later in the night is extremely powerful and should translate into your speech patterns. Rather than asking her whether or not she wants to come home with you it should be implied that she is, and you should act as though she already has agreed to come home with you.  From there on it’s simply a point of managing her objections  and leading her out of the club.  All of these concepts are fairly intricate and have a lot of subtleties attached to them and as such will be covered in future articles.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and we hope that it was beneficial to you.

JMULV & Josh

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Efficient Pickup

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