The text message is your best bet.

It is really the easiest and most precise way of keeping her thinking about you, without being too over the top. Once you get good at text game, you get good at the game overall, because the structure is basically the same.

I have converted tons of text openers into regular openers, text routines into everyday routines, and even freeze outs ! I am currently in a monogamous LTR, so what do I do with the girls I meet that I can’t bang ? Do I let them go ? Nope, I put them on hold, and reignite a bit of interest every here and there until I’m single. I currently have about 4 girls that are placed on hold, and I know exactly what to say and do to get a date with them on the spot (and most probably an f-close with one or two of them).

Ok, enough chit-chat about the merits of text game, now let us dive into the theory !

Text game is a lot about what you convey with the messages you send. Most girls, after meeting a guy, will be bombarded with exactly this:

(If you recognize yourself here, immediately stop what you’re doing !)

TextAFC: Hey ! It’s insert dork name here, whats up ? HB: Oh hi ! Not much, how about you ?

TextAFC: Not much, how was your night ? HB: Great ! Yours ? TextAFC: It was okay

At which point she will either respond with something boring (like “OK !”) or just not respond at all.

You see, text game is different than regular conversation. Sure, there are days where you’re not in game mode, so you make conversation just to talk. That’s perfectly excusable in person, but not in text.

Why ? Because in text, she has the freedom of not replying, so you better make yourself damned interesting !

Here’s how to open !

There are entire lists of text game openers. Search them or email me, and find what is best for you ! I can only post the ones I personally invented, so I will let you in on a few of my own text openers that work pretty damned well.

Please note that your texts all depend on the frame you set  at the original meeting. My girls know that I am ridiculously confidant, even borderline cocky, so most of my texts revolve around a C&F attitude. Adapt the openers to your style ! Here are a few openers (Note: these are all real text conversations saved to my phone. None of this was made up.):

TheMack: OMG, I just heard ! Congratulations HB: Huh ? TheMack: Well, I just thought of you ! Congratulations ! HB: You’re so funny, OMG! TheMack: OMG I just got arrested for being too damn good looking ! I need someone to bail me out / buy me dinner, you in ? HB: lol I don’t buy dinner for boys, they buy it for me ! TheMack: Hun we both know I’m not like all the other losers you’ve been with (wink). HB: That’s true, you’re also kind of cute.

I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of other openers, too, but I can’t remember them right now, haha.

The point is what you’re conveying through your text. It’s rare that I don’t get a response, simply because I make her laugh and she’s having a good time. In one small opener, I convey value, I convey humor, and I convey fun !

Also (and most importantly) when I send these texts, they don’t say, “Hi, I have no life so I finally got the courage to talk to you.” They say, “My life is a constant party, but I took 30 seconds out of my day because you popped into my head … now you have to convince me that you’re worth the attention I invest in you.”

Thats why it’s so powerful to be good at text game ! I mean, even something simple and harmless can go a long way.

Here is my challenge to you. Start off small, with this: “I bet my weekend could beat up your weekend.” Just try it ! Any flakes in your phone ? Girls you haven’t heard from in over a year ? Try it, I dare you. Once you transition, you just continue with what she says and bust her balls for it. You let her talk, then you tease. You play games, then you stop. It’s push-pull, but on an electronic level.

Usually when the conversation stalls, I’ll just text something like “orange or grapefruit ?” And then, no matter her answer, I’ll just say something like, “Omg no, it’s just not going to work between us ! Maybe one day you can be my hot secretary, but nothing more.” It’s simple, so just have fun.

A few ground rules, though. If she doesn’t respond, don’t text again. Once she’s into the conversation, feel free to slow down your responses. Or, if you don’t like what she answers (shit like “Okay !” or “lol”), don’t fucking answer. It’s just a test to see if you’re needy enough to drop everything you’re doing and try to resuscitate the conversation.

Now, once the girl is into you (you know, there is such a thing as text IOIs) slowly start shredding your attention into pieces. For every one time she texts you, text her once. For every two times she texts you first, text her once, until you get to my 3 strike rule. For every 3 times she opens you, be it on text, MSN, or anywhere else, open her once. That way, you parcel out your attention, and she’ll practically jump every time she gets a “What’s up ?” from you.

To finish the conversation, make sure you are always the one to leave first. And end it with, “Anyways, I have to get going !” If you play it right and wait until the conversation and her commitment to it is at its peak, she’ll be like, “Whereeee ?” with a sad face, at which point you answer, “Well the world isn’t gonna save itself, cutie ! But anyway, text me when you miss me (smile).”

The last sentence is one I always use to end the conversation, because it A) assumes that she will be the one to open the conversation next, thus betraying that she was thinking about you, and B) she inadvertently admits that she missed you ! Win win.

If you feel that text game doesn’t work as well as phone game, then that’s fine, whatever works for you, mate. I like to alternate between phone and text game, choosing to call at the least expected times, and building rapport through phone and text game.

I find that when a girl knows you’re going to call, it’s a much bigger commitment than if you were simply to text her. Enough to make her think twice about handing you the number. Not because she isn’t attracted, but a lot of girls are shyer than we’d expect.

In any case, this post was intended to explain the subtext you need to convey while texting a girl, in order to keep attraction alive from Point A to Point B. I have managed to pull complete flakes into day 2s just by using a clever and funny opener.

Here is a flake I picked up a few months ago, haven’t spoken to her since:

Mack: Awww HBModel, thanks so much for the flowers, it was so thoughtful ! (smile). HBModel: lol You’re so funny ! Mack: Yeah, kinda cute, too (smile). So on a scale of one to ten, how much do you miss me ? HBModel: 11 (smile).

Mack: Damn ! Well if you’ve been a good girl, we’ll definitely chill soon ! Gotta go though, the world isn’t gonna save itself, text me when you miss me (wink).This just happened today. I was at work, so I couldn’t text long, but I chose to include it here because it demonstrates the truth of my earlier argument … that even flakes could be converted. She might still flake, but she seemed pretty enthusiastic from what I could tell.If you’ve read The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, he explains how, if you focus on the positive emotions, even if time passes, the slightest reminder of your charming personality could spring butterflies in the girl’s stomach, no matter how much time has passed. I’m experimenting with this, and it works pretty damned well.

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